Looking Toward Tax Time

It’s not yet Christmas, but I’m already looking toward tax time, as I do every year about this time.

I worry and fret about what it might cost me, as I pay once a year and it’s one chunk instead of doing it quarterly.

I believe I pay a $40 penalty for paying it once a year, but it’s just easier for me.

Charlie’s Coughing:

It is nice and sunny out today. But I had to scrape the windshield before I could take Charlie to acupuncture.

He was coughing pretty bad this morning. But he hasn’t coughed much at all this past week. I have only had to give him the hydrocodone cough medicine a couple of times since he last went to get acupuncture.

Because of Christmas, the clinic is taking off all next week. So Charlie won’t have another appointment until the 30th.

I’ve got to order some gloves. I have seldom ever worn gloves. Every year I tell myself I will order a pair and then never do. I think I will get online after I pick him up and do just that.

A Week Until Christmas:

My hands were so cold this morning when I was scraping the ice off the windshield and windows. But I only have cause to wear gloves a few times a year, so I forget about it.

I had a pair of gloves in Texas, though I never needed them. But somehow once I got to Oklahoma there was only one glove in the pocket of my coat.

Just a week until Christmas. I shall try my best to stay out of the stores until after the new year.

Then my focus will be on my taxes in January. I book an appointment with my accountant as soon as I have my documentation.

Last year I was just paying taxes from my ads on this blog. This year will also be additional Social Security taxes.

Looking Forward To Planting Time:

Next up will be looking forward to planting in spring, which usually for me is the middle of April.

I haven’t quite decided what I’m doing this year. But I know I’m planting more zinnias because they did well and lasted quite a while.

Other than that there will be herbs, as I always have herbs.

My rosemary is still doing well outside the French doors. Maybe it will make it till spring.


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  1. I have also just used alcohol in a spray bottle on the ice on the windshield. It works.

  2. Until you get some gloves, pull some socks over your hands to at least have some protection outdoors. Or oven mitts! Take care out there.

  3. And I could have used that de-icer down here in Albany, GA last week and this morning too! I am getting me some this weekend! I do have gloves, lol as we do get little flurries here and down in the teens & 20s alot in Jan all the way till about mid March and then there is usually one last cold freeze hurrah and then we jump UP with the heat…

    1. Albany, GA?!!!! That’s where so much of the footage in Sherwood Pictures’ films is shot, right? We REALLY like what the Kendrick Brothers do–Fireproof, Flywheel, Remember the Titans. War Room, etc.

  4. I’m in Alaska and never heard of this. I’m going to go and get some too!! Brenda can you please tell us where you got that cute wood carved tree with the white carvings on the inside?

  5. They sell a de-icer that’s also a mitt to keep your hand warm, Brenda. With your arthritis you shouldn’t be letting your hands get that cold anyway, so perhaps it’s time to pick up those gloves after all!

  6. Brenda, I have several pairs of microfiber gloves I got at the Dollar Tree. They are the warmest little gloves I have ever had on my hands. I have Raynaud’s syndrome, so my hands really suffer in the cold weather. Those microfiber gloves have been a God send. I love the way you embrace every season of the year while looking forward to the next. Sandra

  7. Brenda, go to an auto parts store and look for Prestone windshield deicer. It comes in a squirt bottle and you simply spray it on your windshield after brushing the snow off, and it instantly melts it. I only paid $3.00 a bottle here in Reno, it is quite inexpensive. It is a life saver for me. After spraying it on the windshield I simply turn on my windshield wipers to clear the windshield. Of course I have already started my car and turned on my heater to help from the inside.

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