Life Is A Kaleidoscope

In the mornings I get up and feed the kitties. Gracie by then is starting to make her scratchy meowing sounds.

I wander around the apartment and take random photos that I will put in my post for the day.

Then I fix myself something to eat and make a cup of coffee.

In Life Is A Kaleidoscope, this is a vignette of plants and plates in a plant stand.

I choose soft music to listen to and sit down in my chair.

The editing and resizing of photos begin. Sometimes it takes an hour or so, as it did this morning.

All to show you the world through my eyes.

My Simple World:

It is a simple world. One based on what I see around me: my home, my patio, and beyond.

Nothing special.

Then I hand you the remnants, ordinary moments that string together days and weeks and months and years like beads on a necklace.

Day after day after day.

Gracie walking over the red chair in my living room

I sip my coffee and look around me from where I sit in my chair. What I call “my working chair.”

And then I try to mold thoughts into words about my simple and unfettered life.

Bits & Pieces:

It is nothing life-changing or transformative. Just bits and pieces of the morning as it evolves.

I’m not rich with money. Yet in many ways, I’m wealthy beyond all expectations.

Each and every day, life is a small bud that opens every morning. It continues to open throughout the day, one petal at a time.

And all the while, the beads on that necklace click together as they fall into place.

In Life Is A Kaleidoscope, there is a wooden bowl filled with a strand of wooden beads

I am grateful for the sweet moments filled with all that I see around me. Nature and the blue of the sky and the scent the wind brings to my door.

And one thing remains the same.

Life is a kaleidoscope that represents an ever-changing view. One that mirrors and reflects and repeats itself over and over again.

An endless story of possibilities that weaves itself throughout the years.

“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

― Michelle Obama


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  1. Brenda- I love your style of post today. I am a long follower of yours. I still think about your garden when you were with your ex H. I wish you could show some pictures of it again. Your last apartment every time you would show your patio it would just make my day. Your plants are just beautiful. I can’t wait to see how you are going to do your space in front of your glass doors. I love how you use a lot of plants & they are so pretty & green. I am a shabby chic person & so happy to see how you are using it in your home this time. May the good Lord bless you as you have been a blessing to me through the years. xoxo

  2. How lovely….

    I love a blog, where someone ponders, speaking of things on their mind, and in their heart and…….. -smile-

    Gentle hugs…

  3. I love this post. The imagery of “ordinary moments that string together days and weeks and months and years like beads on a necklace” is powerful. To me, what makes your blog so special is precisely that we are following your “simple” world which you present to us in your own unique and engaging way, and we have become invested in your life! I think that’s why everyone commenting over these last few weeks are so genuinely interested in your move, the decorating of your new home, and your overall well-being. I love the quote by Michelle Obama.

  4. Beautiful! Marilynn said it perfect. I wait till evening when I am settled down and read your post. It is like a bite of chocolate to savor.

  5. Beautiful words Brenda. You brought tears to my eyes. I feel that my life is also very ordinary, but very special in so many ways. “Each and every day, life is a small bud that opens every morning. It continues to open throughout the day, one petal at a time.” I’ve never heard it (life) put this way… and boy did it hit home! You have a lovely way of placing your thoughts on paper….. Marilyn

  6. I think a simple, peaceful life is the best kind of life. One doesn’t need a lot of money to be content. Appreciating what you have and the life around you is all that matters.

  7. I agree with all that has been said, I love starting my day with a cup tea reading your blog, catching up with a friend. I have followed along for years and hope for many more. So glad you have found joy in your new home. 🤗

  8. Such a calm reflective post to read to begin the new week with. And I love the quote also at the end by Michelle Obama who does walk the walk by believing we all achieve thinking forward each day of our lives. You have moved and created a better life to grow old in and it speaks volumes of the sensible ways you were taught. Your family is nearby and you can be proud of this next chapter. Loved seeing the red chair inside for the new kitty perch to keep on eye on the adventures!

  9. Brenda yours is the best blog out there, hands down. I echo what everyone else has said. You are very special to all of us and we appreciate you more than you can ever know.

  10. What a 😊 wonderful and lovely read Brenda! I so enjoyed. You have a magical and marvelous way with words!
    It puts us all in a positive state of appreciation for what we have. How you convey the message.
    It certainly does for me!
    Every comment (you have lots of fans!!) was beautiful and loving.
    You can see that we are all speaking from within our hearts of thanks ,,,,,,, to you. ❤

  11. What a lovely post. You have such a way of weaving words together. Makes me envious I never had any writing classes. And you are a very special lady to many of us. You have shared so much with us from
    gardening, decorating, your love of animals and often such raw emotion that we so appreciate.

  12. I totally agree with Marilynn, I could not have said it better.
    I don’t often like curtains (I have all pull down blinds), we are very much minimalist but I have fallen in love with your new curtains Brenda, I do love indoor plants but we don’t seem to have many places for them, but after I showed Simon your ponytail plant with the lamp he said I am sure with extra light we could have some plants in the basement. We practically live in the basement, our two computers and other office stuff is down there and our two lazy boy chairs where we watch TV. We do have one window down there too.
    Even thought I don’t write everyday I always read your blog Brenda. I think your readers absolutely love you. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  13. What a special post today, Brenda. I wait daily for your bits and pieces, of your “simple” life. I agree 100 %. that you are much richer than so many I know. I feel myself rich in the same way you described. Happy with the life I have, and appreciate that I am still here to live that life. And you mentioned your world is nothing special. Brenda, your world is VERY special, very special to all of us that are waiting each and every single day to read your blog. Day to day life, that lights up our life also. Thank you for posting every day. Thank you for every single photo you share. You are the BEST!!!!!
    Hugs to you, Ivy and Gracie. Enjoy your Sunday.
    Bonnie in WI where we have a heat spell…41 degrees, but not to last. Big snow coming tomorrow evening. Well it still is winter…

  14. I deeply enjoyed your reflections today and echo Marilynn’s response – she says so well what I was thinking.
    And a belated Happy Birthday – I’m a February person too – the 6th.

  15. Brenda,
    What a beautiful post. Please know you are very rich indeed. Rare are those who find joy, peace and contentment with what they have.
    Also, you add so much to so many people’s lives making us rich from reading your thoughts and observations.
    Thank you for enriching me daily.


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