Kyrgies contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their slippers. Of course I said yes! Who doesn’t love warm slippers for winter?

The people who make Kyrgies are paid a living wage, working in a factory run by women, largely for women. The purchase of Kyrgies helps these artisans thrive, while providing more opportunities to people in the region.

Each pair is handmade using a centuries old felting technique.

Kyrgies are born of a tradition that is thousands of years old. Kyrgies are produced in Bishkek, Kyrgystan, where wet felting with sheep wool is both a tradition and a necessity.

Because of this, the Kyrgyz people have been felting for centuries, passing this skill on from one generation to the next.

No other textile withstands heat in the summer and the cold, wet winters as well as wool felt. Wool felt is naturally odor resistant, breathable and durable.

It Starts with Sheep:

Traditionally the Kyrgyz people are nomads, because 94% of their geography is mountainous. The main economic resource for nomadic people is animals – in this case it is mainly sheep.

Their sheep live on pastures during spring, summer and autumn. During winter they stay at sleep sheds that are constructed within yards of families in villages.

All natural vegetable tanned leather with a molded sole provides a cozy fit and arch support. The natural thick leather soles are tanned without chrome or chromium.

You can visit the Kyrgies site here. There are many colors and several types to choose from.

Switching Your Cat’s Food:

I decided to switch Ivy’s dry cat food after talking to Charlie’s vet therapist. Ivy never liked Hills, which our regular vet uses. So I’d been feeding her food from the grocery store. The vet therapist said that Royal Canin seems to have a better taste, so I ordered that.

However I guess I made the switch too quickly, adding too much of the new food mixed in with the old food, because yesterday Ivy threw up.

She’s such a healthy kitty, so I knew that had to be it. I Googled how to switch your cat’s food from one kind to another and learned that you should switch foods slowly so as not to upset your cat’s stomach.

For several days you’re to add 10% of the new food mixed with 90% of the old food, then move on to 20% of the new food added to 80% of the old food for two days and so on until you’ve switched 100% to the new food.

Broken SHower Rod Dilemma:

Last weekend my shower rod broke and I couldn’t fix it. So I ordered one from Amazon. I thought while I was at it I’d better also change the plastic shower liner inside the red and white checked shower curtain. So I ordered that too.

It’s supposed to come today. And thank goodness too. Because I had no choice but to sit the rod on top of the shower tiles, which means it falls off a lot. I’m taking a shower with at least a foot of plastic shower liner in the tub. And I sure don’t want to slip on that thing.

Ah, a knock at my door. It was my shower rod delivery, thank goodness.

Breaking Bad:

I’m deep into the 4th season of Breaking Bad. I will be sad when it ends. But a new movie has just come out on Netflix, so I will be watching that next.


Well, shoot. I just got up to let Charlie back inside and managed to step on Ivy’s tail. She let out a screech and went running for the bedroom. Mama’s sorry, Ivy!

She’s already back laying next to me. Ivy forgives quickly.

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  1. I just recently had to change my cat’s food due to an over active thyroid. I followed the same procedure. It took about 2 weeks but it worked !! So happy because as long as he keeps on the new diet, he doesn’t need to be on medication. Love the new slippers. Are they comfortable ? Will look up the site. Have a great fall day !

  2. I went to the Kyrgies website and saw some awesome slippers in a beautiful turquoise. Unfortunately they out of my price range. I’m sure they’d be worth it, though. Do you get a rebate from purchases by your blog readers? I hope you do as you surely gave them a nice write-up. An interesting picture of life in that area of the world.

  3. Those slippers look very comfortable and well-made.

    I’ve had to switch my cat’s food a couple of times because of dietary needs, and yes, you have to do it tiny amounts at a time like you explained. I hope Ivy is getting a quality canned food, too (be sure to read the ingredients – a lot of them have too many fillers and not “real” ingredients – you also don’t want to feed her anything with meat by-products). Cats shouldn’t be exclusively eating dry food.

    Let us know how you like the slippers!

  4. Those slippers look awesome…wish I was not allergic to wool!! Well, I guess nearly every pet we have had, I have stepped on a bit…but they learn to stay out of your way too, fortunately!!

  5. Slippers look so comfy and pretty.
    Never saw Breaking Bad, just joined Netflix about 3 months ago, but saw El Camino.
    Loved the movie, so I have to see the series now!

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