I didn’t wait for the parts to my kitchen cart to come in the mail. I went to Lowes and purchased what I needed.

World Market is refunding me for my having to buy the parts to put it together. And I thank them for that. 

One change beckons another. For a few days I stared at that wall over the new cart. I put various things up there. Then was upset because the wall looked dirty and full of nail holes. 

So out of the blue, I went to the closet and got out some white paint and started painting Christmas Eve. Since I was using white paint and the paint on all the walls was an off-white, every time I got to a corner, I had to keep going or have two colors of walls. 

Thirty minutes before Ace, which is right down the street, closed for Christmas Eve, I made a paint run and bought another gallon of white paint.

I painted through Christmas. Then I rested a couple of days. But I was hesitant to move the furniture back with all the paint splatters on the floor. 

It was really dark here for a few days due to constant storms, so finally I just decided to go ahead and move the furniture back. I’d just clean up what wasn’t covered! A little at a time.

So then I was faced with the furniture back in place, but you know how much stuff was on my walls in the kitchen, dining space/office and living room. I had piles of stuff from the walls alone everywhere. 

I still needed storage for food. I talked to Israel about shelves. I pondered that for a few days. Finally I decided I needed some away time and maybe inspiration would come to me. I drove the few miles to the River City Trading Center in Jenks, my favorite junk store. 

And I came home with a red cabinet with doors and two shelves inside. But it had feet.
I had the maintenance man saw off the feet, and he put it on the wall with bolts so it wouldn’t fall.

Then I knew I was onto something. I started getting excited about this decorating venture. It usually takes a few steps before I see the light. 

New Year’s Eve I put a pork tenderloin in the crock pot and let it cook overnight. I poured a can of root beer over it, though the recipe called for Dr. Pepper. 

I served it over wheat hamburger buns and it was SO delicious!

I was tired. I’d been putting things up all day. I cleaned the crock pot and promptly knocked it down and broke it to pieces. 

So I dug around and found a can of black-eyed peas. I break things all the time.

I’m not superstitious, but I figured eating black-eyed peas on New Years like so many do for good luck couldn’t hurt. 

I’m showing photos in clock-wise fashion so you can see the whole kitchen, which had little changes all around.
At least I’m getting a few meals out of the pulled pork sandwiches. And I froze zip-lock packages of it for a fast meal.
A photo before the clean up and then my breaking the crock pot to pieces. 
Oh well. I still have the casserole sized crock pot.
I do love the kitchen cart. It stores so many things for me. I have cans of food in the kitchen cabinets. But the rest of my food, like snacks: chips, crackers, peanut butter, etc. are in the red cabinet. Most of my food seems to be refrigerated. 
So I was inspired walking up and down the familiar aisles in Jenks looking for that “special something” that would suffice as the wall storage I needed for this apartment kitchen.
Sometimes it takes going some place that you enjoy and just strolling the aisles. I’ve gotten lots of ideas that way
What do you think of my cart and little changes?

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  1. Brenda,
    Your kitchen looks great, I love the red cupboard, so glad Israel was able to hang it up for you!
    About your crock pot… is this an oval crockpot (stainless steel on the outside)? I'm only asking, because if it is, and it's the smaller version (not huge family sized;then I may have a replacement.
    If you think these might be the same, let me know and I'll send you a picture.
    Email me.

  2. I'm finally getting around to reading and commenting on your postings. I LOVE your new cart and red cabinet and they both add much to your kitchen! Sorry to hear about you breaking the crockpot but fortunately it didn't happen with the yummy pork in it. We always have to look for the positive when there's something negative happening. Your pork looks delicious. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you did once you painted all the walls.

  3. You have such organizational skills…I used to! Not sure where it went. You've done such a great job with the cart and the cabinet! Seems that you have a ton more energy than I do. I would be so happy to not have these back issues. Besides the pain, it limits my activities.

    I've downsized so much in the past few years and it really feels good. I always think of those that might be blessed by things I don't really need. Also, when you get rid of older things it makes space for a new, positive way of living.


  4. Ooooh! It looks great Brenda! I love how organized you are… the cereal boxes in the basket, the cutting boards next to the sink, the Meyers (I think) cleaning products above the washer with all the spouts facing the same direction, etc. It all looks so great!


  5. I like how you come up with creative storage space in small living quarters. Your new cart holds so much stuff and I love the red cabinet that you found!

  6. I really like your cart and the wood like finish on it. It looks great with your red cabinet. Your cart provides so much storage and love the industrial vibe and display space too. Very nice! How handy to have Israel there to help you put things together.

