Kristine’s third floor apartment is in Sacramento. It overlooks giant orange trees and a quaint courtyard.

The apartment has 700 square feet of space.
Don’t you love the salmon-pink exterior of this 1920’s beauty?
When your space is small, you often have to get creative about where to put a desk. I like that she placed this one right underneath the brightly-lit windows.
Perhaps the best thing about this historic apartment is all the natural light. Light makes a space appear bigger than it actually is.
There is a great little beverage bar.
House plants always make a place look lived in and cozy.
Can you imagine washing dishes in that sink?
I think I’d have to put some sort of curtains on those windows. This would be too much light for me when it comes to sleeping. But to each their own.
The bathroom is typical of apartments, on the small size. But if you live alone, it isn’t that big a deal.
Could you live in this apartment? What would you change?

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  1. I love the apartment… perfect…. would not change a thing about it. That large framed art piece rocks and I would love to know if it is available for purchase somewhere online. xo

  2. I love how light and bright the space is! About that kitchen sink though, where do you put things as you wash them? There's no counter space.

  3. Such a lovely apartment. Love that cactus plant. Plants really help a small space . I love the outside.. The color is perfect.. Such a great apartment.
    I too would add curtains to the bedroom. Maybe add some baskets under the desk, for extra baskets.

  4. Fun to see a local place–we have some great spots here in Sacramento! And she's done a beautiful job in hers!

  5. Good Morning Brenda! It is a very cute apartment. But for me, I would have to add some curtains and more color. I do love the outside color of the building too.

  6. What a cute place. So cozy and love all the natural light that filters in too. Kristine did a great job with utilizing the space well. Have a great new week Brenda.

  7. I love this beautiful apartment! Especially like all that natural light streaming in. Very nicely decorated. I wonder if there is any storage for personal care items in the bathroom. If not, that is something I would have to create room for. Happy Monday, Brenda!

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