1. What an adventure Brenda! Glad everything is ok now. Some days are such a diversion from our normal routines. At times, that rattles me, but I see your point. Hve a great evening 🙂

  2. I drive 100 miles to have my car serviced and it’s worth every mile, minute and the time. I have one young man that took over when the car was giving me problems and he got it back to running perfectly and my husband won’t let me go any other place. I know the owner and when we had to trade my husband’s pick up they really gave us service beyond any we can get locally. Male friends have asked how I get such good care and they tell me they are jealous. Find a dealer you trust and work with them.

  3. I just got back from a $1300 car bill when all I thought I needed was an inspection. After the failed inspection (middle rear brake light), I took it back to my normal mechanic and decided while I was there to have the spark plugs changed. While changing the spark plugs they found a gasket that needed to be replaced so sure I said ok. The car is almost 14 years old with 160,000 on it. That was $1000 even. Went back to the inspection place and they couldn’t figure out why that third rear brake light still wasn’t working. By then it was getting late and I made it back to the shop and I had to laugh. They forgot the brake light. It had to be ordered and it was $300 because it is a single part and you can’t just change the light bulb. But I didn’t have to pay for the install and I passed the inspection. I took a big fat book to read and turned off my phone while I was waiting. Cars are nice to have and I keep reminding myself that I really like not having a car payment!

  4. So happy the mechanics fixed the car problem and $300. to me sounds like an honest price for what they did. I’m feeling for you that it was a looong trip to get to the second place, but aren’t you happy you went and had it fixed? Yea!
    We are still freezing with 13 degrees last nite in Texas but by Friday will start the climb back up to warm sanity! Hurry, please!

  5. Everyday is an adventure and most days lead us off the path. I am sure that it was nice to sit for a spell and read know thing that you had no where else to be, catching up on some magazines that you don’t get and maybe even having a little down time.

    Happy to hear they found and fixed the problem.

  6. Everyday is an adventure and most days lead us off the path. I am sure that it was nice to sit for a spell and read know thing that you had no where else to be, catching up on some magazines that you don’t get and maybe even having a little down time.

    Happy to hear they found and fixed the problem.

  7. Hi Brenda
    I have been reading your blog starting when you lived in Texas. Your blog is the first one I read every day. I just love how you decorate your apartment and so enjoy your pictures. I am a retired RN so yes reading is my hobby. I dont own a kindle I prefer holding a book,

    I also have an older car with low mileage. My car is 15 years old with only
    24,000 miles. My husband has had a company vehicle for 44 years. We use it a lot. Yes I was told I needed to drive my car more.

    In Ohio

  8. I’m thinking 12 years and three hundred dollars worth of “tune up” stuff isn’t a bad deal at all. Clearly you are taking good care of your vehicle. Doesn’t it feel good to get that out of the way, too.

    I’m probably considered addicted to my phone – I love it for the many many uses it’s good for. My kids have had them since they were young teenagers and I don’t regret it – They don’t seem to have a problem with it’s usage and I like that they have a way to call for help if they need it, or get directions if they’re lost, etc. … but… I can see how it can be a problem for many. Have read some of those reports and I do think it makes some things too easy, using less brain power. For me in particular, for the hearing impaired? Texting is a Godsend.

  9. Glad that you didn’t end up with a flat tire to top it all off! I finally got a tire gage ( or gauge? ) to check them when the weather drastically changes….seems they tend to lose their air when that occurs.

    I saw a link to the kids & cell phones thing awhile back on FB / and I am not surprised. Between that and electronic games it’s just too much.

  10. Glad you had it repaired… unfortunately mileage doesn’t always mean anything… my son is a mechanic and says that many times because the car just sits, it is just as prone to parts rusting, etc. from moisture from the ground… hope no more problems for awhile… also that Charlie(?)’s trip to he vet won’t be serious (or expensive). Best to you and punsters

  11. I am constantly amazed to see people checking their cell phones and texting during dinner out or when they are spending quality time with family. To have two people sitting in a room full of people and texting back and forth seems awfully rude to me when my family members do it. I do think some people are addicted to them.

