Kim’s Small Apartment In Paris

This week’s apartment tour is in Paris. Kim has lived here for five years. Her small space is 430 square feet.
She is a freelance writer, and the author of Unlock Paris, a guide to the City of Light.
As you can see, she is lucky to have abundant natural light in her apartment, which makes it feel bigger.
She has floor to ceiling French doors that overlooks a balcony. It in turn overlooks the city.
She has used modern furniture and flea market finds that are very simple in style.
The ubiquitous bar cart.
Kim has made good use of her space. 
Another great feature are the hardwood floors.
Her little kitchen is small but tidy.
And her bedroom looks out to the balcony, just as her living room does.
Could you live in Kim’s small apartment?



  1. She's done a very nice job! Charming and bright, with just the right touches to make it homey yet not cluttered.

  2. Wish there was an apartment available in BA that has floor-length windows and beautiful wood floors. They just don't build them that way here. Of course, I gather that many of these featured apartments in European countries are in older buildings.

  3. I could live here. It is a perfect space, and I love that she has second hand furnishings. The white cabinets help to reflect the incoming sunlight which is always a good thing in a small space. She is lucky to have a balcony too!

  4. Very charming apartment! I love it! Could definitely see myself living very comfortably in this apartment. The plain white cabinets are not my style, but that could be easily remedied. I'm hoping you have a lovely day…

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