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  1. How did u buy that heater so cheap Brenda? When I looked yesterday it was $304.99. I need a heater that will keep two adjoining rooms warm bc I have a cold house. My other heater broke last yr.

  2. YES, I do enjoy reading of your life, Brenda…and of course, at times the funny things Ivy does!! As well as many other subjects you share here. Sounds like you are making progress. Here, Hubby seems to go back and forth a bit…but overall, in comparing to where he was 6 months ago, he is still somewhat better…we try to keep that thought in mind.

  3. You write well, and I enjoy stopping by your posts, whether you are sharing decorating, books and shows you have enjoyed, Ivy, or your recovery. I will be turning 65 next month and your writing certainly hits the mark of my life and the lives of friends and family. I feel like this time in my life is a time of reflection and to pare down to what is important.

  4. I think most of us are here to read about your day to day life. It’s like catching up on a daily phone call with a friend. The heater is sure to bring you cozy joy over the months ahead!

  5. Brenda, you have such a gift for writing. You make even everyday happenings sound so interesting. I enjoy hearing about your kitty, and your progress with your physical therapy. I think it is great that you are finding that walking sideways is something doable for you. Someone once said that when we need to make an adjustment we just need to make the adjustment that when we need to make an adjustment in our lives we just need to make the adjustments. I have lost most of my eyesight and I’m learning that I have to adjust so much in my life. I’m beginning to think I need to carry a wrench in my pocket so I can make all that needed adjustments!

  6. Brenda, we come here to your blog to see YOU. Your decorating is just a side bonus. I love your writing and I identified in so many ways. My body has been declining and it’s been difficult to accept. I can no longer really garden and that was a hard blow to accept. However, like you I read a great deal, care for my cats and feed a feral colony. We, your loyal readers, don’t mind if you go slow. Most of us are too so it’s very understandable. Please just keep sharing your thoughts, memories, ideas, recipes and occasionally a decorating idea. You keep writing and we’ll keep showing up. Be well dear friend.

  7. I agree 100% that simple is the best. What a good subject to write about and it is comforting to hear all the comments of others who simple works for them also.

  8. I haven’t commented in a long time, probably because this summer and keeping up with this acreage and my too big for me house has just used up all I have and I’ve zombied out. BUT, the weather is cooler, I’m getting so much done outdoors and I’m happy about that! This was a great post today and it makes me happy for you! I know how much you’ve driven yourself since I’ve known you and I’m thrilled to hear such contentment in your writing. I still ache to travel and never miss a chance but the best part of it is coming home. So funny, I have 3 vehicles and sometimes I don’t leave home for a week or more. I think we have this simple life thing down pat!! Being able to walk sideways has to be good for your legs, so you just keep sidesteppin girl. Hugs to you, my friend.

      1. Teri – I have wondered how you were doing so good you popped in with an update. Glad all is good for you.

        1. Thank you Kathy! I’m doing great and it only took 7 months to stop limping lol! Nice of you to think of me.

  9. That really was a deal on the Duraflame electric stove you bought. It has the same style and look of a real wood-burner that you would see in a cabin or rustic home. I don’t mind simple decor and minimal changes in my surroundings. I”m not one who changes her furniture every four years. My last sofa I had for at least 15 years and the one I left in my prior home for the newly wed couple who bought the place I’d had for over 20 years – both in pristine condition because how much wear does one woman do to her furniture? Not much! I do change simple things up around here seasonally – like switching out throw pillow covers and bringing in warmer color-coordinated throw blankets, swapping out “art” in the frames I’ve used for years, but I’ve found – like many did – that getting rid of a lot of things in my house gave me a feeling of being freer to breathe and relax – and a heck of a lot less to fuss about and keep clean. Less things to worry about always have them look “perfect.” I know lots of people did the same during the first and second years of the pandemic when we were pretty much house bound, and people kept busy doing home clean-outs and decluttering, improvements and projects. I’m still working on mine, LOL. My motto in retirement is “There’s always tomorrow” when it comes to doing things around the house. The world won’t end if my house isn’t “perfect,” as if it ever could be!

