Every weekday afternoon I tune in to listen online to Nicolle Wallace’s show on MSNBC. Deadline White House is the only daytime TV I make time for.

I am normally doing other things during the two hours she is on, but I listen. Yesterday I was cleaning my very dusty apartment and giving Charlie a bath.

I’m not sure how I learned about her, but I’m so glad I did. She is a beacon of light within a shadow of darkness.

She has guests and pundits and all that on her show. But I tune in because of her heart.

In her former political career, Wallace served as the White House Communications Director during the presidency of George W. Bush. As well as in his 2004 re-election campaign.

Wallace also served as a senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Wallace said in November 2019 that she was now a “non-practicing Republican“. But it wouldn’t matter to me if she was a polka-dotted elephant.

At the end of each show, Nicolle Wallace devotes a segment to “Lives Well Lived.”

That’s when she talks about someone who has died of COVID-19. She tells stories about them. Brings them to life for the rest of us.

When she’s getting ready to start this segment, I stop whatever I’m doing and sit down. I listen fully because life is sacred. And I feel the need to hear the stories about these people and to honor them.

Yesterday it was about a grandmother who once owned a very popular Arkansas restaurant and was famous for her peanut butter pie.

I believe a day or so before that it was an 18 year old girl who died the day after Christmas.

Sometimes Nicolle loses it toward the end. And I lose it right along with her.

She quickly gets herself under control. But because I’m not on TV, I can cry big ugly sloppy tears. And I often do.

It’s almost like Nicolle is a friend.

Like I think of you as my friends, and hope you feel the same way about me. Well, those of you who aren’t angry with me this week.

Even if we don’t always agree, I hope we’re still friends.

Because that’s the way life is. The way it’s supposed to be. Everyone has a voice and a right to their own individual opinion.

Life matters. Words matter.

Her “Lives Well Lived” segments are always such a beautiful and poignant tribute to those who’ve died of COVID-19.

Every life lost to this horrific virus should have nothing less than our full attention.

“We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.” —Anyon Chekov

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  1. Hello, I am a huge Nicolle fan and wanted to contact her about ‘lives well lived. We lost my Mom to Covid at 97 years 1 day. Two weeks prior to getting sick, mom was still teaching her twice a week dance class and was director/choreographer/performer for a 30 member dance troupe in west palm beach called the Cocquettes. She was amazing. Legally blind and very bad hearing , never stopped her from teaching and performing. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Tom Mazzetta

  2. I couldn’t agree more about nicolle’s show and her lives well lived segment. More often than not i’m in complete tears as she humanizes another life lost unnecessarily to covid19

  3. I am glad I found this article. I was looking for the place where you send the story of a person or couple who lost their life to COVID. I feel that people who have lost someone to this virus, has a hard time realizing what has happened, how it happened and you are sort of left out their to figure things out on your own which doesn’t work. I think Nicole’s story at the end of her show gives me such an understanding that there are other people feeling the same way and Nicole’s kind words just gets us through this horrific virus and all the sadness knowing she is giving a little bit of those that are no longer with us. I do everything that your friends who have commented do as well as what you do. I do not miss Nicole daily, I look forward to what she shares at the end about “lives well lived”I have a beautiful couple who needs to be shared by Nicole and I am still looking for how they have it set up. The couple who lost their life due to COVID is Mike and Lydia Romo. Beautiful people, children, grandchildren, fun people. Just a shock that they are not with us any more.

  4. I shall keep this and I’m going to put the word out to my readers that they should send me “their lives well lived.” What a great idea. I will ask others to send me info about people they knew and loved before Covid struck. Thanks for sending. Yes, more info would be wonderful!

  5. I would like to leave an announcement for Kristina Decknick who died on February 16th from complications of Corona. She was 38 years old leaves behind a loving husband and three children. Her husband followed on Facebook with us her terrific journey. If you could honor her in lives well remember I would surely appreciate this . They live in Arizona if needed I can send you more information. She put up on hell of a fight.

  6. Brenda, I am another who looks forward to your visit each day, your blog is one of the few I read every day. I am in love with Charlie and Ivy….we only have one cat now. He had to have surgery when he was about a year old and the vet told us he probably would not live long…he will be 18 this year! Debby I just saw your post, I am so sorry for your loss. I will be keeping your family in my prayers.

  7. My husband and I laugh at ourselves calling the news people by their first names like we know them…4:00 here in the East is always “Nicole’s on.” Same with Rachael. They are brilliantly smart, experienced and such nice people. By the way, Nicole has an 8-year-old son on the spectrum.
    I truly don’t think we could have gotten through the last 4 years without MSNBC and CNN’s quality and truthful investigative reporting. I watch alot of TV because of our isolating health issues, even the channels that make me shake my head in disbelief. So I may be one of the few people who was not surprised by last week’s ‘carnage.’

  8. I’m intrigued – need to find Nicholle Wallace. I feel sure I’d enjoy her.
    My heart hurts so much at all the lives that have been lost – big sigh!!!

