Last night I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 3 of Acorn TV’s “Line Of Duty.” This is one of the best shows I’ve watched in some time.

I thank those of you who suggested that I might like Acorn TV because I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Line Of Duty Seasons Watched on Acorn TV

I particularly like at the end where they say in captions what has happened to each of the characters.

Superintendent Ted Hastings:

When the detectives under Superintendent Ted Hastings leave the room, in saying “yes sir” it is “yes suh.” I love the difference in dialect and pronunciation. They don’t seem to say their “r’s”.

It is also interesting how they pronounce the word “it.” I can’t even think how to sound it out! The best I can come up with is “eh”.

Every time Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), who is seemingly very moral, hears of something a corrupt police officer has done, he mutters: “Mother of God.”

Hastings has become one of my favorite characters, with his hawk-like facial features and mannerisms.

Actor Adrian Dunbar

Sergeant Steve Arnott & Detective Constable Kate Hastings:

The superb actors who play Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott and Detective Constable Kate Hastings wonderful characters as well.

This morning I read:

“The stars of Line of Duty recently revealed during a premiere screening and subsequent Q&A at the BFI in London just how nerve-racking it is to receive new scripts from Jed Mercurio for one main reason: They never know whether it will be their character’s turn to die.

“The first thing that you do is check that you’re not dead,” Adrian Dunbar (Superintendent Ted Hastings) told the audience. (Tellyspotting)

Line Of Duty Seasons Watched here is the cast

More Seasons To Watch:

I think I have 2 more seasons to watch and hope there will be more. And I look forward to each episode. At the end of each, I am amazed at how the storyline developed and ultimately surprised me.

If you haven’t seen this series and don’t have Acorn TV, I highly suggest looking into this streaming British TV channel.

I’m certainly getting my money’s worth if this is to be the type of programming I can expect. Line Of Duty is the first show I have watched on Acorn TV.

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  1. Brenda, it’s called an English accent. They have been saying their words differently for a long time and not just for Acorn TV.
    It’s frightening people are impressed with your literary prose.

  2. Brenda, you should be a professional reviewer! You write the best most through reviews of shows, books, etc. I know when I like a show but really understand why I like it after I read your reviews! I trust your reviews so much more and Amazon or others. I have no idea how you would look into becoming a reviewer but you certainly should consider that. Thanks for providing us with these wonderful recommendations. Deborah

  3. Believe me the remaining series just get better and better. It is essential viewing back in UK and the final series had us all with out hearts in our mouths. Gripping!

  4. I watch Call the Midwives, Midsomer Murders, Doc Martin, and Shakespear and Hataway on our PBS. I enjoy British shows.

  5. I ordered the first season of Line of Duty from my library after your previous posting where you recommended it. I love British police/detective series, and hadn’t known about this one. I have one more episode to view. The show is fantastic!! Thanks so much for the recommendation. I look forward to viewing the other seasons.

    1. Thank you for sharing this link. I just added Acorn today and blazed through all 3 eps of Manhunt and am now ready to move on to another show — there are lots of interesting-sounding ones on this list.

  6. Line of Duty is right up there with some of the best tv I’ve ever watched. The writing is superb and the characters are so believable. Haven’t started series 4 yet. Just this morning I asked hubby if he had started it (he stays up later than I do) and all he kept saying was wow- wow-wow! So I guess it must be pretty good also. He will binge watch till he gets through the season but I prefer to savor each episode every other day of so.

    Glad you discovered Acorn. Lots of great tv coming your way for sure.

  7. I suggested Acorn tv, but not this specific show, must have been another reader. But, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll certainly give this one a look. There are lots of good shows on Acorn!

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