In life this week, I’ve been cooking lots of good nutritious food.

It’s getting just a bit cooler at night too. Which is wonderful after having endured blistering hot days for months.

Book Of The Month Club Delivery:

My Book Of The Month books were delivered. More about them later.

I’m currently reading Liane Moriarty’s “Apples Never Fall” which I ordered from Amazon. About halfway through reading this book.

What I’m Watching On BritBox:

Last night I finished watching the latest season of “Vera” on BritBox. I always hate to see her seasons end because I love watching this show so much. Such a good (though a bit grumpy) detective who always figures out who did what.

I signed up for a trial of Showtime through Amazon Prime. I’m thinking I’ll start watching “Billions” first.

Damian Lewis is the actor Carrie was in love with in “Homeland”. He is also in Billions, and I don’t recall ever seeing him in anything before Homeland.

So I’m curious to watch him acting in something else.

Life According To Ivy:

Ivy has suddenly “rediscovered” her cat tree, which I often call her cat tower. She wouldn’t go near it for nearly 3 months, since Charlie passed. But now she’s sleeping in it a lot again.

This photo reminds me of clothes tossing in a dryer, the way she’s all curled up.

I’m considering possibly getting a kitten. I just don’t know if Ivy would react negatively or positively.

Ivy seems perfectly fine, but I’m afraid she might be lonely, even though she has me. I don’t know how she’d react to another cat, so I’m kind of apprehensive about the whole idea.

What I’m Cooking & Eating:

On Friday I ordered groceries again from Whole Foods. I’ve found recipes I want to try out.

I made the eggplant casserole and it was so delicious! I can’t even recall eating eggplant before.

The mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses bubbled on top and browned to perfection. The marinara was poured in between the layers of eggplant sort of like a lasagna.

The recipe I used: Cheesy Eggplant Casserole, from the blog Healthy Recipes. I really like her recipes.

I also made this same blogger’s tuna salad recipe, which I plan to make again.

The tuna salad was much different from ones I’ve put together in the past. I always paired the tuna with boiled eggs and chopped pickles with mayonnaise.

This tuna salad has avocado mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salsa, minced garlic and spices. Different but quite good! That salsa gave it a little bite, which I thought made it quite tasty.

I’m off to the doctor for the second of my twice a year checkups. I saw her last in March I think.

Have a great day!

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  1. At one point in my life, I had five cats, One male, four female. I only used one litter box. I scooped it out four to five times per day. I used a plastic tub with high sides so I could keep the litter several inches deep. Urine seldom made it down to the bottom of the tub, so I only had to wash out the box once every two weeks. I’ve heard that cats are like potato chips – you can’t have just one.

  2. Single cats don’t get lonely unless their human is gone from home long periods of time. And I know you give her attention. It’s hard introducing a new kitten or cat into the household. Cats are very territorial and they have a hard time with a newcomer. If you decide to do it, I’m sure the shelter (I assume you would adopt) could probably advise you how to introduce the new kitty. I’m sure you could find lots of info online, too.

    The tuna salad caught my eye when you said it had salsa in it. However, when I followed the link to the recipe, I didn’t see where the recipe called for salsa. What am I missing?

  3. The picture of Ivy is precious! The eggplant looks delicious. Eggplant parmigiana is one of my favorites. Interested to see what you think of Billions. We watched a few seasons, and then stopped. The Affair on Showtime was fabulous, but it took about 4-5 episodes to really get into it.

  4. 2 cats means two littler boxes. Just so you have a place to put another one. I love Damien Lewis since I watched him in Band of Brothers.

  5. I’ve had lots of cats over the years — both kittens and older rescue kitties. I imagine that Ivy would love to have a kitten around and to be company for her. Up until a month ago we had two grown rescue kitties that arrived when our two boys could no longer have them. They had a few days of hissing and avoidance and then they become good friends. The male got sick and had to be put down about a month ago and now our older femals (13 years) sometimes howls in the middle of the night looking for him. She’s lonely now and needs lots of attention. We’re older and so is she so we will not getting another cat at this point but if the situation were different, we certainly would.

  6. Love that picture of Ivy. She is such a character. I think because of her age she will get along fine with a kitten. Just takes a few days. I remember when you took in that one cat that never came out. A kitten certainly won’t do that. I’m going to try that eggplant dish. Looks delicious.

  7. Hi, Brenda.
    We’re watching the new releases ( 1 episode per week) of Vera and enjoying them very much. Is that what you are watching? We’ve only seen three new episodes so far from Season 11 as that’s all that have been released. All told there will be six episodes for Season 11.
    We’re also watching Jack Irish on Acorn. First we watched the movies (3 of them) and moved into the TV Series. Good stuff!!
    Have you ever watched DCI Banks? We really liked it. Good emotions, good detective stories. We recently finished Scott and Baily. That was another good show with 5 seasons / 38 episodes.
    All I can say is thank goodness for British and Austrailian television!!

  8. That eggplant “lasagna” looks delicious! Eggplant itself only 25 calories per cup, loaded with nutrients good for us. One of my favorite dishes when eating out (which hasn’t happened in what feels like forever) is deep fried egg plant with marinara sauce for dipping. I haven’t attempted to make it at home for myself. My recipe for tuna salad is simple: one can of tuna (drained), a big gob of mayo mixed in; plop a tablespoon (or more) on top of green leaf lettuce on a slice of toasted 12 grain bread, top tuna with more green leaf lettuce and second slice of toasted 12 grain bread, cut in half and devour. Yum!

  9. Dear Brenda…Damien Lewis played the Lieutenant in Band of Brothers (Easy company from Normandy to Bertesgarten) and also Henry VIII in Masterpiece Theater’s Wolf Hall. He is indeed a great actor. I hope if you decide to add a new kitten that it will go well. Best regards, Charlotte

  10. I have been through introducing a new cat or kitty into the household many times over the years. And it has always been a great experience. I can’t remember Ivy’s age, but just remember kitties are young and feisty. I have introduced an eight-month-old all the way up to a more senior cat into our cat household. It may take a couple of days to make sure Ivy is comfortable but I think it would be great for her and you! And if it’s a rescue kitty just think of what you would be doing for him or her.

  11. I believe Ivy stayed closer to you the last few months after Charlie’s passing, because she knew you needed her, and she needed you also. Pets can sense grief, anger, and happiness, I think.
    I bet Ivy would “Love” a kitten. Can’t wait to find out what you plan to do.
    Hugs from Wisconsin, Fall is in the air, and little by little the trees are changing color. My favorite time of the year…

  12. So sweet that Ivy has found her tower again. Sounds like she is settling in with her grief of losing Charlie. I know they grieve just like we do. So to see her returning to things she stopped after Charlie’s passing is a good. I think it is always a good idea to have other pets for each other. I wish I could have another dog to keep Buddy company when I go out and cannot take him. I think it would lower his anxiety to be left home alone. Whatever you decide I know you will give a possible new fur baby a good home.

  13. The eggplant casserole and tuna salad both look delicious. I’ll have to try making them! I hope you have good results at your doctor appointment!

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