Best Ways To Make Small Spaces Live Larger

I love finding small space homes and rooms that live large. I live in a small space home now. It is a 725 square foot apartment with a large fenced patio. That patio is an extended living space and I take full advantage of it!
Below are rooms I’ve located for inspiration to show you.
The ubiquitous large mirror is always important in a small space home. It always makes a space look larger.
Let in the light. If you have windows that let in a lot of light, it makes the space look larger.
If you live in an apartment above the first floor, you might not even use window treatments. If you live in the city, you might have a beautiful night scene with illuminated buildings you could see from your apartment.
Less is more. If in doubt, eliminate. I suggest you add one piece of furniture at a time. Add what you think you want in that room. Then edit.
Use furniture with legs. It opens up the space visually.
Accessorize to make your home look cozy and lived in, but not cluttered. 




  1. I have been preparing to live small(er) once we sell the 'big house' we are in. I think I can do it now- 10 years ago I don't think I could have-but, today I have the mindset to live big in a smaller space. Great post, Brenda. xo Diana

  2. Beautiful inspiration for living smaller. Of course I love using mirrors to enlarge a space visually. My adult children tell me that living small is trending among young people today. Mmmm…I need to do a lot more paring back to do this well.
    Thank you for your very lovely visit, Brenda.
    Mary Alice

  3. note to Jennifer – that lg. mirror can be purchased at
    It comes in three parts or if you purchase a smaller one, it is one piece.

  4. My daughter recently share the "furniture with legs" tip, but I can't afford a new sofa/chair right now. I'm looking at my slipcovers to see how they will look with the legs of the sofa exposed.

  5. While large mirrors are ubiquitous, the one you feature in an antique window frame is so much more interesting because of its architectural features. It adds structure to a fairly bland space. The arch between the rectangular doorways gives the room an architecture that is lacking without it, besides expanding the space with the mirrored frames. I just love what they did there!

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