I love finding new ideas for small kitchen storage ideas. Particularly if you live in a small space, storage is almost ate a premium.

The basket above is so pretty with all the necessary items gathered within it.

Jars are always popular and readily available. And also easy on the pocketbook. 

If you have room, bring in a kitchen island. You can always use the surface space. And put a lot behind those doors.


This is the ultimate in organization! Having your measuring spoons all lined up in size sequence on the inside of a cabinet door.


These steel shelves are being sold at a lot of places now. Many have wheels so you can roll them about. If you don’t have a pantry, these are ideal. (And if I ever find room, I’m going to have one too!)

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  1. i really really like the measuring spoon idea! how totally OCD and yet, totally organized. wow!
    hope you feel better soon, brenda!! take it slow and just enjoy the down town. movies and good books are helpful. the book GOOD GIRL sounds intriguing.



  2. The basket and jars are very, very appealing. I love the nestled, cottage, earthy look of them.
    I'm actually into jars and baskets right now. I have found some great baskets at Angels Attic, a little nonprofit resale shop, and I am in to saving all of my jars right now-pickle, salsa, jelly, honey…you get the picture. I just know there is some creative craft lurking around with all of these jars.
    Take care and continue to rest up, we want you strong and well.

  3. Love the kitchen ideas. I had a coat closet next to my kitchen that I turned into a pantry by putting in plastic garage shelves that look like the metal ones, only cheaper. No tools required. I now have a great food pantry, and the coats went into the bedroom closets.

  4. Wonderful ideas! I am always changing the kitchen storage and making room for things! Love the measuring spoons inside the cupboard door!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead, dear Brenda.
    Helen xox

  5. Hi. I love the steel shelving. We have one that we bought used at a restaurant supply place, that has wheels and six shelves. It is fantastic. We have another one from Lowe's that has no wheels and only five shelves and it also holds a lot. Right now they are holding hobby and craft supplies in a spare bedroom we call the workroom. I'd love a couple more!

  6. These samples are great. I see several I can use in my own kitchen which is only 7×10.. Its great for cooking or fixing foods cause stove fridge sink and pantry are within a few steps of each other BUT that also means not a lot of storage space. I have a basket like the one holding the oils, salt/ pepper, I could add my wooden spoons to that in a glass jar. The glass canisters would work for me on the other side of the stove for pasta's flour sugar and cornmeal.. Its surprising how much space those things take up. I think I'll work on that after the holidays.

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