Life Is A Series Of Ups & Downs

This morning I was thinking about the fact that life is a series of ups and downs. And yesterday was one of the “downs.” But today is one of the “ups.”

You just never know what a new day will bring. It’s kind of like opening a box and not knowing what’s inside. That’s life.

This is the day Maria comes to clean my apartment, so she should be here soon. I can hear her over at Steve’s place every now and then. She comes to clean both our apartments twice a month.

I’ve just finished my cup of coffee and am listening to Yiruma playing the piano. He’s so talented.

In Life Is A Series Of Ups & Downs, I always have my cat Ivy to comfort me
Ivy sleeping


I’m listening to “The Best Of Yurima” right now. I actually have this CD, but it was just easier to play it on YouTube than to get over to get it.

Yiruma is a South Korean piano music composer. The name “Yiruma” means “I shall achieve” in Korean.

And wow, has he achieved!

He was born in Feb 15, 1978 and started to learn the piano at home at the age of 5.

So he is Kasi’s age.

A Project With Greg:

I’ve been working on some other living room projects; nothing too grand.

I mentioned to Greg, my wonderfully kind physical therapist, that I want to display more of my quilts on the walls.

Some of you have mentioned that you want to see more of my quilts. What better way than displaying them on the walls.

It’s not good to leave quilts folded up for long. The creases are more susceptible to getting tears. So if you have folded quilts, open them up and at least fold them differently.

I said I was thinking of placing one over the couch, which would mean moving the mirror. (The mirror got put in a wonderful place, so it’s still here in the living room.)

Love that mirror, but I needed a bit more color during these gray days of winter.

Ivy tearing up cardboard with her teeth
Ivy tearing up cardboard

Greg told me last Wednesday when he was here that he would come early on Saturday and put the quilt on the wall. Well, of course I was astonished, and told him no, that was too much to ask of him.

He said he didn’t mind at all. Plus he knew that would keep me off the step ladder in my walking boot.

So Saturday he did come early, and he had that quilt thumb-tacked up there in about ten minutes. He has a very good eye for placement.

Of course I was sitting there him telling him where to move it up and where to go down.

So you’ll be seeing that change soon as well as where the mirror went. But I need to do a few more things first.

That was a really big deal for me. And what a kind person to offer to help!

Greg has told me that he likes to come here. In terms of age he is right in the middle of the age of my girls. He is 46.

What Becomes A Big Deal:

I could have done that, no problem, in the past. And I’ve been known to get on the step ladder in my boot (yes, Teri, you know about that, don’t you?), but I haven’t done something that silly since I had surgery last June.

So many things I used to be able to do, even after two ankle surgeries. But then it got considerably more painful, and I could barely walk, as you probably remember.

Teri came to pack things up. (I can never thank that woman enough for what she did for me!)

The movers moved me here, just about two miles from my old apartment.

Kendra helped carry load after load of heavy things into this apartment from the parking lot.

So I moved out of the apartment where the complex had so many problems, thank goodness.

And then I was ensconced in my new apartment, one year ago this month. And I’ve loved this apartment.

I do have a problem in the bedroom where I walked in that night and found Gracie dead. That spot is still hard for me to look at. Because if I let myself think about it, I’ll be crying.

But then that’s life. A series of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow. Love and loss.

It’s a book with, if we’re lucky, many chapters. The pages just keep turning and we take what life throws our way. Some good, some bad. And some in between.

Ivy Being Silly:

In Life Is A Series Of Ups & Downs, here is Ivy making me laugh.

Yesterday afternoon Ivy turned over the gray and white woven basket and got inside it. She is so funny!

I have no idea how she managed to turn it over on top of herself.

Ivy surprises me every day. What a fun and wonderful companion she is.

If you live alone or even live with a loved one, think about rescuing a cat or dog.

You know that I’ve had dogs and loved them all dearly. But I’m in a situation now where having a dog wouldn’t work for me.

So if you are limited physically like I am now, think about adopting a sweet kitty.

They will repay you with so much love and affection. And you’ll be giving them a loving home. Literally rescuing them.

Please think about it.

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  1. Yes, life is a series of ups and downs, which is why we need to celebrate the “ups” when the come our way, no matter how small it is! That picture of Ivy in the basket is so adorable – your should submit it to a photo contest!

  2. Ivy in a basket reminds me of my childhood cat Nisa – she loved being inside small spaces:-) I think Greg really enjoys helping you – you are both benefiting from the friendship and that is lovely. He seems like a genuinely kind person. That being said have you looked into any integrative health practices that may help restore some flexibility and mobility? Not instead of traditional PT, but in addition to it. Even exercises like wiggling and twisting your body from a sitting or reclining position (such as laying in bed) can stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainige, as well as massage and energize your joints and muscles. It may be worth a look:-) and it might just feel good if nothing else!

  3. Brenda, you’ve found yourself a community! When I first started reading your blog you sounded so alone. Now you have your family, Greg, Kendra, and your neighbors. Most importantly you sound happy and less worried. That move was very fortuitous!

  4. You are very fortunate to have Greg to help you! What a kind man he is! And what Darlene said about hanging a quilt, I don’t quite get it.. so could YOU perhaps do a post on what it looks like? Does she put the ribbons on two corners and hang each corner on a nail? Not sure.. would love to see what it looks like, as I have a few smaller quilts I would like to hang, but not take up a big space. And yes.. Ivy is such a darling, the way she plays and entertains you! I live with cat hair too, but it’s just a way of life! Marilyn

  5. Greg is such a nice man! How kind of him to hang that quilt on the wall for you.

    Where did you get that red and white pillow on the brown chair by the cabinet? I don’t remember seeing that before – it’s really unique.

