Life This Week #5

In Life This Week, I’ve started and finished several books. And I’m anxious for fall weather to arrive.

This morning the weather was cooler than it’s been. Soon I will get out on the patio and do some cutting back of dead plants.

The zinnias are bouncing back as well as several other plants. I’ll cut back the zinnias to allow room for the new ones that I suppose self-seeded themselves.

Life This Week #5 graphic


My daughters came and brought lunch Friday.

I stayed home all weekend. Then had to go pick up an eggplant yesterday because I wanted to make another eggplant casserole. I also got the makings for breakfast burritos.

I would have just had it delivered, but I didn’t want to pay delivery on just a few items when I had a delivery late last week. I just had a hankering for these two recipes.

What I’m Reading:

I’m reading “Beneath Devil’s Bridge” by Loreth Anne White.

Before this book I finished “Apples Never Fall” by Liane Moriarty. I really like this writer.

I received two Book Of The Month choices: “Rock Paper Scissors” by Alice Feeney and “The Neighbor’s Secret” by L. Allison Heller. I’ve already read “The Neighbor’s Secret.

I decided I’m going back and reading some of the earlier Stephen King books. I’d ordered “Bag Of Bones” but I don’t think I’ve read that one before.

I’ve mostly forgotten what all happened in most of his earlier works. And this is the month of Halloween. So horror it shall be!

Book of the month logo graphic

If you’re interested in the “Book Of The Month” club, click here to join through me. I appreciate those of you who have because I get free books!

What I’m Watching:

Damian Lewis photo from Billions.

I’m still watching “Billions” on Showtime. I find it very interesting, a hedge fund financier against a U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Seasons 1-4 is available with Amazon Prime.

I’m not sure how many seasons there are of it, but I’m invested in watching it now so I’ll watch them all.

Life According To Ivy:

Photo of Ivy in Life this week

I rubbed catnip on Gracie’s new scratching pole that looks like a cactus, but she still hasn’t become aware of it yet.

Ivy loves catnip and now thinks she rules that cactus. She hovers around it and chases Gracie away from it.

She actually hissed at Gracie when she got close to it and I haven’t heard hissing for about 5 days. Catnip seems to make Ivy a little loco.

Life According To Gracie:

The mobile vet came yesterday to see Gracie. Whatever the bloodied bump was near her neck got infected, so she shaved it and gave her a two-week antibiotic shot. Guess it’s good I called her.

Below is Gracie near my shoe. She loves to stick her front legs into my shoes and chew on the edge of them.

Ivy is full of pep this morning.

In life this week, a photo of gracie on the rug

I like having a young female mobile vet. She always ends up getting down on the floor and getting a cat out from under my bed where they’re hiding from her.

Vickie, the rescue where I got Gracie, offered to cover the bill, but I told her no, it wasn’t necessary. She’s so nice and thoughtful.

Another thing, I think Gracie may turn out to be a lap cat. Ivy would never get in my lap. And now she’s so big she wouldn’t fit anyway. Neither of them likes to be picked up.

Below you can see where the mobile vet shaved Gracie’s skin.

Gracie with her shaved skin

This morning they’re both full of beans and chasing each other. Becoming real playmates I think.

Gracie will run under something where Ivy is too big to get and Ivy will sit and wait till she comes out. Then Ivy will chase her and then the tables will turn and Gracie will chase her.

Gracie has to stop their game now and then to chase her tail.

So you’re up to date with the kitties as of this morning.

Here’s the Pinterest board I just created for the two of them.

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  1. Aw, it’s nice to hear that Gracie and Ivy are becoming playmates! A mobile vet is a great idea. We had a cat that was a lap cat – he was such a sweetheart.

  2. Hi Brenda! Just catching up with old blog friends – When I saw a picture of your new girl (Gracie) I knew Charlie must have passed, and may I offer my condolensces, you gave him such a good life, a loving home – and also congratulations!! What a beauty, those eyes!

  3. It’s a good thing you were cautious and got the mobile vet to visit, that spot on Gracie’s neck looks bad, but the antibiotic shot should take care of it. I hope Gracie doesn’t start scratching the furniture because Ivy won’t let her near the cactus scratching pole she’s appropriated for herself!

  4. Glad you had a vet look at Gracie right away; that spot looks pretty bad. I hope she heals soon. You’re lucky you have a mobile vet in your area. That’s so convenient and much easier than having to haul a pet in a carrier to the vet. Clementine has a vet visit next week to see how her kidney disease is doing and to have blood tests again. My poor girl.

    My friend down the street and her husband just adopted two kitty sisters from one of the local shelters. They lost their female senior kitty a couple of months ago and were so heartbroken. They finally felt ready for another cat, but when visiting shelters, fell in love with these two sisters. They are six months old and so adorable, friendly and playful! I have already been to my friend’s house three times to visit and play with the kitties. I forgot how playful and entertaining they are when they are young. And these two are so cuddly, too. You can hold both of them and kiss and cuddle them and they just purr and purr. One of them even gives kisses all the time. It’s funny how some cats love to be held and cuddled and others don’t.

  5. Gracie’s ‘boo=boo” looks really sore. Glad you got it looked after. Sounds like the mobile vet you have is a keeper.
    So much better than having to stuff the cat in a carrier and haul her to the vet’s office. Less traumatic, for sure.

  6. Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors … I can’t wait to read her newest book! And I’m so glad you now have Gracie. Ivy will enjoy the company … the way cats do.

  7. I love Ivy’s markings. She makes me think of those black & white cows in Vermont. Gracie’s eyes are mesmerizing. Two beautiful girls. I just finished reading “ The Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wilkerson. She took 10 years to write it and completed 1500 interviews. Wilkerson won the Pulitzer Prize for this book and it was well deserved. It’s very well researched and it deals with the Jim Crow laws in the south and the migration of African Americans from 1900-1970. Its nonfiction but very readable. I found myself looking for time to read. It’s a very informative and excellent read. Off to feed my cats, clean up after them and then go run a grocery errand to get their food. I am truly their servant but willingly so.

  8. Glad you had the mobile Vet come for Gracie. That looks pretty infected. That is great that they have a one time shot for antibiotics so you do not have to try and force pills on her. With her just getting adjusted and trusting you it is good you do not have to do that. Have a great day.

  9. I’m so glad Gracie & Ivy are becoming such sweet friends & that Gracie’s little wound is all taken care of. I’ve enjoyed checking in on them through your blog. I cannot have a cat because both my husband & son (even though he doesn’t live with me he visits often) are highly allergic. I’ve thought about getting a barn cat. I live in the country but do have neighbors fairly close by.

    I also like the suggestions for things to watch. It’s hard to find good shows that are clean. I’m going to check out Billions even though the rating is for mature. If you find anything with a lower rating that you like please share!

  10. Feel better Gracie. You have a good mom to get that checked out. Ivy, you’re as cute as ever, and I am so glad you have a playmate.

  11. My cat will only tolerate being picked up for a few seconds and then she’s done. She isn’t a lap cat either and she is also too big for my lap anyway.

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