Missing Chairs & Marley’s Quilt

Yesterday I received two of the diningroom chairs that I ordered. The company I ordered them from is Chairus and sold through Amazon.

I still haven’t received the other two chairs.

I’ve managed to get one chair put together, though it was much harder than I thought it would be.

In Missing Chairs & Marley's Quilt, so far only two of the four dining room chairs I ordered have arrived. This is the one I put together.

I tried to get one chair put together for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, then stopped for a few hours to rest my hands.

It was really hard to line up the screws with the holes, which were inset inside the wood where you couldn’t see what you were doing.

As you can see from the photo, this chair is taller than the other chairs I had.

Waiting On The Other Box:

I’ve contacted the seller through Amazon and they replied that they think the other box will still be delivered. I guess we will see.

I worried about ordering furniture when I still can’t really walk or lift boxes. Steve brought this box inside yesterday.

But I didn’t think it would be all that hard to put chairs together. I mean, we’re not talking about a big heavy table, just chairs.

I put this chair together by sitting and balancing it on my knee. And then I held it up with my foot in my walking boot which I turned sideways while I worked on it.

The chair I put together is really pretty. I like that it has a thicker cushion than many dining chairs I’ve looked at online.

So I hope the other box will reach me. Because I don’t relish taking that chair apart to return to the seller.

Plus it isn’t easy putting furniture together with Ivy around. You have to put screws in a bowl or she will sneak in when you’re not looking and steal parts. But thankfully it’s hard for her to get them out of a bowl.

So the very first thing I do when I have screws to put something together is to get a bowl from the kitchen.

Marley Made Riley A Quilt To Take To College:

This is the quilt my granddaughter Marley sewed for her big brother Riley who has left for college.

My grandson headed off to college on Wednesday.

His little sister Marley had sewn him a quilt for the occasion. Since the University of Oklahoma’s football team is the OU Sooners, she made him an OU Sooner quilt.

This is not Marley’s first quilt project.

Does that tell you that she’s most assuredly my granddaughter? I so loved quilting before I got arthritis in my hands. I’m very proud of Marley.

I imagine her other grandmother helped her. That or Marley put it together and had someone quilt it for her. Because it looks to be machine quilted.

I’ll have to ask her because I got the photos from Facebook to show you.

In Missing Chairs & Marley's Quilt, this is what Marley wrote on the quilt she made.

Marley loves her big brother so much. I don’t know what she’s going to do without him around all the time. They are very close.

What Happened To The Bennetts:

What Happened To The Bennetts book

I finished this book last night. It was a nail-biter of a story and fast-paced. It is probably my favorite Lisa Scottoline novel. She has written many.

Have you read any of her books?



  1. I’m days behind in my blog reading, so hoping by now you’ve received your other chairs. It looks perfect, so fingers crossed they arrive! How sweet of Marley to make a quilt for her brother – it’s beautiful!

  2. Have you read My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul? Bob, short for Book of Books, is a journal of all the books Ms. Paul has read and reflects what she has read throughout tumultuous times in her life. I haven’t started the book yet but am very much intrigued. Think of what your own Bob would be! Mine would have many volumes, that’s for sure!

  3. I’m not surprised that your chairs haven’t come yet Brenda.
    I have to wait longer than 2 days til I get what I ordered and I have prime too!
    The chairs will be here eventually.
    I like UPS better than FedEx though!

  4. Hi missed yesterday’s post just finished reading what a beautiful quilt I’m sure her brother will cherish it always love that she enjoys things like that a lot of young people don’t seem to the chairs are nice hate your having to wait I’m in the middle of a split order which I knew was being split and I was OK with it originally but they change the delivery date now for the same item in a different color a couple of times and we’ve gone from a two week wait and it’ll be over two weeks more and I don’t understand coming from the same place but you have it having to wait so long have tried to cancel the last part of the order because it’s just another item like the previous put in a different color but they won’t even allow me to do that so it’s like I’m stuck one way the other hope you have better luck and the chairs turn up soon Gloria

  5. What a treasure your Grandson has from his sweet Sis! Sounds like in the genes..for sure. Know you are so very proud of them both. Sounds like they will make a mark in this World..good to see such caring young folks. I had two bad experiences ordering furniture online. No thanks. Hope the other package shows up and you can get the PT help..how nice of this person. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Pretty & elegant new chairs (I love the yellow ones, too!). And that quilt is awesome! It’s wonderful your grands are so close. Your grandson will sleep well with love tucked in all around him!

