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  1. The picture of Ivy looking at the ceiling is so cute! i don’t know if there is another apartment above you but I wonder if she senses something “up there”? I shared your “How To Have A Fun Valentine’s Day At Home Alone” post with y sister and she enjoyed it a lot. After she got divorced she got similar advice from a friend and it helped her a lot. Self care is so important for us as individuals but I think women tend to forget about actually doing it.

  2. Thank you Brenda for sharing the music you love. A pleasure to listen to artists you shared.

  3. I’ve enjoyed your music sharing list, and have added them to my own playlist.

  4. I will have to give “Timeless” a listen. I saw Jim Brickman perform some years back.

  5. My cats, Bella and Buddy have been staring at the ceiling in our house as well as where we’re staying( my niece in laws dad needs assistance with driving, shopping and cooking while they go to Florida for 3 months so me and the fur kids come down to help out) frankly, I think it’s kind of creepy and I’m always wondering what they’re looking at!

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