Life This Week #6

In Life This Week #6, I found a not-too-hot day and went out to the patio for plant maintenance. I cut back dead and spent blooms and vines and such.

I had waited much longer than I normally do because of the dreadful heat. But everything looks much better now.

Self-seeding zinnias have been coming up so I hope to have more blooms before fall turns to winter.

Camera Problems:

Something is once again wrong with my camera. Or it could be the memory card. Every few months this happens.

The camera is only 3-4 years old. But just like my laptop, I practically use them to death. And this type of camera will probably cost me more than a new laptop.

I know many like to use their phones. But I like the heft of the camera in my hand. It just feels more natural to me.

What I Cooked This Week:

I made this Oven Baked Spaghetti dish I found here. With the addition of garlic toast, it was a tasty meal.

Last night I divided it up into 3-4 baggies and froze it for future meals.

Yesterday afternoon I made blueberry muffins. I had not made muffins in ages.

What I’m Reading:

I finished several books this week. Last night I finished reading “Last Girl Ghosted”.

Think twice before you swipe.

Every minute of every day people are thoughtlessly and sometimes recklessly swiping their fingers across their phones. Sometimes where they engage can lead to all sorts of problems for them. And sometimes it can end in tragedy.

I’m intrigued by novels concerning social media and internet over-familiarity and the effects on people in this day and age.

Before this, I read “Beneath Devil’s Bridge” by Loreth Ann White.

This book is about a true-crime podcaster seeking the full story about a decades-old murder of a high school girl.

After I finished “Last Girl Ghosted” last night I began reading “Bag Of Bones” by Stephen King.

Book Of The Month Choice:

For my October book, I chose “Everything We Didn’t Say” by Nicole Baart.

From the author of Little Broken Things, a “race-to-the-finish family drama” (People) following a mother who must confront the dark summer that changed her life forever in order to reclaim the daughter she left behind.

If you’re interested in the “Book Of The Month” club, click here to join through me. I appreciate those of you who have joined because I get free books!

What I’m Watching:

I’m still watching “Billions” on Showtime. I’m in the 3rd season. I think I watch the last episode of the 3rd season tonight.

You can purchase the first season of “Billions” on here.

Life According To Ivy:

Ivy sometimes seems to see things on the ceiling that I don’t. No telling what she’s looking at here. Often it’s little ladybugs that have somehow found their way inside and crawl across the ceiling.

She is growing accustomed to her little sister, Gracie.

Since Gracie is a kitten, she likes to play. However Ivy does not always want to play when Gracie does, so she will swat at Gracie if she’s not in the mood.

Ivy is now up on the cupboard where she looks out front, which is typical in the morning hours. She’ll sometimes hear a bird on the patio and jump down and run to the French doors to see it.

Life According To Gracie:

Earlier in the week I had the mobile vet out to check Gracie because of a bump she had near her neck that began to bleed. I think she’d scratched it.

Dr. Fielstra said it was infected and gave Gracie a two-week antibiotic shot.

Gracie’s appetite then picked up as well as her activity level. She is all over the apartment checking things out in her new world. Climbing, searching, looking over everything.

She likes screens. Computer screens, TV screens. They seem to mesmerize her. Sometimes she jumps up and walks across my laptop before I can close it. Then it makes all kinds of weird noises and I have to turn it off and on again.

Right now she’s back in the bedroom somewhere napping. She woke me up playing on my bed throughout the night, so I’m sure she’s tired.

Here’s the Pinterest board I created for the kitties. I have one for Abi and Charlie as well. Oh, how I miss those doggy babies!

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  1. The spaghetti dish looks great! So sorry about your camera. It’s such an expense to replace. I empathize, because I could not function with just a cell phone camera, either.

  2. Brenda, the spaghetti and the muffins sound delicious. As for the book blog, I think it is a great idea! I know lots of people that have books blogs/ instagram pages and they are very popular. I hope that you can figure out your problem with your camera. Have a great week.

  3. I was just trying to see how I could pin Gracie, when in the next sentence you answered my question! Thank you for giving us a window into Ivy and Gracie’s antics and, before that, Abi and Charlie’s. Your spaghetti casserole looks yummy.

  4. Thank you, dear friend, for being a regular contributor to my inbox with your varied and interesting life!

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