Does living in 600 square feet home sound daunting to you?

Small spaces can live large with cleverly constructed cabinets and multi-functional furniture.

The secret is to have a super-efficient floor plan. By perfectly utilizing the space,  you can have a great room, bedroom and full bath.

One way to create a cohesive small space home is to decorate with only a few colors. Blue and white with pops of spring green are the focus of this home.

The living room serves as a living space, dining space, kitchen and work space. It can also host up to three guests due to a trundle bed/bench squeezed into a window niche and a pullout couch.

An ottoman serves as a coffee table but also has hidden storage beneath the lid.

With drawers that pull out from under the daybed, this provides storage for games when the homeowners choose to entertain. The trick is to store items near the place where you’ll use them. This is an easy way to stay organized in a small home.

Hanging the TV on the wall also frees up surface space. There is room for media equipment on the shelves below.

Decorative boxes can hide all manner of items that would take up even more precious space. By labeling the boxes, the homeowner always knows what is inside.

This cute little table quickly goes from dining space to impromptu office with the help of wall-mount file pockets and a portable file box.

Swivel stools tuck under the table when not in use, which also saves space in such small quarters.

With this set-up, a dining space tucked into a corner provides the homeowner with adequate eating as well as working space.

In a small home, hallways can also be put to good use. By borrowing a small amount of square footage from other rooms and making the hallway wider, more storage options are created.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves lining the walls surrounding the curtained bedroom bring more organizational space.

This tiny bedroom features two skinny closets and four deep drawers below the bed. Baskets and boxes add even more organization.

A nightstand-headboard at one end of the bed adds storage under the eaves. Four drawers built into the base of the bed stores folded clothes and shoes without taking up any additional floor space.

Baskets keep socks and shoes organized while hooks for laundry and tote bags maximize space behind the doors.

This stylish bathroom blends beauty and function. The vanity provides storage for bath items. Stylish glass canisters look great holding cotton balls and swabs.

I love the wicker mirror above the vanity. It brings texture to this bathroom and provides a pretty focal point.

There’s even separate cabinets in the hallway for office supplies. Here there are organizational drawers and trays to house office items like paper clips, pens and computer cords.

Large canvas bins hold notepads, paper, file folders and gift-wrapping supplies.

Open shelves and small-scale cabinets in the kitchen leave room for a slender pantry. This galley kitchen features a two-burner cook top and a sink.

Baskets hold items in the extra space near the ceiling. Boxes on a shelf above the cook top contain dish towels and napkins.

Stools are tucked in under the lip of the counter.

This small galley kitchen has just what the homeowner needs to prepare and eat food.

Blue and white horizontally striped rugs on the floor break up and define the spaces, while providing pops of color on the wood floors.

The microwave and toaster ovens are hidden in the pantry. Baskets and bins hold packaged food and drinks on adjustable shelves. Airtight canisters provide storage for snacks.

Stacking canisters, baskets and boxes provide adequate storage for food. And it’s organized so that food can be found easily.

This small and well organized home actually seems much larger due to the clever layout and multi-purpose furniture. Built-ins provide much needed storage.

I hope you enjoyed this small space tour.

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  1. Love the blue and spring green combo. I def could live in this space if I was alone simply because the design incorporates every inch and I would imagine it lives large!

  2. If I was alone, I would definitely not want more than 1000 sq feet, but 600 might be a bit small as long as I enjoy sewing as I prefer to have a separate room for that. If I didn’t I think 600 could work nicely.

  3. I am way late with my comment but glad I didn’t miss this. Love all aspects of this home. I think maybe it is easier to keep a small house in order and tidy than a larger one where one spreads things out and probably collects more things.

  4. That super-efficient floor plan is the key, isn’t it. Every time I go to Ikea I marvel at the small apartment displays. How great they look and how functional the are. Why can’t builders translate these ideas into small, affordable living spaces!

  5. I think I could def live in that pretty small space, if I lived alone. ha! I’m still having to look for your blog, as it doesn’t show up in my feed. Is anyone else having this problem? ( i have a very outdated computer!)

  6. That little house lives big-they have used all kinds of space saving ideas to make it work that way. I love the blue and white with the pops of green here and there. Just perfect! I don’t know if I could live that small but it is fun to see it. xo Diana

  7. Some good ideas here for my small house. I like the drawers under the bed and window seat. I love that small pedestal table and how you can put the stools under it. Hiding the microwave in a pantry closet is something I’d love to do. I like the white walls and cabinets but I love that creamy wall color in the bathroom for a bit of a change. Thanks.

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