Isn’t this French Quarter apartment quaint?

Kerry and her dog live here in this 800 square foot abode in New Orleans, along with many, many wigs she’s collected during Mardi Gras over the years. 

There are 6 rows of neatly displayed wigs decorating a brick wall.

It is a fun and whimsical apartment with many colors and themes co-existing together. Kerry’s personality shines through on every wall.

“Mardi Gras has been so important to me,” Kerry explains. “It’s a thing that’s grown with me and my friends.” 

Kerry and her comrades have made an annual tradition of selecting a group costume theme for parading on Fat Tuesday.

They start creating their festive ensembles as soon as each new year begins. 

Kerry is a wedding photographer with a background in journalism.

When she moved to New Orleans, she never thought about living in the French Quarter.

But one day she spotted a For Rent sign in the window of a duplex, and the rest is history.

Everyday someone walks by playing an instrument. Every week there’s a parade within earshot, Kerry says.” 

Even though she lives in an area heavily-trafficked by tourists, Kerry still feels a sense of community in her neighborhood. 

I really love the old brick walls.

Her next door neighbor, Jim, has lived in the other half of her duplex for over 20 years. 

And Catherine, who is in her 90s, has lived in the Creole Cottage across the street since the 1960s. 

“We look out for each other,” Kerry says.

Do you think you could live in this apartment? (Uh, minus the wigs.)



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  1. I believe this is a shotgun house too…and I love those types of houses…She has great taste even with the wigs…I would live there in a New York fact I would probably live in a cardboard box just to live in the French

  2. So colorful! I could definitely live here, even with my hubby and dogs, as we live in a very small house now. We really downsized a lot for our retirement years.

  3. What a delightful little home and decorated with so much charm! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!


  4. I love her sense of community. Her decorating looks homey and real…not like she is trying to achieve a look nut instead this is home and life brings you things attached with memories. Love how she and her neighbors care for one another…that's beyond price!

  5. I think she has great style! The wigs don't look out of place in her home though. Ha! I think she can carry that look off well in a New Orleans cottage. I think of that as an artsy type of city. So, she fits right in.

  6. If I was single, I would live there in a heartbeat! I probably would have something other than wigs on the shelves. But, it fits her life style & you have to admit, all the color is wonderful!

  7. What a darling apartment. If I were a single person I could most likely live in that place. It is darling (minus the wigs)…lol xo Diana

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