Lunch With My Daughter

It’s bright with sunshine today. We had a few days of heavy rain and now the sun can make the plants happy after they soaked up all that rainfall.

Seems I feel more tired lately. Maybe it’s just an age thing. I think it’s partly due to trying to keep up with all Charlie’s meds and appointments. Trying to make sure I always have a syringe loaded to give him liquid hydrocodone syrup by mouth when he’s coughing so.

It’s not that I have a lot of other responsibilities. My girls will be 41 and 45 in November, so they’re long grown up. Never had a problem really with either of them, so they gave me few gray hairs.

I’m so glad I had children before all the cell phones and internet. I pity the parents now trying to deal with all that and the kids being silly and sexting one another.

Other than Charlie’s needs all I have today really is getting a few groceries before the weekend. And I’m meeting my youngest daughter for lunch.

The oldest daughter can’t make it this time because she has a contractor showing up at her latest flip house and then a funeral she must attend.

I’ve had my mind on making another boho craft. I’m having such fun with that. I thought I was about done with crafts till I fell into the “boho hole” again. I think I might like to make something with brightly colored beads. Perhaps wind chimes or something.

Charlie is sitting next to me in my chair. With the both of us, we fill it up and he’s snug as a bug in a rug.

I don’t know at the moment where Ivy is, so she might be into mischief. I know she isn’t sleeping because during the day she sleeps behind my chair on a pet bed.

Maybe she’s off chasing shadows. She loves to do that. She can be occupied for the longest time gazing at shadows as they move along the wall.

Well I just had to let Charlie outside and I went out with him and discovered where Ivy is.

This is my bedroom window.

She’s probably watching birds.

It’s been a bit hotter the last few days. I’ll be glad to meander on into October I think.

I can handle colder weather better than hot weather, though cold weather won’t be here for months still unless it creeps up and surprises us.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m just staying home and enjoying my peace and quiet with the pet babies.


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  1. Hi Brenda,

    I’m just catching up with your goings on and have to ask where did you find that pretty metal stand with the tub on top and shelf on the bottom? I love it!

  2. That is nice..Lunch with your daughter to celebrate the weekend upcoming. I love the 1st silver looking two tier planter and plant in your photos. So Ivy is quite a the photo. She really has a life of adventure in your cozy little house. 🙂 .. … wow..that is cool your daughter flips homes…that may be an interesting write up you could give us one day..if your daughter would be ok with it…I love watching those HGTV flips. Take care.

  3. Love your bright, cheerful decor. Like the others who noticed the tub planter, it too caught my eye. I will be on the lookout for something like it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Brenda, have you tho’t about doing a small piece of macrame for another boho project? That could be considered boho, couldn’t it? I’ve been thinking about doing one lately. It’s been years since I did macrame but I did enjoy doing it way back when.

    Hope your lunch with your daughter was pleasant. My younger daughter who lives with me and her twin boys are gone for the weekend and it is blessedly quiet here in my house and I love it. So peaceful and relaxing. I love them all dearly but I love being alone, too. My friend, Nancy and I had dinner out this evening and now I am home alone thinking about going to bed and reading. Heaven!

    I hope your weekend is relaxed and peaceful. Pats for the fourleggeds and a hug for you.

  5. Crafting is funny isn’t it? You think you’re over it and then you find something that sparks your interest and you’re back in again!! Enjoy it!

  6. Enjoy your peaceful weekend with Ivy and Charlie,she is just cute as a button.
    We’re getting chilly nights here,the leaves are really showing their it.
    I too am no hot weather love,I’m of Scottish decent and was a red haired,freckled kid,it’s always affected me poorly.
    I found my boho love,afghans,I find them at rummage sales and thrift shops and just love to toss them around the furniture and nothing needs to be matchy-matchy.
    Thank you for the inspiration,my friend!

  7. you should try taking care of a handicapped child. In her 40s older than your daughters. Changing diapers at our age!!!! And she doesn’t like doing things, thinks you should do it all for her. She is called Noncompliant.

  8. Brenda, Enjoy your lunch, I am like you, usually settled in on the weekends with Kaia. I am a homebody who is glad to do my running and shopping during the late weekday mornings. Kaia is fully recovered from her torn ACL last June. Just in time for squirrel chasing season! We can’t even say the word without her being on high alert. Glad to read about your daily adventures with Charlie and Ivy. I find since I retired 3 years ago that I need to slow down and rest in between chores. And why shouldn’ we? We are so dry here in Southern MD. Glad your flowers got a drink. Have a good weekend.

  9. Ivy looks adorable lounging by that window.
    We have been having great sunny weather lately, down in Miami; thank goodness, after so many rainy summer months.
    Crafting brings me so much enjoyment too!
    I love your pictures of your decor, as well.
    Where did you get that galvanized table/tub/container by the dresser? Love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend with Charlie and Ivy!

    1. Tuesday Morning. I find a lot of treasures in there. The trick is to go every week or so because things change up there fairly quickly.

  10. Isn’t that nice that you don’t have to buy a frame for Ivy’s photo. She already framed herself and is ready to go!!!

  11. I hope that you have a wonderful lunch today with your daughter Brenda. IT is exhausting making sure our pets are taken care of. When Munchen was alive she had to have one of her medications exactly on time and one of the doses was at 2 am, so we had to set the alarm every night. I would do it all over again if I could have her back.
    Charlie and Ivy are so loved and no matter what happens just remember that. You are doing and have done the best that you can. Enjoy them both as long as you have them.

    The weather here is so, so hot, 15 degrees above normal! I like summer but I am really tired of having the air on. I want to open my windows.

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy your lunch and your babies.

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