Lunch & A Stroll In The Park

Yesterday I looked up restaurants in the vicinity of Woodward Park, where I love to take photos in the spring and the fall.

I found a little place in that neighborhood of nested restaurants online that sounded good. Cherry Street Kitchen. It had good ratings, and I put a lot of store in ratings other people have taken the time to leave.

So I went there for lunch. I took this photo as I was leaving from my car window.

Seemed there specialty was chicken salad, so I ordered a chicken salad sandwich. They made their own chips, which were extremely tasty.

It was a small space, so I took a seat at the counter at the window facing the street.

After that I drove to Woodward Park. The leaves hadn’t changed colors much there yet, so I strolled over to the gardens.

There was a small school group in front of me. I’d pause to take a photo and then be in their way, and vice versa. Then one of the volunteers started talking to me.

My ankle was feeling weak and getting painful and I didn’t want to stand there long. I was itching to take pictures.

This wasn’t one of my best excursions there and I only got about half the photos I usually take. But the sun and the light wasn’t giving me the best shots. And like I said, my ankle was starting to talk to me.

I typically then go to Swan Lake, but I skipped that and went home. Good thing. Charlie had been sick on the living room floor.

This isn’t that unusual. I should have given him a Composure pill. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. He just doesn’t like to be left. And it wasn’t one of those outings I could take him on.

I took about 120 photos instead of my usual 200 plus, which is usually my take for the day at that park. But still I enjoyed myself. Being out among so many plants and trees and watching the koi swimming in the connecting ponds was relaxing.

I am most at peace with my camera in my hand strolling through nature.

I figured since it was a cool day I wouldn’t encounter many people, but it was actually the opposite. Perhaps other people had the same idea I did. Plus I don’t usually run into school groups.

Still, I got to wander the grounds and take over 100 photos and so I left a happy camper. I’ll have to go again when the leaves have changed colors a bit more.

Plus I tried a new restaurant and had an excellent chicken salad sandwich complete with homemade chips which were divine. I plan to eat there again sometime.


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  1. Glad you had a pleasant excursion, Brenda. The photos are lovely. Sorry Charlie didn’t do well with your absence. Have you tho’t of getting a doggy backpack–or frontpact–and taking him with you when you go to the park? Would he tolerate it, do you think? At least he’d be with you instead of home alone. Just an idea. Of course he wouldn’t be allowed to go into a restaurant with you. Of course it might not be as relaxing an outing for you with him along. Anyway, I’m glad you gave yourself the permission to go and that it was enjoyable.

  2. BRENDA ,
    The first lil terrier I had was very unhappy to be left at home .Both my husband and I worked nights then .I talked to our vet about her getting sick alot and she began peeing in the middle of our bed .He said to leave a radio playing in the house on a classical station .Believe it or not it worked .
    Also I purchased a small baby stroller and when I went to take walks and other places I would put her in it and take her with me it worked great you might try that.
    It is sad when they are so miserable and also we feel rushed to get back .
    Love your photos the lavender flowers are beautiful !

  3. Our leaves are starting to change now. I am going to try and get out tomorrow to see if I can find some pretty trees. The ones I saw today were on city streets where I couldn’t stop, Love that fireplace and the restaurant sounds like fun. xo Laura

  4. Sounds like a perfect Fall Day.. Photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Homemade chicken salad is yummi and looks like a cute place, too. :0) I hope Charlie is feeling better today. :0(

  5. Good for you Brenda. I always feel so much better when I get home after going for a walk. We all deserve it to treat ourselves to some simple pleasures. Like going out for a meal and a walk.

  6. What a beautiful outdoor fireplace; the colors are nice and crisp in your photos. Wonderful pictures and I hope that you will share more.

    Hope Charlie was better once you were back at home.

    Your lunch sounds lovely. Chicken salad does sound good for my lunch today; guess I’ll venture out to Chicken Salad Chick and have some chicken salad and chips.

    Take care and have a great day.

    1. We just got that restaurant here in the past year. It’s real close to where my daughter works. I haven’t been there, but have been wanting to try it.

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