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  1. I love it and yes, could live there as well. As I age I want less and less and not have to deal with a lot of house cleaning!

  2. I think this type of living arrangement is perfect for the very young and also for the retired. Adventures are right around the corner for both of these factions in society. As a retiree I would love this. I’m not much interested any longer in acquiring “stuff”. I want to live simply and enjoy more experiences. Love their house on wheels!

    1. I loved this post, they did a wonderful job of arranging this little home on wheels. And yes, I could easily see myself living in that bus, and next to a lake would be a dream come true. I also want the dog to come with it LOL!

  3. Hey Brenda,
    I love this! I bought a small camper a few years ago as a safety net if I ever lost my home. Lots of people live in non-traditional homes and more power to them. This home on wheels is gorgeous and yes, I could easily live like this myself. Home ownership is overrated with constant repairs or maintenance. I’m in love with Starbuck though – what a beautiful dog!

  4. What a fun place-they have done a great job making it work for them. We have friends that are traveling musicians and they have lived in a bus (with two kids) for about 8 or 9 years now. They have loved the adventure of it. You really do have to pare down to live light like that though.
    Fun post, Brenda! xo Diana

  5. They did a great job transforming the bus! I do not think we could live like this – with five of us and two big dogs. 🙂 To me, having a home-base and roots – – especially as you raise children, is important. But I can also see how people would feel care-free and get to do lots of exploring in a set-up like this. Fun post! Thanks Brenda.

  6. I love looking at the tiny homes. I spent 5 years (when I was first married) in a trailer of 350 square feet. What I liked the best was I didn’t spend much time cleaning, so I could do things that I enjoyed more. It’s easier when you are young though–I’m not sure I could ever get comfortable on their couch. I have a tiny “pantry” now and got those roll-out shelves online. I recommend them. As I’ve gotten older, I just want to simplify and pare-down. I like what they did with their bus. And I like the hints you give for storage in small spaces too.

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