  10. Reading your blog is a bright spot in my day and I look forward to reading it. I feel like I’m catching up with a friend when you share your days with us. Your post today leads me to think that you’re trying to set realistic expectations which is something I’m working on doing myself. As time marches on I’m finding it hard to accept that I can’t do everything I used to do and it’s frustrating. When you share your stories I don’t feel so alone. So, Thank You for sharing your days with us.

    1. You’re certainly not alone! A good day for me is walking just a little bit more. What is wonderful so far, even without hardly walking, is that the pain from those torn tendons doesn’t scream in pain 24/7 any longer. Now when I walk, that may be a slightly different story.

  11. I, too, want to live a simpler life than what I used to. Don’t need all that “stuff” anymore. And now am faced with trying to get rid of those things I bought when I thought I did need a lot of “stuff”. Love the picture of Ivy. Now there’s the queen of the castle. What company pets are for us.

    1. That’s what Steve says, that Ivy is a queen on her throne when she’s sleeping in this wicker chair I have in the living room.

  12. Brenda, this was one of your best posts ever. Very calming and such a good start to this new week when we feel relaxed and serene. It grounds us so you keep writing peaceful posts like this that seems many of us relate to. I have the same duraflame fireplace and it’s been nice for heat and to take the feeling of dampness away. I look forward to using it every fall as it’s now about 5 yrs old.

    1. The fireplace lasted about 3 years. Maybe moving it here did something to it. I’m hoping this one will be much longer.

  13. What a wise and encouraging post, Brenda! The duraflame heater is lovely. Looking forward to seeing in set up. I really do enjoy your posts and this one was like a cozy visit.

  14. Brenda, all your readers just love hearing from you everyday. It doesn’t matter what you write about. We want to hear what is on your heart. I think most of your readers are like me, just simple folk who live a quiet life and are content just staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet!

  15. I enjoy everything you write, Brenda. First of all, you are a very talented writer. But secondly, I think we all crave a simpler life, and your blog is peaceful and inspiring. I don’t comment often, but read each post. Whatever you have to say, I enjoy.

  16. This was a lovely post. Your sincerity is so welcome. I agree with others, I’m not
    interested in the newest fandangled kitchen stove or living room set, but just plain old down to earth practical things we can all use. Your new fireplace will be a welcome addition.

    Interesting about walking sideways but I so get it about taking the weight off of the ankle. I think your walking will
    improve in due time but for now you are dealing with it in a safe manner.

    I was thinking of you this morning and hoping you could get a ride soon to see the fall leaves changing. Big hugs to you missy🧡

  17. I think most of us just enjoy hearing from you every day. It doesn’t have to be anything big. We like the simple day to day things. A simple thought on your mind or just a hello, I’m still here. No need to exhaust yourself, trying to think of things to do for us or to talk about. Just a penny for your thoughts kind of post is all we need. It doesn’t sound like any of us are jet setters. Maybe in our younger years perhaps, but now we enjoy much simpler things. Less is more attitudes. I just know I look forward to hearing from you. I loved your post today. Your fireplace looks so cozy. I like that it’s visible from 3 sides. Where did you decide to put it? I’m glad you mentioned about using the proper extension cords. Nobody needs or wants a house fire! Steve is such a great friend! And speaking of friends, how are all your other lovely neighbors doing?

    1. PS- I got a little giggle out of picturing you walking sideways like a crab. Hey, whatever works, right?!!

    2. I had Greg, my physical therapist, take the fireplace screen out to my storage on the other side of the patio. And we put the stove in front of the fireplace. Steve did that next door and I thought it looked great. So I did the same thing. I’m not in any kind of shape to deal with a fireplace.

  18. Walking sideways to the dumpster while singing loudly, people might think you are dancing a jug. (kidding) but who knows…that could work (grin)
    I love your new fireplace. Besides adding heat, it is a nice addition to your room, adding another feeling of cozy.
    Keep doing what you’ve been doing with your blog, as everybody here has already written, we “love” you just the way you are. Posting your photos of Ivy and anything you may think of, is always a joy. Nothing to say? Just say Hi, and we’ll know you’re doing ok. Sending Hugs your way. Have a beautiful day.

