1. oh, my Brenda, this is a fabulous find and I LOVE everything about it. My only dislike is the sinks in the bathroom… those raised sinks I just can’t figure out how to keep them clean around the base. They did a great job from taking that house from blah to WOW!!! I’m going to be checking her social media to see what else she’s done. If you find any other gems like this please share. This is the exact feeling I’m going for in my home.

  2. I am not sure what I think of the new bathroom sinks that sit above versus flush with the counter. I wonder if I would have a puddle next to it to wipe up. Guess I don’t know anyone who has these styles either, so I could learn how they are. But this home is simply stunning so I appreciate you sharing it with us.

    1. Kathy… I didn’t read your post before I wrote mine but I agree with you about the sinks. I just for the life of me don’t understand them. I’m guessing people who have these sinks don’t do their own cleaning! Ha!

      1. You are probably right Emie about a cleaning person doing that job! Ha! It doesn’t look like a sink I could clean quickly. Ironically we are remodeling a bathroom and looking at vanities and sinks so I am curious as to the styles out there now.

  3. Lots to admire here…the bedrooms opening to the yard/patio reminds me of how often rooms of a home in Hawaii do that…when you have mostly temperate weather, you can open up your house that way…nice!

  4. This is a beautiful renovation. Most of what I see on decorating shows these days is modern/mid century/Scandinavian. It is clean, crisp, attractive and simple. For myself, however I lean towards traditional/craftsman/farmhouse. It calls out to me to wrap it’s arms around me and comfort me. I truly enjoy your decorating ideas and the boho is something I share with my daughter often. I especially love all your house plants. Great post. Sandra

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful restored home with us, and for pointing out interesting details we might otherwise have missed. I especially love the strategic placing of the cement squares! What a simple and effective way to add interest and structure to a large grassy area!

  6. What a beautiful relove of this house. OMG it is so fun and gorgeous. I am sure everyone in that neighborhood loved that Shanty and her team came in to fix this poor home into something so lovely. What a great and diverse range of talents Shanty has. A biologist to a restorer of homes. Awesome.

  7. I love the bedrooms opening up to the backyard! I used to have shutters in my home windows and I’m thinking about getting some for my windows again!

  8. Oh my. It is my kind of home. I love the open, lots of wood, colors and open spaces. Slowly but surely I will be working towards that/my style.

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