Lunch With Daughters & Granddaughter

I’m in a bit of a rush today. I finally was able to drop Charlie off for an acupuncture appointment. They’ve been out for the holidays.

The last few days he’s been coughing a lot again, so I thought I’d better get him in before the weekend.

I’m on the second season of Vera and really enjoying it.

I think the character Vera might have a touch of Asperger’s due to the way she is so abrupt, says whatever she’s thinking, and doesn’t socialize when she’s not working. (She always seems to be working!)

I got some muscle relaxers for my back from my doctor. Just picked them up.

That muscle relaxer gizmo I ordered from Amazon kept getting delayed. So I ordered another one and canceled it. Still it won’t be here until next week!

The really great news is I’m having lunch with daughters and granddaughter in a bit, and then granddaughter Marley is coming home with me.

Her mother (oldest daughter) tells me that Marley decided she wants to be a blogger! And Grammy is happy to help her.

Apparently she got hold of my blog and the blog bug bit her. That child is very much her Grammy’s girl!


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  1. I would also like to know what you do to your plants to keep them looking so healthy ! Enjoy your day with your Granddaughter !

  2. I so hope today was everything you and your granddaughter could have hoped for!! And that many more such days will follow…you certainly deserve them!!

  3. Your plants are so healthy! What do yo do to them. How do they survive with low light. My house is like a dungeon as I have a lot of trees.

  4. Huh. 2 days ago you said Charlie hasn’t been coughing at all. Now all of a sudden he’s coughing the last few days.

    1. Are you serious? Who doesn’t lose track of time and not remember if something was a “few” or a “couple” of days ago? How petty.

  5. Glad to hear that you had a good time with your daughters and that you are now spending quality time with Marley. I hope it’s beneficial to both of you!

  6. So happy for you Brenda that you see both of your daughters and that your granddaughter wants to learn how to blog.

  7. It is wonderful that when Marley expressed an interest in blogging, her mother listened and took her seriously. And it is wonderful that they approached you to help and you took the request seriously and agreed to participate. Whether Marley decides to be a blogger or not isn’t the only important thing at this moment — the fact that two adults in her life are listening and taking her seriously when she expresses an interest is so important too. I am very happy for all three of you and hope your bonds are strengthened as you all work together on Marley’s new interest.

  8. So happy you are going to get to spend time with you granddaughter! It’s so special that she wants to blog like her grammy. Our grandchildren are such gifts and we can be gifts to them, too. I know that my grandparents were enormously important in my life as a child and young person. You will be making memories with Marley that will be precious to her.

    Hope Charlie’s acupuncture relieves his coughing.

    Have a fun lunch with “the girls”.

  9. You might also like the British series of Rosemary and Thyme. Rosemary and Thyme are gardeners who transform gardens for people professionally and they usually run into mysteries to solve along the way. On Britbox. Very good. Scott and Bailey are also good. I think they are on Britbox or Acorn. and you might like Good Karma Hospital on Acorn. British tv has a ton of good mysteries.

  10. As a blogger who never would have been able to blog except for your help, I know that Marley is in the best hands. I shouldn’t even say “your help” because the truth is that you did it all for me, I was that dumb about the whole thing.

    Have fun with the daughters and Marley!

  11. Oh I am thrilled for you. I remember when she used to come to your house when you first moved there and how much fun you had. She will love this apt. Before you know it she will
    be off and running. Hope the treatments helped Charlie. My little Ziggy’s back leg is bothering him again. Hard to see them sick Enjoy your day and can’t wait to hear about it tomorrow.

  12. Brenda, I wonder, have You ever watched “Hetty Wainthropp Investigates?” I just happened upon it on Britbox – There are 4 Seasons with Britbox subscription (I don’t know where else it may be, we don’t do Netflix here.) It is very similar to “Vera” and the first episodes tell how she finds a career meant just for her. Patricia Routledge plays Hetty. I think You and others might enjoy it. Season 1 came about in 1996 and I saw where “Vera” first broadcast in May 2011. Good lunch with Granddaughter. I, myself, took my first baby steps learning to operate a computer in a library in Virginia, years ago, and I sought the knowledge of one of the youngest people in the room to help me – I figured he would give me simple instructions that I could follow without flaunting his computer “savvy” – He explained simple and easy and I was off!!! 🙂 b

      1. That is the funniest show!!! I like it so very much – It’s almost like she’s so funny she can’t help herself!! One episode I saw, her and her hubby were riding in a canoe (I think) or dingy and as the scene moves along it just gets funnier and funnier – I also get a kick out of “Faulty Towers.”. Such funny predicaments Basil gets into.. lol 🙂 b

  13. What fun it will be to help your granddaughter establish and start up a blog of her own. I hope Charlie’s cough goes away. He seemed to be doing better over the holidays, and you seemed to be getting a bit more sleep. Poor little Charlie and poor mommy, but sacrifice is what we do for our babies. Fingers crossed the acupuncture will quiet down his symptoms until his next appointment.

  14. I am so happy for you to be spending time with your granddaughter. Those times are so special.

  15. That’s wonderful. Time spent learning with our kids only helps us understand both worlds.
    Is she also a big reader like you? I remember one of your daughters loves to read too. Nice to have pastimes that give us creativity in our day,

    1. Yes, she’s a big reader. I was going to take her to the bookstore, but she wanted to come home with me and see about starting a blog.

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