    1. That red cabinet spoke to me immediately, but the legs on it bothered me. I walked the aisles and had two choices I was down to. The red cabinet was the cheapest, and I figured Israel could take care of the legs.

  7. The new cart and red cabinet were made for each other. The Mrs. Meyer containers make a nice artistic display. Love the bright yellow pitcher! Yes, it is good to have Israel to help out. Good luck selling your extra pieces. We got skinned by an auction and Craig's List is iffy.

    1. I probably won't sell them. It's not like I can have a yard sale here. I'll probably donate many of them. Or give them in trade to Israel.

  8. I really like the red cabinet. I had the auction house pick up several items that didn't fit when we moved. Most items were nice. After they took their share we were in the red. We were shocked. Some states have safe pickup places for Craig's list. But I would try local selling walls. . I agree keep your pretty quilts. So glad you have Isreal. Hugs

  9. It's wonderful that you have the discipline to get everything done that you want changed. You're so fortunate to have Israel to help you. He is fortunate to live close to someone who is compassionate about his life.
    You never cease to amaze me with your ideas.
    Christmas is coming down here and my rooms are going to look so bare. I want to do a whole new look with my collectibles. Have given so much "stuff" to Goodwill and Salvation Army………don't want to get rid of everything…….as so as I do, I want to have it back.
    I'm thinking about having a yard sale when the weather gets warmer. Could use the cash…….but it's a lot of work.
    Am looking forward to see all of your new ideas in the rest of your home.
    Sorry about your crock pot……….your barbecue looks and sounds delicious….may have to make that for my son…..he loves barbecued pork.
    Happy New Year………thinking of you !

    1. I only go with easy recipes! One thing about scaling down, many of the collections, if there are much to them, have to go in my opinion. I am disciplined and I also don't have trouble with letting things go. Seems to be a blessing! I like to see to see things go to someone who will use it more than I can.

  10. I love it Brenda. You know you me and red. It ads a cute pop of color. We are doing more white walls too.

    1. I am trying not to go overboard with red, but use it as an accent color. I used to have lots of red furniture, but painting has taken care of that. I think in small spaces, white is the wall canvas I like to work upon.

  11. Your cart and cabinet are two great buys and I love your kitchen—I wish I could be so space efficient!!

    Your crock pot meal looks awesome!! Keep it up and freeze those meals!

    Jane x

    1. That's been the point. To make meals to freeze. Although I have a small freezer, so can't freeze much. I think the smaller the space you have, the more space efficient you are forced to be.

  12. I love your kitchen. I wish I had a big kitchen like yours. I'm liking the cart + all the storage it has. Red cabinet is perfect. So darn cute. I also am pairing down. It feels good-the older I get I can't handle too much clutter. I also love country so I kept special items. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Kathy C in Illinois

    1. I went for function first and looks next. I shopped online for weeks and weeks until I found that one. And I got a very good price with all the promotions.

  13. I like your red touches here and there. Cute red cabinet! Maybe you can motivate me to simplify! I have so much stuff. I am starting in the closet asap…but it will make a huge mess to get the bedroom closet under control Ugg. ? Sheila

    1. I feel fortunate in that I have a small space to begin with. So I don't have lots of other bedrooms and such to go through. I just would not want a bigger space again. Too easy to start collections!

  14. Two things quick from a crock potter 🙂 = I just picked up a red one at Sears on clearance for 9.99. And next time, check for a replacement crock at Goodwill. I have had heating elements go out (also plugged one in with the cord bent in between metal and crock – not good). This left me with perfectly good crocks and lids that I hid in cupboards until donating to Goodwill. Just for next time. LOVE the red cabinet.

    1. Thanks for the advice. It was broken in so many ways I just couldn't even look at it anymore. I walked the block to the trash and just tossed it. Will think next time!

  15. Your new storage cart and cute red wall cabinet are a perfect fit for your kitchen, Brenda! I'm trying to simplify and make do with less, too. I'm not sure if it's age or a design trend, but I'm tired of tripping over my junk!

    Sorry about your crock pot. :o(

    1. I've grown accustomed to breaking things. Last month I broke a favorite lamp. I've always been clumsy. So, oh well. I think some of it is age. I don't tend to follow design trends. I just want what makes my life more simple!

  16. I love it! The new red shelf looks perfect for you. The big shelf is gigantic and so perfect. I need something like that too. I love the new decorations and arrangement. Everything is great.

  17. Happy New Year Brenda!
    You have inspired us all as usual.
    Would you share your recipe for the pulled pork? What seasonings did you use?
    I love your changes and I too want to scale back.

