I forgot to take a photo of the meal, so I’m just throwing a graphic of bowls up there and calling it good.

I found this recipe on Pinterest; I can’t recall from who. This is called Fiesta Chicken Crock Pot Meal.

Fiesta Chicken Crock Pot Meal
4 chicken breasts
1 packet Fiesta Ranch dip (by the salad dressings)
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can Rotel
1 can corn (not drained, but I beg to differ)
1 block cream cheese
Cook on High in crock pot for 4 hours or 6 hours on low. Shred with a fork and eat over rice with tortillas. 
Aside from the block of cream cheese, you just throw it all together. I laid my chicken breasts on the bottom and then added the other ingredients.
Okay, here’s where I’d do it different next time. I would drain the corn, because there seemed to be an excess of liquid. 
This recipe does not elaborate about the block of cream cheese, so I just added it about 20 minutes before the meal was ready and spread it around on top.
You could go ahead and add the liquid on the corn and see how it goes. Next time I will either drain the can of corn or just add some of it and not all of it. 
I ate two meals and then froze the remainder in sandwich bags for single meals. If I can’t get quite a few meals out of a recipe, then I’m probably not going to bother to cook it!

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  1. I made this just yesterday. I used less of the juice from the corn, thanks to your recommendation, but think I will eliminate it next time. I ate mine in a hard corn shell. Very tasty!

  2. Perhaps you're supposed to stir it vigorouslyat the end, and the liquid from the corn and the cream cheese are supposed to combine to make a sort of soup?

    1. I seem to use my crock pot every week now. And I always find recipes that will freeze and I can have like TV dinners for weeks.

  3. I've made something similar to this and it's so good! I've also made another recipe called "Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken", which is also very good. I don't think the cream cheese serves any purpose except to add deliciousness!

    1. That's what I thought. He won't eat at Tex-Mex restaurants or what we think of as Mexican restaurants. He likes the real deal!

  4. This sounds easy and tasty. I would guess the cream cheese is for flavor. Many Mexican dishes call for some kind of cheese, and this seems like a cheese replacement, of sorts. Yum!

    1. Someone emailed that they had trouble finding the Fiesta Ranch dressing packet. I just found it in my grocery store. Maybe it's harder to get in other places?

  5. I only eat full fat products. I think it is healthier. Check out the link Diet Doctor.com. This recipe sounds delicious and I will definitely try it. And I love Cream Cheese! Thanks Brenda. Patrice

  6. What purpose do you think the cream cheese is for? Is it used as a thickener? I wonder how it would taste leaving it out for less fat. Fat free cream cheese just turns to more liquid. It looks fairly healthy otherwise.

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