Memories & Charlie’s Acupuncture Today

The day before Thanksgiving, and the day before my oldest daughter’s 45th birthday. She was born on the 28th, and that year it was Thanksgiving.

I had a caesarean section that afternoon because they couldn’t get my blood pressure under control with the pre-eclampsia I had developed. I was 17.

I will be dropping Charlie off for his acupuncture and then driving on down the road to the grocery store. I’ll see if they still have turkey to be sliced and cornbread dressing in the deli. I had it recently and it was very good.

They are mowing outside, I can hear. Seems odd to mow grass the end of November, but it’s been a strange year for weather.

We had a cold October, unusual for these parts. The plants on the patio were caught by surprise and frozen in place.

I still have rosemary right outside the door though. Such a pungent herb, with it’s spiky stiff leaves. I wonder if it will make it through the winter. So far so good. If I had a sunny window to put it in, I’d bring it inside.

I had the wood door open and the lawn guys just blew leaves all over the porch. Charlie barked as they swirled through the air and landed on the concrete. I got up to close the door.

About four years ago I had the foundation of the door redone because they used to blow leaves and grass right across my living room floor, the gap was so wide where the floor met the door.

It cost me over $300 to have a professional come in and rebuild the concrete but it was worth it to no longer have big bugs walk right in and leaves and grass blow everywhere. And the complex certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

I may go by Braums to see if they have a frozen pumpkin pie left. I love their pies. They’re as good as homemade. I may be too late the day before Thanksgiving though. But I think I’ll go by and check anyway.

I love me some pumpkin pie.

Have you ever seen an airplane plant that looks like the one above? I found it at the garden nursery. I’ve never seen one shaped like that before.

I guess I need to get going. Charlie can’t have his egg or medication until he gets back, so he’s restless.

Ivy is wandering around wondering why I haven’t put her teaspoon of wet cat food on her table in the bedroom. I’ll do that once I take Charlie so he won’t wonder why he isn’t getting his breakfast yet.

Charlie had me up so much last night. But I got a few night sleep there when I was taking the pain pills. Which really didn’t make the pain go away but sure gave me a few night’s sleep.

I’ve stopped taking the Gabapentin as the pain in the right side of my face has calmed down from the trigeminal neuralgia that resulted from the mouth incision. It seems to be pretty much well now and I can now eat on that side.

Got to get going!



  1. ???????????
    Happy Thanksgiving Dear Brenda,
    You are a big blessing to with your
    posts. As we think of gratitude more
    on this day our heart will overflow.
    The plant you asked about I purchased two in late summer.
    Was told it a curly spider plant. I have mine on a small round top table
    & it really shows curls.

  2. Glad the pain in your face has lessened. Now you’ll be able to eat the turkey and pumpkin pie more easily!

    Hope you have a pleasant Thanksgiving, Brenda. Hugs to you and pats for the four-leggeds.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all…and hope your day is just as you like it, Brenda. I have cooking yet to do…and as with most cooking I have to do…last minute adjustments rule the day!!

    My firstborn came LATE, in Nov too…should have been born in Sept. Military docs liked to experiment on their patients I found. I WISH they had given me a C section…we both narrowly survived. But we did, in spite of the care we had!! One maybe never forgets giving birth…I have not at least. They say you forget…maybe if it was easy…heh, not if it was hard though!!

  4. Out here in Northern California we went straight from fire weather watch and PG&E shut offs to a “ historic bomb cyclone “ that dropped snow all over the place and closed the freeway in both directions. Such bizarre weather everywhere it seems.

  5. We woke up to 5.8 inches of snow this morning, and the weather man said several thousand people in WI are without power. Not us, thank goodness. With the crazy weather we have been having, I think, to be safe, we will get a generator. Not good to be without power for who knows how long..Now it is blowing and windy and feels like 18 degrees. The good part, it is beautiful outside with the snow covered trees.

    I really like the smell of rosemary, and have used it together with lemon slices and cinnamon sticks in water simmering on top of the stove. I didn’t know there was a type that wintered over, and will have to check into that next spring.

    We are buying our Thanksgiving dinner already made to go,at Festival Foods too, but I will be baking the pumpkin pie. One of our sons and family will be up North at their cabin, (hunting), and our other son and family will be going out for dinner, with DIL’s family. So me and Jeff, here, and we’ll just have a nice cozy easy day. Everybody will be here for Christmas, that is our day, for getting together with all of the family..Have a peaceful Thanksgiving with your two lovies…Hugs from WI

  6. Walmart has a delicious sweet potato pie made with Patti Labelle’s recipe. I like it better than pumpkin. I like the cinnamon and spices in it.

  7. Hi Brenda have a great thanksgiving. Just my husband and I here. He does not like turkey so I am fixing a pork loin.

    My son is 47 and my daughter is 40.Happy Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    I had a C Section with my son after 40 long and painful hours of labor. I was 21 and an RN so after 40 hours I am like do something after only dilating to 5 and stopping. I was in the hospital post operative for 11 days. That was when they keep you longer. Insurance now wants you in and out in about 3 or 4 days

  8. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day Brenda! ?
    I hope everyone else has a fantastic Thanksgiving Day as well! ?
    Keep warm and cuddle with your fur babies!

  9. Happy and cozy Thanksgiving. I forgot to mention that the photos of Charlie and Ivy were just adorable the other day, especially Charlie looking straight into the camera.

  10. We received stormy weather arriving late afternoon yesterday, lots of downpours of rain with falling temperatures after a balmy and sunny morning and early afternoon. I had to be out for several hours for a couple of appointments yesterday and I was worried I’d get caught in the weather, but I made it home before the rains came with 15 minutes to spare. Whew! No rain has fallen since I got up at 6:30 but there are strong winds with occasional super-strong gusts up to 50 mph. It sometimes sounds like it is roaring outside. Brenda, have you thought about a grow light as a possibility for bringing in some of your outdoor plants if they are still alive and nursing them through the dark hours of winter that way? Here is one example and it’s not very expensive – it actually comes with two lights:
    I hope you and your readers all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be doing my Christmas decorating, T-Day is my traditional start date, so it’s very late this year and I’ve been itching to get to it!

  11. I have a rosemary bush on my north-facing balcony. It has survived every freeze we have had for the past 5 years.

    I am glad to hear that your pain is diminishing and that you can eat on that side now.

    I hope that you have a cozy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

  12. We had a strange warm day yesterday also, it felt more like March….the snow was melting all around, and when I stood outside my house I could hear the creek running like mad. That’s such an early spring sound! I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving, Brenda….we will be traveling south to my sister’s house, as we do every year. Christmas is in my house, and has been for the past 30 years.

  13. It is going to be 71 degrees here in Atlanta today. I will take every warm day that we get. I do hate the cold anymore. Hope you are able to find a pumpkin pie. xo Laura

    1. I did find my pumpkin pie. After I went to the grocery store and bought thick sliced turkey, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole and ambrosia salad. A ready made meal and their food there is quite good. A bit cold here today. Waiting for them to call me now to pick up Charlie boy.

      1. Glad you found all your favorites for your holiday meal. Hope Charlie does well at his appt. today.
        As my dear friend used to say, may she rest in peace , Happy BIRTH day to you as you became a mother at the tender age of 17.
        Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

      1. I think ARP Rosemary is a particular type – I have one and was told it was hardy in cold climates. I think yours will be fine – we can’t get rid of ours. it grows and grows and we cut it back – cut it back – and cut it back some more. VERY hardy

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