I just love when books come in the mail! It’s like Christmas because I love books and reading so much.

In my opinion, there’s no better gifts than books to read.

Finished Reading:

Last night I finished reading “Little Secrets.” But oh my, they turned out to be big secrets.

All it takes to unravel a life is one little secret…

Marin had a perfect life. Married to her college sweetheart, she owns a chain of upscale hair salons, and Derek runs his own company. They’re admired in their community and are a loving family―until their world falls apart the day their son Sebastian is taken.

Token Photos Of The Pet Babies:

Charlie laying on the couch
Ivy sleeping on the couch

Book Of The Month Selections Arrived:

I received my second shipment from the Book Of The Month club yesterday. I’d ordered two books because I had points to use.

As you can see I ordered “Too Good To Be True” by Carola Lovering and “Pretty Little Wife” by Darby Kane.

Too Good To Be True Summary:

Skye Starling, who has battled with OCD since her mother’s death, is getting married.

Then an old boyfriend, Burke, comes back into the picture. But she finds he isn’t who he claims to be.

A third perspective, set thirty years earlier, brings 17-year-old Heather into the setting. And she had a relationship with Burke all those years ago.

As Skye plans her wedding, Burke’s scheme grows more twisted. And the story, according to the summary, takes the reader in a different direction because there’s more than one way to spin the truth.

Pretty Little Wife book by Darby Kane

Pretty Little Wife Summary:

Lila lives in a beautiful and idyllic college town. A student vanished a few months ago. And now Lila’s husband, Aaron, is also missing.

At first it looks like these cases are just coincidences until it’s discovered that another student vanished a few years ago. And that makes three disappearances. So the police start looking for a connection.

The small town is worried about their beloved high school teacher.

Everyone except his wife Lila. She’s confused about her missing husband because she was the last person to see his body. And now it’s gone.

I just love a good thriller to delve into.

How about you? What kind of books do you prefer?

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  1. You have reviewed some good books lately. I am keeping them for reference when I go to our local library which will be soon now that I have had both my vaccines and past the two week time. I am feeling so optimistic about life this summer now after listening to the presidents calm speech to America last night. I actually went out today to a restaurant here in NY for the first time since last fall. The owner said his business is just as good as before covid so he didn’t lose any customers and is thinking of keeping hours cut shorter in the future since he likes not working as many himself. When there’s a will, there’s a way as my grandma use to say.

  2. I’ve had squirrels and chipmunks dig in my flower pots and my planters. It got to the point where it was happening daily and they’d leave a mess with muddy little footprints and dirt they’d dug out scattered everywhere. I solved the problem by putting down a piece of weed preventer fabric cut to size around the plants and then covering it with larger size marble stones. They dig everywhere in the yard, it’s noticeable right now with the lawns dormant and frozen, but in the summer I see it as a form of easy and free “aeration.” LOL.

  3. Of late I can’t settle down and read. It’s strange for me because I’ve always been an avid reader but this for sure is one of the strangest years of my life. Pandemics have a way of making things feel strange. I think spring may have come early here in South Carolina since we’ve been enjoying several days in the seventies. March is always unpredictable though. I’ve ordered some seeds and I’m beginning to look at my planters. I’ve had my secretary nd ahoy now so I’m hoping I’ll be able to move about a little more freely in two weeks or so. I did not have any reaction to it so I was thankful for that. We’ve had to take our bird feeders down since salmonella was spreading through the birds and it was spreading through the bird population at feeders. I miss my birds because everyday I would sit and be entertained by them. In two weeks or so we should be able to put them back up. They’ve entertained me so much during this pandemic and I do miss them. My three cats continue to amuse me and I feed a small neutered colony each night. Hopefully we’ll reach herd immunity by this summer. I’m praying most people will accept the vaccine and help us to achieve this. I’ve been so proud of President Biden’s leadership and his willingness to share this vaccine with the world once America has it under control. It’s like the America I once knew as a child is back and I’m 70. Be careful & stay well.

  4. Do you have squirrels near the patio? The hole that is dug seems to be the same as when the squirrels dig around here to retrieve their nuts they have hidden for cold weather. I am terrified of snakes and generally don’t like reptiles to begin with. Both of those books seem very intriguing! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for your dining area.

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