After I repurposed my old weathered ladder, I became interested in ways others might have repurposed their ladders. So I went to Pinterest to see what I could find.

How creative to use a ladder to provide lighting! I’ve never seen a ladder used this way and I think it’s genius.
Use old wood boxes layered on a ladder to hold various decorative items. This is very similar to what I did with boxes in my living room.

There are so many creative ways to use ladders outdoors. I like how this one used vintage boxes with plant containers. You could also use the pots to store garden tools.

This would be a good space to start seedlings too.


This particular “ladder” looks as though it was a DIY project. I love how this individual used it in her bathroom as a way to organize items.

This is a cute little step ladder. The plants arranged on the rungs are a nice touch.
Creating boxes for house plants is a perfect use of this ladder. It’s a good way to gather many house plants in the window at one time to get light.
And why not hang it for use in the kitchen to act as a storage shelf? It stores your pots and pans, etc., overhead and frees up space in other places.
Here’s another ladder with house plants. By using boards layered across the ladder steps, it provides a perfect spot to gather house plants.
And another one is used in a bathroom to store towels. It would also be a great way to dry towels you’ve just used in the shower.
Here’s one that stores board games. Wouldn’t children love this type of storage?
Do you use ladders as decor in your home?

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  1. I have a dumpster dive step ladder in my main bathroom. Since it is a very small bathroom I leave it closed but lean it up against the wall and the air register holds the bottom so it does not slide. I use it for a magazine rack and display on the shelves. I love it.

  2. I love old ladders. I have a big one that I use outdoors to put plants on. My neighbor was throwing the ladder away and I rescued it. I love that little green painted ladder with the plants on it. There's a vintage consignment shop near me that usually has these little ladders for sale in the nice weather. I think I might have to buy one this year now. 😉

  3. I have an old wooden ladder that was my dad's. I still use it for painting projects, but these ideas make me wonder if I should put it to a different use. Thanks for the clever ideas.

  4. Brenda, I absolutely love your picture as I was reading this blog. I don't remember seeing this one before…forgive me if I had missed it before because it is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pic and your wonderful photography.

  5. Wow… who knew ???!!!! lolol…. Love the bathroom use of ladders !!! I have a vintage Amish ladder leaning against the fire place wall with small quilts hanging from it !!! Now… maybe I will make use of some of these great ideas!!!

  6. Thank you for all the neat ideas about using ladders. Some of these are new to me! Love your picture Brenda – you are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your new picture with us.

  7. I do like the use of ladders in decorating. We live in a small house & I haven't been able to use a ladder in doors. I guess we already have to much furniture around. But, I do use them in our yard. I really like your new profile picture too!

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