This is a two bedroom Logan Square apartment in Chicago.

 The couple have lived here for two years.

One of the big pluses are these gorgeous wood floors.
I love a ladder used as decor.
They have been frustrated because the landlord has not allowed them to make the improvements they’d like to make. Which happens a lot when you rent.
One of the rooms they’d most like to update is the kitchen.
Their home has a somewhat boho vibe.
Could you see yourself living in this apartment?

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  1. The page looks great to me, it is all arranged nicely. but I do have an ad blocker. I like this home, and it seems to be a very nice rental house and they have decorated it nicely.

  2. Is anyone else having a hard time reading Brenda's post today? The header and the hp ad is taking up most of the page, and I really can't see much else!

    1. Ladies, I can't see this ad. The ad network said if I could get a screenshot, they'd look into where it's coming from. Not everyone sees the same ad. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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