1. I have done the breakfast meal prep with overnight oats/seeds/grains in various iterations. I’ve also done a refrigerator “salad bar” with individual containers for the assorted ingredients that I could put together quickly. Both worked well when I did them but I don’t do it consistently. :/ Planning ahead is the key. I tend to over plan, which can lead to food waste, so I’ve learned to scale back on my ambitions. Frozen fruits and veggies have been a big help with that, but of course sometimes only fresh will do.

  2. As Meals on Wheels is a non profit, just give them a donation and then you might feel like you paid for your meals. I did that several years ago when I was immobile for 3 months and called it even. I knew my meals didn’t cost them $100 a month, so I was making a donation, which made me happy. Mine works through our United Way and I just sent them the check with a notation that it was for Meals on Wheels.
    Just an idea.

  3. Does the store where you order your groceries have any meals prepared and ready to go? Not frozen, but just heat and eat? I know my sister has gotten some really good one’s at Kroger which have been delivered but I’m not sure if other places do that. Right now I’m near Publix and they offer meals ready to go and in the summer I’m near Wegmans and they have a similar thing. They seem to be pretty balanced, a protein, starch, and veggie. Maybe a different option?

  4. Hmmm… well not exactly a ringing endorsement. I doubt I’ll try any of those companies.

  5. THANK YOU, Brenda…what a lot to digest here!! (No pun intended). There are days I have a very hard time managing the simplest of meals. Lots of great ideas it appears. While I agree that glass containers are better, as we age, they simply get too heavy to hoist up…or let down safely. Thank you for that idea too… You are an incredible researcher!!

  6. Yes great idea! I have been a meal prepper for a long time, After shopping I spend some time chopping veggies, shredding cheese, making meals etc. In my freezer I try to always have chili and spaghetti sauce w meat that are in individual servings and can thaw overnight. I also freeze bread and just take out what I need (it’s fabulous by the way). I whip up a simple batch of cupcakes or brownies from a mix and freeze for snacks (no icing). I also love frozen veggies that can be steamed in the microwave and frozen ravioli etc. A social media “trend” in recent years was to build salads in Ball jars – starting with the dressing on the bottom and then the veggies, fruit, nuts ahrd boiled eggs, etc and ending w lettuce, spinach or kale on the top (away from the dressing). These jars can last 5 days and literally you just shake one up and pour it in a bowl or eat out of the jar! For me, if I have chopped up cucumbers, peppers, carrots, celery etc all ready to go for the week I am also more inclined to use them and also to snack on them. If you can get into the habit of doing it meal prepping can be delicious and you may eat healthier…and waste less fresh food:) Give it a try and hopefully you will find some winning combinations that you can always keep on hand:) Start slowly with a few things to prepare:-)

  7. I’ve found that I have a tendency to waste food if I don’t have a good plan in place. I, too, order groceries to be delivered but before I place an order I make a meal plan. I used to shop once a week and it just seemed too often then I went to every two weeks but some veggies don’t stay very fresh. Now I’m back to ordering once a week and work hard to stick to my plan. It’s definitely a major challenge in my life. Occasionally I get lazy and eat junk. Ugh!!!

  8. This is kind of off topic but it is about meals. Last night my husband made the French Onion Pasta Bake recipe you shared a bit ago. The recipe proportions were a bit challenging – first because they changed when I printed it out and while it said it was for 6 sevings, the amounts it called for were ridiculous – I went back to the original blog post and wrote down the ingredients for 2 servings which still seemed like it would be a lot and it was (I’d say it was 6 servings) But it was absolutely delicious! – kind of like a fancy macaroni and cheese.
    I have always eaten the same easy to prepare things for breakfast and lunch so it is really only dinner that can be challenging to think of or make.

  9. Yes. Meals are a big issue.
    We have to eat every day.
    My younger sister helps a lot.
    I can only do so much.
    Last week I decided to fix a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced pear. 🍐
    The first gcs all year!!
    Was so craving it.
    Very filling with a small bowl if soup.
    The other day I had a Lean Cuisine chicken & broccoli 🥦 entre for dinner.
    Was a bit garlicky & spicy.
    Last night we had grilled salmon & fried potatoes.
    There must be some planning ahead starting with grocery shopping.
    Hope everyone has a nice dinner! 😊

  10. How many days can you meal prep ahead of time, before the food goes bad? Would it be like normal leftovers? About 4 days, +/-? When my kids were little, I’d make pb&j and lunch meat and cheese sandwiches on Sunday night for the week and freeze them. (No condiments on the meat and cheese ones. Just meat cheese and bread.) Then I’d take them out in the morning and put them in their lunch boxes. They’d stay cold, but be thawed out by lunchtime. Or I’ve made extra spaghetti or chili or whatever, and froze individual portions. It’s always nice to make a few extra meals, as long as you’re cooking anyway, to save you from having to cook every day.

    1. I’m sorry. I forgot to add that information to the post. I just added it. Meals with meat should be eaten in 3-4 days. It’s about the same as for any meal or leftovers.

  11. Have you tried mobile meals? That’s a good solution for many seniors. They may not have food you want to eat, but the sides and dessert might be tasty.

    1. Do you mean like Grubhub or Door Dash? They are not diligent about getting your food to you. They might just set it by the gate and leave and you have no idea your food is out there. Or do you mean Meals On Wheels?

      1. I didn’t say that very well. Yes, I mean Meals on Wheels… Do they service your area? I think there’s a requirement that you can’t drive, but in reality, you can’t drive very often…

        1. Yes, they service my area. But I’d feel bad taking a meal when I can afford to pay for it and many others cannot. I used to deliver for Meals On Wheels.

          1. My mom received Meals on Wheels when she was in independent living. She got them 2-3 days a week. When I signed her up, they told me how much mom could pay per meal. It was a small amount and was 10+ years ago, so I won’t take a guess at the figure. I think you should give them a call and talk to them. Give it a try. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always cancel.

      2. I wonder how those companies stay in business if they just drop off food and run. You’d think if they don’t let people know it’s here, people would complain and not use them. I’ve personally not used them, but I’d expect them to hand it to me personally, like the pizza companies do. Maybe it’s one of those contactless delivery things, but still, they should somehow let you know. Ring the doorbell, or knock loudly maybe?!

        1. No, it’s that they’re just too lazy to look for the apartment number. I have my apt. # on both my front and back door. I stopped using them because they’re so bad. I think most pizza companies now use them too.

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