Merry Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I know everyone is doing holiday things and visiting with loved ones, so I will be brief today.

tabletop christmas tree

I hope you enjoy these two days doing whatever it is you love doing. If you like to spend it with family, I hope no one gets in a fight over politics or a crazy uncle gets drunk and belligerent.

Yes, I am being silly. But doesn’t that kind of thing tend to happen?

Give your beloved pets an extra hug.

Charlie, Ivy and I wish for you a happy holiday!

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  1. I found my white Christmas tree at BIG LOTS if Marilyn has a store near her she might could check there !
    They sometimes have lovely nice things not found in other stores at great prices .

  2. Merry Christmas Brenda, Charlie and Ivy Lou. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    I love your White Christmas tree and tried to find one but no luck.

    Marilynn and Hayley

  3. My husband has been dealing with vertigo for a month or so. We went to my sister’s on Saturday for a Christmas gathering and my husband was able to slip off to the den to rest when he started to feel dizzy. So that turned out OK. We were supposed to go to his brother’s house for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but, we ended up cancelling out on that when we found out all of the plans his brother had that involved going out to eat on Christmas eve and going to a party at someone else’s house on Christmas day that we barely know. We knew that would be too much for my husband (and me too, since I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to the party at a a practical-stranger’s house), so we cancelled out and have spent Christmas eve and Christmas day here at home and it has been great. My son and his wife might stop by on Christmas evening for a visit, but we did see them at my sister’s so if their plans change it’s OK. She works at a hospital and has to go to work on late Christmas evening so maybe they will decide to not do too much before she heads to work. It’s good to take it easy and not do too much this time of year, I think! Merry Christmas and the best to everyone and their furry friends.

  4. Merry Christmas,Brenda, Charlie and Ivy,thankyou for allowing us into your home each day and sharing your life too.
    The tree survived!
    Have a great day

  5. I wish all of you the happiest Christmas ever. Priss and are settling in at the beach. We will have our own little Christmas party.
    Happy holidays to you, Charlie and Ivy!!??

  6. Merry Christmas Brenda, Charlie and Ivy! I like what one of the above blogger said about your blog – its a gift. Its a precious gift and one we get to open each day.

  7. I hope you and your fur babies have a lovely, comfortable and peaceful Christmas! Yesterday was my family get-together with three of my five younger siblings. The two sisters next to me in age, one lives in Idaho now and the other was working at her RN job in a city about 2 hours away from here. We met on neutral ground at a restaurant, LOL! I don’t agree politically AT ALL with my one sister who came into town to visit her kids and so was available for the lunch. But I shouldn’t have worried. My two brothers, who are the youngest of the brood, just play off of each other like Hope and Crosby, or going back even older, Laurel and Hardy 🙂 We had a great 2 hour lunch and the brothers kept us in stitches, as well as several of the tables around us – that’s usually what happens with our family – we start putting on a comedy show (literally). Later in the evening I went out with a friend. Our intent was to go to our famous Candy Cane Lane which is a neighborhood on the far southwest side of our hometown where participating neighbors decorate their front yards to the nines every year, and then raise money for the local area Children’s Cancer Fund. Well, we got to the area where most of the cars enter the subdivision about 8 p.m. and the backed-up line of traffic was 3 blocks long! We made the decision to forego this year’s tour. We bummed around doing other things, instead.
    Today I’m at ease. The sun is out, I have all the makings here for my feast tomorrow, and later I’ll be baking and then starting a fire and watching my favorite holiday movies. I never watch so many movies as during this time of the year 🙂

  8. Last minute change here due to illness at our daughter’s house. She will send us dinner via a grandson instead! We will open our few gifts, eat, nap and watch Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Plus list to The Messiah cd by Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Happy Day to you three.

    1. Fact for your readers.
      A person who doesn’t want to be social with family and friends, unfortunately they die alot earlier in life…..alone. So sad! ?

  9. A Merry Christmas Eve to you as you enjoy it with Charlie and Ivy. Thank you for the gift of your blog; you put so much heart into it and share so much info.

  10. I read your single women’s holiday guide. Unfortunately I am one of those that would like to be around family. But family is no closer than 300 miles away. I have done several of your suggestions and I’m trying to keep my mind on the fact there are so many people in much worse situations this holiday season. Of course unrealistic Christmas movies and advertisements add to alone feeling. I’ll probably watch “Elf” tonight on tv. It’s so silly but somehow it makes me laugh every time. I hope you, Charlie and Ivy have a wonderful peaceful Christmas.

  11. Merry Christmas Eve!! Mine will be spent with my Hubby & my furbabies. Us & a turkey. No traveling, no nothing. Peaceful & reflective as it should be.

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