    1. Nicolle is gentle in her opinions. Though she does get outraged at times over the violence (who wouldn’t?) she doesn’t attack. I know both sides need to really take a good look at themselves in order to ever come closer together. If any of my views are biased, then I welcome discussion about it.

  9. OMIGOSH I now know we could be very good friends. I adore Nicole Wallace and most definitely her segment she does on Lives Well Lived. She also gives me hope that people can change as I know of her past and her bowing out of the Republican Party. Thank you for being you. I live a bit vicariously through you…oh how i would love to have a sweet garden apartment as you do. Take care and be well. I am glad I found Cozy Little House. It’s a refuge of calm to read your Blog.

    1. We can be very good friends here. Everyone can email me and many often do. I get both political sides letting me know how they feel. Usually they’re not the happy ones!

  10. Debby, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what your life is like. Know that you are being lifted up in prayer. May he rest in peace.

  11. First let me say to Debbie I am so very sorry for your loss, I will be praying for you this evening before I go to sleep.

    Brenda, I am always a fan and a friend. I’ve never come here no matter the topic and left angry, as I have said in previous comments, I find it refreshing to be able to have a “conversation” about politics, abuse, mental health, politics, children, gardens, books and whatever else you post.
    I am not familiar with this show as I do not watch tv but what a wonderful tribute to all who have lost their lives. At the end of the day all a family wants in these dark times is to know that their person will not be forgotten.
    Have a great night.

    1. We must never forget them. The victims of COVID-19. I listen to Nicolle online as I don’t have cable and can’t watch her on my TV. I could if I paid a lot more, but I can hear her just as well for free online. MSNBC live audio. Google if you want to find her.

  12. Debby, I am so sorry for your loss.

    Brenda, I like my morning catch with a far away friend, here in Australia your blog is my morning go to with a cuppa.
    Stay safe you three and I hope to be reading for a long time.

  13. I listen to Nicole Wallace’s program daily on Tune-In radio on my laptop. She knows the ins and outs of Washington, D.C. and has had incredible experience that has given her amazing insight into the political world and it seems she knows everybody, and has great sources. She tells it like it is, and she’s not afraid to ask the hard questions. I think MSNBC has provided a platform for female leads on programming more than other news/commentary providers on the networks, which I greatly appreciate. Rachel Maddow is another favorite. I also like Stephanie Ruhle.

  14. I think you are wonderful to stop everything and listen, really listen to Lives Well Lived. Isn’t that what we all want… to be seen, to be acknowledged, even if we have passed? That is being so respectful and I’m glad you do that. You are a good person.

  15. I have seen Nicolle’s program a few times but I can’t watch it anymore as I get too upset over the innocent victims.
    I too lost someone. My 41 year old step daughter died from it early on. They didn’t even know what it was at first. She left behind a 10 year old son.
    I get so mad when people downplay this horrid disease or worse, call it all a conspiracy theory.
    I don’t blame Trump for COVID. But I do blame him for making this political and for the lack of leadership he gave this issue. These deaths are partly because of him.

      1. Nicolle has written several books , novels set in Washington DC, I believe. I enjoyed them. You might check them out.

  16. First, to Debby, my heart goes out to you. I simply can’t imagine your loss and life for you as it is now. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Brenda I missed the day of nasty comments. I will have to look it up. I’m not one to be political and very quiet on that front. I do appreciate we cannot agree on all things. That makes our world go round. I do appreciate your blog so much and the kind words and thoughts you share with us. Love Charlie’s picture today. He looks so tiny.

    1. I can’t imagine losing a child. So tragic. I don’t feel they were really nasty comments. Just dissenting voices who didn’t appreciate what I said.

  17. I too have followed Nicole Wallace and Rachael as I like their style of reporting. This virus is really bizarre with how it affects everyone differently and I don’t want to draw the straw that has me struggling to breath. Lives matter. Words matter. Nicole has worked in Washington to know the ropes of decency and justice so I respect her reporting. I also have switched to CBS evening nightly news anchor, Norah O’Donnell, as she shows another style that gives you perspective and not opinions. I look forward to the new administration as he has such a delightful family and has known heartache so will be good to see his compassion for a lot of silent struggling people.

  18. I agree Brenda, this covid is bad everywhere. I think the difference for me is that we live on acreage, surrounded by fields of winter wheat and pastures full of cows. We are not town people in any form. We get our meat and dairy from a local farmer. We have a small local mom and pop store that we can get everything we need. The employees are also our neighbors and friends. Our police are our neighbors and friends. We don’t get home delivery for our mail we have a mail box at a tiny post office out here. We have one 4-way stop in our little town. I don’t think I could ever live where the mass of people is part of my everyday life. We moved here after my husband retired because of this country lifestyle and because the land was less expensive. We are a nation of states and each state is different, the one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply for we all live differently. I have disagreed with you many times but I also take into consideration that you live in an urban area with a lot more people sharing air. I welcome disagreement, I believe debate is informative and educates all of us. Keep on blogging!

