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  4. I agree with Emie. Maybe you can’t draw but you certainly can create a beautiful space inside and out. That to me is being artistic! Beautiful post this morning Brenda.

  5. Beautiful, calming post. I know you mention… “I certainly have no artistic skills”, but may I offer an alternative way of looking at this? Art comes in many different forms, same for creativity. IMHO, art isn’t any one thing, such as drawing or painting. Gardens, such as yours, certainly are a form of art. By placing the plants just so and using colors the way you do is painting a picture for your readers. That, to me, is definitely art!!!! BTW, people who draw and paint study their subjects, just as you study blooms….. same, same. And I do believe your writing is art also. So, YES, YOU ARE AN ARTIST!

  6. I love to go in my gardens and photograph the plants and flowers just about every day, too. And same as you, I can barely draw a stick figure. Creating my gardens and decorating indoors is my canvas. Today my neighborhood was actually very quiet – which is unusual for a Sunday. Usually there are lawn mowers and leaf blowers and barking dogs and screaming kids. Don’t know why today was different, but I’ll take it.

  7. What beautiful words, “my flower friends”.
    Thank you, for finding the words that many of us search for.

  8. You have such a way with words! And your photos are beautiful. Enjoy your day!

  9. I think the early mornings are the best time for almost all things. I love when I go out and it is quiet and no one has started their day just yet. Very quiet and peaceful.

    1. Well, you are an artist of words and photography…we do not care if you can draw or not…you do well with the talents you have!!

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