    1. I just added Mrs. Dash and seasoned salt and garlic salt to the pork while I browned it in my electric skillet. Then I put it in the crock pot and poured a can of root beer over it. I cooked it on low for at least 10 hours. Then I pulled the very tender roast apart, and poured off most of the liquid. I then added a bottle of barbecue sauce. That's it!

  18. I love love love your touches of red. The cart is super and the red cabinet just about smiles. My granddaughter's favorite color is red and now I look at red more and more and realize what a warm happy color it is. Thanks for a peek at your inviting cozy home…I love visiting and reading your inspiring messages.

  19. Brenda, I was so excited to see this post coming finally! I've been waiting to see your new cart and what you decided to do with the white walls – and it was worth the wait! Everything looks amazing, but then again, I didn't ever doubt you. Nice to see you are still using color despite your urge to "simplify." Can't wait to see the living room.

    Awesome job – and that pulled pork looks great! xo

  20. That cart is awesome Brenda..I could store all of my small appliances on there plus more…$32.00 was a good price for the nice red cabinet…sorry to hear about your Crock-pot but that shredded pork looks yummy..will you share the recipe?…I am also glad to hear you won't sell on Craig's list..although I have read that some police stations are now letting people make their Craig's list deals at their stations which is very nice of them…The hardest part of down-sizing for me is letting go of things…I mean I buy them because I like them so how do I just get rid of them..Then there have been so many times when I got rid of something only to wish I had never done it…I guess that's why I accumulate so much…lol..

    1. Got the recipe on Pinterest. Liked it because it was so easy. I put the pork tenderloin in my electric skillet and browned it with spices. Then I put it in the crock pot and poured a can of root beer over it. Turned it on low and cooked at least 10 hours. Then you tear the pork apart, and pour off most of the liquid and add a bottle of barbecue sauce. That's it! Yummy!

  21. No matter how much you scale back Brenda, please keep a quilt or two on the living room wall, it lends a cozy feeling. I did the country theme in the 80s myself, I kept a few reminders too. The kitchen looks cheerful and practical at the same time.
    I pretty much edit our house all year round, so this new year I would like to paint the living room and hallway.
    Keep cozy with the pupsters, Kathleen in Az

    1. I will be showing the living room in a few days. But I will count the quilts on the wall for you: 6. Less of everything else and more quilts, big and small!

  22. Just had to pop in for a visit. Love your cart and how your kitchen looks. Sorry about your crock pot! Glad the cart works out for you. I'll pop in when I can. My energy is just not there! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  23. I am in love with your new cabinet and cart. Such a perfect match! They both look so amazing in your kitchen. I'm so ready to simplify with you. Did a wonderful job most of my life controlling my stuff. Until the last few years. As always, I'll donate everything to my favorite charities.

  24. I love the crisp, clean look of the white walls with the pops of red all around. It looks wonderful, Brenda! Like you, I'm looking for a quieter, simpler life. In fact, sweet & simple is my motto for 2016. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  25. That cabinet was made for you and really sets the cart off, which I love. I'm going to be selling my hse soon and way downsizing, and so overwhelmed, not even sure how to start. Would appreciate it if you wrote articles on just getting us off our butts and letting things go! PLEASE? I think many of us are from the days of country decorating and collecting, collecting! Yikes, I feel like the Queen of that and like you will not use Craigslist.

    1. One small slice of the pie at a time. Tackle a closet. A cabinet. Don't overwhelm yourself. Donate some books. Give to Goodwill/Salvation Army.

  26. I spy a lot of Cheerios…I send my son 5 boxes at a time so they cought my eye! LOL He only wants the banana nut and can't find them up in the country. Your red microwave is the cheeriest thing. I'm cleaning and organizing in my kitchen today…the dogs are making me lazy over here by the fire though so I keep getting off task. 😉

    1. And the thing is, I've been eating, of all things, Malt-O-Meal lately! So those Cheerios may be there for awhile. I get on an eating binge and that's all I want.

    1. I should probably sell some stuff, but not sure where to do that. I'm not putting stuff on Craig's List and then being alone when someone comes to look.

  27. Brenda, I love that cart and the cabinet on the wall is perfect. I too am trying to downsize more. I have too much stuff. So hard to decide which of my collections it's time to downsize. Enjoy the changes in 2016!

    1. The cabinet was marked down to $32. I was thinking of having Israel put up shelves for me. But we couldn't have done it for that price. So I'm happy with it. And it was already red!

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