  19. I, too, watch Nicolle every day and was delighted when they expanded her show to two hours. I have had tears in my eyes during her loving tributes to covid victims. So sensitively done!
    I most credit her for making me understand that despite supporting opposing political parties, George W Bush was a decent man, a patriot gentleman who never embarrassed me on the world stage. None of the presidents of my lifetime ever did – before now. Nicolle mentions Bush occasionally, always acknowledging that he wasn’t perfect and faced dissent. This emphasized his humility, his respect for others, and the way he put country before self. I’ve so missed, also, the playful, affectionate interaction between previous presidents and their wives and children. I’m glad that’s returning on January 20th as well!

    1. I used to think badly of George W. But now I see him as a compassionate man. That like everyone else, he made mistakes. Nicolle has brought me much insight!

  20. I think of Nicole as a friend too! I can hear the hard information from her. Also Rachel Maddox who is on MSNBC at 9 PM. She is a wonder! Both care so much for the information that they put forth and you can tell they are both so concerned about the people…..us.

    Go Twitter! Too Little . Too Late. But at least they did it so I’ll give them credit for that!

    1. Brenda, although I disagree with you politically and I have voiced this on your blog, you have kept my comments open and that tells me voices should be heard. I appreciate that.

      And Jan, censorship is not American and Twitter may be coming for you one day. You may not like what President Trump says or does but he should not be banned. Free speech forever! Just as books should not burned. And your voice should be heard. And I for one, even though I’d like to ban you, will forever fight for your right to say whatever you’d like, no matter how much I may hate it. Our country was built in free speech. Speech should remain free.

      So very sorry for your loss Debbie.

  21. I have not heard of this woman or the segment she does on TV, but as you know, I’m not much of a TV watcher. I would cry big fat ugly tears too, if I watched that segment.

    And yes, Brenda, I do consider you my friend.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    1. I don’t have cable so can’t watch it on TV. But I can watch it online and/or audio till it goes out. Which it sometimes does. Right in the middle of an important discussion!

  22. Hello Brenda,
    As always, your posts are insightful and profound.
    I feel the anxiety and grief overshadowing your lives and your beautiful country,from a combined attack by the Pandemic and the political upheavals, but I am sure that the American people are a resilient and intrinsically compassionate and level headed people, that will eventually overcome this times of darkness and confusion.
    Reason and civility will prevail, 80,000,000+ votes has proved it.
    We Who watch from afar, are hopeful for better times,and the USA will again be the beacon of democracy it’s always been.
    Stay safe and healthy, you and your gorgeous fur babies.

    Best regards and best wishes.
    Maritza Burgos
    Melbourne, Australia.

  23. Brenda, this is your blog and you have the right to state your feelings without being criticized. While i don’t agree with you politically, we all have the right to our own opinions without being criticized. I hope you wont let the critics stop you from blogging.

  24. Brenda I wait until 11:30ish Eastern time everyday to visit with you! It is good for all of us to connect everyday. There are a few blogs that I read everyday where the ladies haven’t put out anything in weeks or months. I did reach out to you months back about one of the ladies we both read. Shortly after that she posted but nothing in quite a few months. It bothers me to think what is going on. Blogs are made to cheer up, share, and connect all of us together. I try to grow with the information I am given or take it with a grain of salt and move on. Never any hard feelings. Everyone enjoy your day.

    1. I seem to remember that. But my memory isn’t what it used to be! I hate when I start following a blogger and then they hardly ever post!

  25. Brenda,
    I was a blogger in my own right back in 2008..
    It was around that time , I discovered you and Cozy Little house..
    I’ve felt a friendship/kinship with you throughout the years..
    We’ve shared life’s ups and downs, tears and fears and everything in between.
    Altho i do not always comment, CLH and two others are my daily MUST reads!
    I’m finishing my second cup of coffee.. and there we are chatting across the miles!
    Friendship is NOT being a clone, rather to me, it’s both sharing mutual admiration as well as differences..while being respectfully open to opinions.
    So dear friend, i am not the least bit angry with you!
    Here’s to a wonderful day today..see you tomorrow..same time, same place!

  26. I had to go back and find the post with the negative comments. Not sure how I missed it. I can’t believe the comments. But then I can. People have been so led astray. I think a lot of these people are so upset that they have betrayed by the person they worshipped that they will strike at anyone. Come on people watch those videos . They don’t lie. Those people doing all the extreme violence are saying they are supporters .
    I’m sorry Brenda, you did not deserve those comments. Delete those people.
    On the other note about the Covid victims. It’s really hard as a mom. My son was the youngest in our county to die. It still seems impossible.

    1. Debby, I’m so sad to learn of the death of your young son. Treat your self with gentleness and kindness. After my son died, although I functioned in what I had to do, that first year was a fog in many ways. You need not walk along, there are many who care for you & support you through your grief journey!

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