  19. Even a simple visit from a friend is good. Many of us are living much simpler lives and we always look forward to your posts…aka visits. I am 86 and dealing with a broken ankle so things are much simpler at our home. As I slowly get decorations out for each season I am making decisions about whether to keep or pass on to someone else. Love your new stove! Keep visiting Brenda, we look forward to each visit.

    1. Oh no Roberta! Lots of hugs and prayers that your broken ankle heals fast!

  20. I always look forward to your blog each day Brenda. I am amazed that you always find interesting things to tell us. I have had to be content over the last 2 years with staying inside more (because of Covid) and now I have got used to it. I read more, cook more, always looking for interesting recipes, and while I cook or bake, I listen to podcasts.

    1. I have become accustomed to staying in and am not bothered by it. I need to start listening to podcasts. Another new thing to try! Thanks for mentioning it. Which ones do you like?

  21. Brenda, I, too, live a very quiet and simple life and I love it. I do everything I can to avoid stress and drama – it’s so tiresome.
    You know I enjoy a variety of hobbies, so I keep myself very busy.
    I enjoyed your post today so much – thank you for sharing your life with us.
    Whatever fills your heart with bliss is all that matters. Enjoy your Sunday (or just another day that ends in Y) LOL

    1. I think I have nothing to say. Then I tell myself, just write what’s going on even though it’s not much.

  22. This is my favorite post of yours. You are giving yourself the wonderful gift of peace and acceptance that, wherever you are today, contentment and joy can be abundant in even the most simple things. Nurture your soul and your body will feel nurtured as well:) I believe this “attitude” of peace and acceptance will help your body heal faster over time and you will feel happier while doing it (win-win). As humans we always have choices, and “choosing” to find the peace and joy during a long and sometimes uncertain recovery takes inner strength and courage and faith:) Bravo to you:)!

    1. “Contentment and joy can be abundant in even the most simple things.”
      You just gave me another quote to add to my quotes book.

  23. Could not agree more with the previous posters.
    I also have a very simple life,just the kitties and me in a small apartment and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!!
    Keep doing you,we love ya😻

    1. When I was young I thought I needed this and needed that to be happy. Come to finally find out, I don’t want those things at all!

  24. Brenda, I enjoy just reading the most simple narratives of your days. Please just keep doing what you’re doing.
    Enjoy your new little fireplace when it is all set up. Do be careful setting it up – I hope you have some help with that. Be cozy.

      1. It’s great to have a strong male friend around who can help you and/or do things like that for you. My young neighbors next store are very helpful, as is the husband of a friend I worked with for my last 12 years of work before I retired. I think Steve may enjoy lending a helping hand when needed. There is joy in doing and helping others.

  25. I agree with the two previous comments. I’d prefer to hear about your day-to-day life, instead of a lifestyle that I cannot relate to, afford, or understand. Others can choose to live how they want, but those lifestyles don’t interest me. I always look forward to reading your posts!

  26. To me, you’re living the perfect life. No one to answer to, except yourself. You find enjoyment in the fun, little things. Nothing is better than sitting and reading the afternoon away. People are so busy trying to cram everything in to be busy 23 hours aa day, they don’t enjoy anything. Have a good day, no matter what you choose to do today. I admire you and everything you do.

    1. I don’t quite understand people so enmeshed with their phones and social media. I stopped looking at FB and Twitter so I wouldn’t feel so sad about cats and dogs needing help (or so they say anyway) and then me feeling the need to send money. Animals are my weakness. One of you said: Just stop going to those sites, so that’s what I did.

  27. I’m glad Steve is there for u! It’s going to take some time but you’ll be walking again and doing everything else Brenda bc u have determination and willpower!

    1. Walking sideways is at least progress. Greg yesterday said: “Maybe you’ll just have to walk sideways.” I have this vision in my head of walking sideways to the dumpster with a sack of trash and people wondering what on earth is going on!

  28. Of course your DITL posts are wonderful! I was wondering if Steve still came over everyday. Your progress is slow, but improving which is the important thing. We want to hear about the small room changes and the small decorating changes. So keep on keeping on!

    1. We haven’t been eating food from restaurants much lately. Now that I can at least park my scooter and walk sideways in the kitchen (that’s about the extent of how long I can walk sideways) to make meals, I’m happy with that.

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