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Little Changes At My Apartment

living room

I just wanted to show you what solution I came up with for my window. In the mornings when I’m drinking my coffee on the couch, the sun was blinding me from this living room window at this time of year.

So I put a brown shutter I had in the closet behind the chair on the window sill. Problem solved! Might look a little odd, but it fixed the problem.

I didn’t last long with having the dining room table leaves down.

dining room

You guys were right!

house plant

I just adore this plant. I wanted to show you a new leaf. It hasn’t begun to unfurl yet. I find it fascinating the way the leaves start out rolled up like a newspaper, then unfold so perfectly.

house plant

So that’s all I have new for you in my apartment today. But I noticed that some of my plants are coming up out on the patio. Must be due to all the rain we’ve had.

sedum autumn joy

The sedum autumn joy has emerged. I think of reader Annette in California, who sent me a start of it wrapped in wet newspaper from her own garden in 2014, every time I look at it.


And surprisingly, this sedum (I think it’s a sedum) never has changed from summer. It still looks the same. These must be tough plants because the winter frost has not hurt it at all.



  1. I bought my prayer plant last weekend and just love it. You are an inspiration Brenda. Have a lovely evening!

  2. I have noticed your prayer plant before, & keep thinking I’ll go get one! today.
    I especially love it in your red container!
    I just love pops of red accents!

    Thinking of spring…….I heard birds singing for the first time in months when I left for work at 6:15 am. Such a beautiful sound!
    It’s not quite as dark then either, the sun is starting to come up earlier! And set later, which I love, LOVE! There is hope!

  3. Brenda,
    I enjoy your blog so much! Your apartment is beautiful, very cozy . I agree, plants in the home bring joy to the heart!

  4. I also think that shutter looks very nice there. Good thinking 🙂
    I’m a big fan of autumn sedum.
    Have a great day

  5. We have autumn joy sedum popping up as well here in Missouri. Looks like spring may finally arrive after the harsh winter we’ve had. I love your yellow table and all the pops of red!

  6. That shutter looks just fine there. It is amazing how much difference even little tweaks can make–especially in a small space. Your plants are looking good! xoo Diana

  7. Welcome, Kimberly! We are a community of women here. That plant is a prayer plant. You can also get it with pinkish/red accents. If you have questions or need anything, just email me.

    1. Thank you for your generous offer! I do have a question: How do you keep your houseplants looking so lush and healthy?

      I did read that they get an occasional bath or shower in your tub…what fertilizer do you use, and how often, especially in the winter months? Any other tips you can give us? Thank you so much. ?

  8. Oops—RE sorry I wasn’t specific:. I meant the plant with the new leaf.

    Excited for you that you’re seeing things come up on your patio and that that one plant stayed out for your all winter!

  9. I just found your blog, and now can’t stay away! I join many others in thinking you have made your home SO beautiful and charming. And I have learned a lot from you already. Thank you so much. ?

    I have to work hard , too, at not drooling over all the gorgeous plants you’re tending (because then it would get on my phone-ha!) Wow! I really like that plant you posted about today, also, and would like to get one. What is it called? Thanks!

    Many blessings to you!!

  10. Today we may get as high as 60 degrees F! Two days ago the wind was roaring and there was a windchill in the teens, even though the ambient air temperature was slightly above freezing. I don’t know what to expect this season from the weather, honestly! Last year, everything blossomed at least 2 weeks early because we had a really warm stretch the last days of February. This season, it’s been all over the place, like a yo-yo! I’ll be headed outside in a bit to start clean-up while I can. Even one day without having to wear a coat, my wool beret (to keep my head and ears warm) and gloves will be WONDERFUL! Earlier this morning I read a lengthy article on the latest concerning turns in record-breaking temperatures occurring at the Arctic Circle. They used to be rare events where the temperature approached near freezing this time of year (normally the coldest period for the North Pole before the Sun makes it first appearance on March 20), only occurring 4 times between 1980 and 2010. In 4 of the past 5 years, however, it has happened! Climatologists are very concerned, and I don’t blame them. This is scary stuff.

    1. It is scary! Yesterday I had the air conditioning on. Today it’s the heat. I worked out on the patio this morning cutting back dead ornamental grasses and such.

  11. The shutter looks nice where you have it. How does it stay in place – do you have a wide windowsill? That’s one thing I’m lacking in my house. Our weather is way behind yours…I was thrilled to see yesterday while walking around my yard, that lilies and chives were starting to poke through the ground. It was 50 degrees here yesterday and today, but back to winter weather on Thurs.

    1. It just stands up on the windowsill, which is about 3 inches wide. I lower the brown blinds just to the top of the shutter and that holds it in place. At night I lower the blinds and it just stays put.

  12. I saw the first green shoots popping up in my pots of chives on the deck over the weekend and it was super exciting to see!! I am already looking frward to being able to snip fresh chives to sprinkle on my meals once again, yippee!

  13. Shutters are used in many ways for home decor. I think it is great that yours is practical as well.

  14. Your shutter was a smart solution.
    I dream of putting retractable awnings above a couple of windows. That way we’d get the light without the direct sun beating in.

  15. I love the shutter that you put up. I am a shutter kind of gal. They are usually dirt cheap at rummages & resale shops now. My husband wonders, why I bring them all home. Well, he sees them pop up on all our windows. I don’t hook them in permanently, so that I can change them out from time to time. Love your signs of spring in your garden too. It was 50 degrees here yesterday and it felt wonderful. Although here in Wisconsin, I am sure that “ole man winter” has not left us for good yet. Plants sure are a wonderful miracle from God, aren’t they? Take care and thanks for showing your home once again. I love looking at your pictures!!

  16. WOW…. I love that idea….. I have the same problem in my den… the builder put three long narrow windows in this room … which is great for light … but the sun can be blinding at times!! (Especially since we live in Florida !!) ….. I have often thought of shutters along the bottom half of the window instead of blinds… as I have curtain panels with roman shades behind them right now!!! Thank you for sharing !!! Plants are really doing wonderful too I see!!!! AND…. would it be possible to find out where you purchased the truck painting?? I do know that you shared this info at one point … but I cannot remember ….. ??? Thanks

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