    Now I’m the one moving! And without a car for the time being. Too expensive to repair so I sold it to pay off the small loan balance. Life sure does throw curve balls!

    I am moving to a small college town as I look forward to retiring in a few years. Wish it was today!

  7. That is an awesome quilt Marley made for her brother. Your new chairs are beautiful and I can just picture Ivy wanting to get to the small parts. Have a good weekend.

  8. Your new chairs are very pretty. But…what happened to the lovely yellow chairs you had? I thought you really liked those!

    Very sweet that Marley made a quilt for her brother as he went off to college. That is something he will always treasure.

  9. I think your chair is just beautiful. And it looks very comfortable as well. Marley did a super job on that quilt for her brother! It is so nice to hear of siblings that truly love each other. It’s also nice to see young people sewing and quilting, I fear it may become a lost art.

      1. WOW!!!!!! Great quilt,I’m sure Riley will treasure it.
        The chair is lovely,just don’t overdue,I still think the supply chain is not quite up to 100%,who knows,if it ever will be,Ill be keeping crossed fingers for you.
        I have 2 “assistants” also,the most ” fun” days are gift wrapping,tools disappear and the other stuff is fun.
        Enjoy your weekend,cooler weather has arrived in New York.

  10. I was just at our public library and the book was on the shelves. Readers who check them out can add their comments and it said don’t bother reading it. I skimmed through a couple pages before I put it back and unfortunately I selected some that had some violence so I turned and then it went onto an autopsy so I just gave up. I guess I do better with Hallmark stuff!!!!
    Marley made up one of my favorite strip patterns in quilting! I love this design and it’s such a happy quilt for her brother to curl up with. I hope she comes up with more to show us and who knows, this could lead to a very satisfying hobby for her.

  11. Nice quilt! Love the chair and I hope u get the other box soon!
    U must have a great PT that will take time to come over and help u putting your chairs together!
    Have a great weekend Brenda and everyone else!

  12. Marley out so much thought into that quilt. Very impressive. I remember when the kids were small and now Riley is off to college.

    How nice of your therapist to offer to help. It’s hard finding good help. I hired a guy to build me a chicken coup and three yrs later it’s a mess.

    My eyes are healing but don’t have an appt with the optometrist til 9/10 and yesterday I got a stomachache from just trying on readers. So will
    be some adjustment for a month with my new eyes and old Glasses!!

  13. Your new chairs are so pretty. That quilt is such a thoughtful gift. I’m sure her brother will treasure it.

  14. The chairs are beautiful. I’m sorry they’re cumbersome to assemble. Boo, Hiss!
    The quilt Marley made for Riley is beautiful and so thoughtful. I have no doubt you were very proud of her.
    BTW, Brenda – it’s FriYAY. LOL Have a wonderful day.

    1. My physical therapist was just here. And he said if I ever get the second box with the rest of the chairs, he would be willing to come over on a Saturday and put them together. He thinks he has a drill bit that might work.

  15. Brenda,

    So sorry about the chairs! That is ridiculous that the other did not arrive or that if it doesn’t you have to take that one apart.

    As for your granddaughter, that is the sweetest gift ever! How wonderful that she made such a thoughtful and beautiful gift for her brother.

    I hope that you are continuing to heal and that you are up and about soon!

    1. I don’t mind separate boxes arriving at separate times. But I don’t want to start the hunt for other dining room chairs if these don’t arrive. Took me months to finally pick these out.

  16. Oh my gosh what a sweet and heart touching gift from Marley to her sweet brother for college. This touched my heart to read. She does a great job and I know Riley will treasure this. it will look cool in his dorm room. I hope you get the other chairs. I have these same chairs and love them. Have a Good Friday and nice weekend. xoxo Kris

    1. Oh, you do??? If I get the other box and get to keep them, someone will have to tighten what I did, because my hands aren’t very strong anymore.

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