  12. I agree with you that people need more “down time” away from television, internet, smart phones, argh! I don’t own a cell phone at all, or a car (don’t know how to drive, what would I do with a motor vehicle, LOL!) I spend at least a couple of hours every day comfy in a chair with my feet up, snuggled in an afghan, thinking/dreaming/sometimes drifting off into a little snooze. It’s wonderful. We need to be able to HEAR ourselves, and only ourselves, sometimes. Perhaps because I live alone and am now retired I have the leisure time to do that, but even when I was constantly engaged in the “real” world I made this private, contemplative time for myself. It is a way, I believe, we keep our sanity, our balance.

  13. Sorry about the car repairs but since I have an older car also, I’ve reached that stage where it needs work to keep it going…still cheaper then a new car. I find myself trying to stay off my phone in public, I just think it’s crazy how everyone is now days. I sit and look around at all the bowed heads starting at their phones.

  14. Sorry about your car issues. Glad that is all fixed and you will not have any worries there.
    I love to just sit sometimes and not even think about much. Just rest my mind and body.
    Have a good Wednesday.

  15. I, too, have found myself in a waiting room with nothing to do but wait. After reading all the mags, (I hate Hollywood and would never subscribe, so browsing thru People and the other trash magazines satisfies my nosy need to eavesdrop into other people’s lives), I sit and meditate, do some mind organization, make lists and relax. It’s very peaceful…..for a while, several hours, then I start getting antsy. Always bring a notepad and paper.

  16. Hubby and I had to go into the city yesterday on the train and almost everyone had a phone and was fixated on it. I only saw one other person except for myself reading an actual book. It is sad, there is no conversation any more between strangers which I used to enjoy, you can learn so much from other people too. People are also getting run down, sometimes fatal because they are not paying attention to where they walk.

  17. Brenda, you had quite the adventure yesterday! I hear that Broken Bow is quite beautiful. I am lucky that my husband is a mechanic but since I was single for 15 years between marriages, I have done a lot of solo visits to car repair shops. The only advice is to find a repair shop that has a lot of good ratings that you can trust and take your car into that shop for everything so they are used to you and your car. 45;000 miles is not much, but they are city miles and a little harder on the engine. But your Nissan should last you a long time. And don’t you love People and decorating magazines, they make you realize that life is very different on glossy pages. It’s a fun escape. And last, cell phones are addictive. I took mine to the table when I was dining with my sister and friends and realized later that I was looking up stuff we were discussing and not being as much ‘present’ as I should have. Won’t do that again.

  18. We lived in Broken Arrow years ago. Your article brings back memories. I think we took the car in to Tulsa to the dealer where it was under warranty for work. The best car service place I ever went to was in Bellevue, TN. The Sevier brothers were great and never recommended any work that wasn’t needed. I wish you could find a place like that! Another question – did you make any of your quilts? I love seeing how you use them in your home.

  19. It is hard to deal with cars no matter the age or miles but it happens. As far as just sitting and catching up on magazines and such is great. I think we should all take time to just sit and catch up on our thoughts and feeling with no distractions on a daily bases.

  20. Whenever I leave the house for any sort of car appointment I always take a book with me. Never fails it will take longer than expected to complete the task. It is good to get out of a regular routine. I think it makes you less anxious when things do deviate from what you expect. Have a good day! Oh, and in the winter you usually have a low tire warning. Has to do with the cold and the air in the tire. That is what someone told me when I had that warning.

  21. I hate to say this, but I think the guys took advantage of you. If your car only has 45,000 miles on it then that is like a new car. Don’t go buy how old the car is. They try to tell my husband stuff needs to be flushed too and it’s a big gimmick.

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