  6. Two miles and another world away! So happy you are in a safe and cosy home. Blessed with good people around you. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  7. I have read some amazing accounts of people who have had out of body experiences and saw all their pets they loved, coming to greet them!! An amazing joyful thought!! We surely hope all our dogs (except one who nearly drove me crazy) are there to meet us one day!! Our last dog was such a sweetheart, I just cannot imagine eternity without her especially!! As my hubby said, “Well, she loved us more than most people have!!” So glad you have such good people to help you!! NO small gift. We found when my hubby nearly died last year and then came home and had to have home therapy for awhile, those people were by a huge margin the very very best medicals we had in that state!! THE BEST!! I am glad your therapist is one of those. I find a lot of up and down days too, Brenda…well, this past year has been terribly hard…and we definitely understand your predicament!! Right now, most of the time, I cart my hubby in wheelchair from every place in the apt he goes…he can walk a few steps but very few. And after the last MRI, I am not sure that will be better. We are going to see if some laser on his lower back will help…he does NOT want to be cut on. It has to be his choice.

      1. Not sure anyone knows…recent MRI showed he has 4 discs bulging and some narrowing…so it might contribute…but I think there are several other reasons too. His ability walking has gradually decreased ever since he was given CIPRO ( med) over a decade ago now…so I think somehow that triggered what may be a connective tissue disorder and/or he also has hydrocephalus which we learned a few years ago. They all may be part of the problem. However, I mostly wonder about the discs as that was what caused him to loose almost total use of his left arm and he had surgery 6 yrs ago to fix that. He is going to try some laser on his back this week in hopes that may help…he DOES NOT want surgery. And who would after they tried to kill him last year??

  8. Can’t wait to see your quilt on the wall. Here’s another thought or idea for a hanging a quilt. If you have a need for a splash of color and want to hang a quilt and yet you don’t want to take over the entire wall try this…unfold the quilt, hold by one of the corners, come down from the corner a few inches (this depends on the size of the quilt, tie a ribbon around where you’ve gathered the quilt – put a nail, hook, etc and hang your quilt from the ribbon and fan our where you gathered it and let it drop. It looks so pretty and adds a little something. Goodness, I hope it all makes sense. LOL
    Life is definitely full of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like there are more downs than ups.
    That Ivy Lou is a sweetie – I love her antics.
    Enjoy your evening!

  9. I laughed at Ivy on the cardboard and then in the basket! She is your entertainment! You are blessed to have Teri, Greg and Steve in your life. Glad you are having a good day and are keeping busy rearranging and decorating. Enjoy the evening.

  10. Good people attract good people, I feel. You have been good to people who help you so in turn you reap back cause Greg sounds like a perfect health care provider by going above medicine to provide a healing power. He’s given you the gift of kindness and you’ve been the considerate patient.
    I saw a picture of large oval bucket planted with herbs the other day and thought of you with all your previous container gardens.

  11. That was really nice of Greg to come help you out like that. If you liked the mirror in the original spot, would it have been possible to hang a quilt over top of it? Then whenever you’re ready to change things up a bit, you can take that quilt down and your mirror will still be there to enjoy again. Thanks for the tip about refolding our quilts. I didn’t know that was necessary, but I’ll be sure to go refold mine now. I’m sorry seeing Gracie’s spot on the floor causes you pain whenever you look at it. Is it a spot that can be covered up somehow? Maybe with a piece of furniture, like a chest at the foot of the bed, or an area rug, or perhaps totally rearranging the furniture in your room? My friend’s husband passed in their bedroom. I asked her if it was hard to go in the room now, and she said no, because she looks at it like he’s always there with her. I hadn’t thought of it from that perspective. Your Ivy girl is just as cute as she can be! That picture of her in the basket is funny. And what is it about cardboard that animals like so much? Mine likes to play with empty paper towel rolls. Cute and silly they are!

    1. Where Gracie died is part way under my dresser and then beyond that a little. It wouldn’t matter what I did. I’d still think of that spot as being where my little Gracie died. I have tears now just thinking about her. With my pets I grieve and grieve. They never let go of me and I never let go of them.

  12. Oh that Ivy! A cat’s antics can surely brighten our days. My fur babies give me many laughs and hours of entertainment and companionship. Don’t know how I would manage without them. I look at cat hair as an accessory to my outfit, lol!
    Looking forward to seeing which quilt you have hung up and what you did with the mirror. You have the best ideas.

  13. Very frustrating to me when people moan about being alone and lonely, and I suggest a trip to the shelter to adopt a cat, and they reply, “oh no! It would shed all over my house!” Well good, then. Sit there alone and wallow in your lonesomeness because I don’t want to hear any more from you!

    1. Well said! What’s a little or a lot of shedding? Well worth it to get a wonderful and loving companion! I totally agree with you! You made me laugh!

  14. Greg is such a thoughtful young man. That was very nice of him to hang your quilt. Ivy is a little rascal. She looks so comical in the basket!

    1. He is indeed wonderful. He has a young baby at home and other clients, but he takes the time to help me. He regularly takes out my trash and boxes left over from deliveries. He says he helps other clients too. But somehow I doubt he’s put a quilt on their wall! He just plans to come early to help with what I need. He knows how important my surroundings are to me, since I’m here 24/7. He knows I’d probably get depressed if I couldn’t do some of the things I used to do. So he does it for me.

  15. Love the life comments…so very true…I am sure the quilt is beautiful on the wall…will look forward to this💕

    1. Well, you’ve seen this quilt quite a bit. But I can’t put the bigger ones on the wall because they’re too heavy to be able to use thumb tacks. But I’m planning to have someone help me get the other ones out and at least be able to see them. Some are still in the plastic boxes Teri put them in. At the very least they need to be refolded!

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