1. We bought our manufactured home in 1995. We have 2200 sq ft. It has not been a money pit and has held up as well as a site built home. Through the years we have had only 3 major expenses- a new metal roof, new floor covering throughout, and a new heat pump. No different than any other home of its age. It’s solid and is our forever home. We put it on our own land. No way would I live in a park. Yes, we live in a tornado prone area, but if a tornado is going to take a house, it doesn’t matter what kind it is. We have been through one where our site built house suffered damage . Our town was hit by one in ‘07. It took out a swath through town, destroying the high school and resulting in 8 deaths. If you are in the path, it will get you. I love my MH and would dream of living elsewhere.

  2. Yes, I would be interested in viewing some different than the regular style of houses. There are several earth built homes around us. Also, homes built like machine sheds. They have become very popular as you get a tax break because they r considered sheds. This is a farming community so it is an advantage. Most of them are attached to a large machine shed or an enclosed horse arena.

  3. It’s beautiful although a bit too modern for me. I bet they enjoy living near the beach.
    The outdoor space is fabulous, as well.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow, some folks are so talented…that floorplan has no wasted space in halls etc…I don’t know how they could have done a better job and the colors and textures are great!! Yea, we live in tornado/hurricane area now, so no chance we would take on a mobile home…but some parts of the country you are very safe to live in one.

  5. The location near the beach sounds awesome. This is a stunning redo but like someone else mentioned, having to lease the land is a downside after a big investment in renovation. I like the outdoor space a lot. I’ve never liked communities like this because I need outdoor space & privacy. The latter seems to be a big compromise in most.

    The wood storage for the fireplace is unique. It also has great light throughout, which is unusual in a MH. I could live here, especially with the sea nearby!

  6. It’s a beautiful home, but it isn’t mobile. Did you notice any tires on the structure? No, they don’t have any. These are not the compact trailers of the 1950s that were pulled behind a car, and they’re not today’s RVs. The problem with buying most mobile homes in the United States is that they’re “parked” in a mobile home park or “camp” and you do not own the land underneath the structure, you lease the land and pay rent monthly. I’ve read several news articles over the last few years about mobile home parks being sold to developers and people who have lived in their mobile homes for 20, 30 and even longer years are being evicted off the land those “homes” sit on. Most of the owners can’t afford to buy a plot of land elsewhere, nor can they afford to pay thousands to have their home moved to a new lot elsewhere (assuming they can find one – either an individual lot that is zoned for such use or a mobile home park that has lots available for lease). In many areas, even if you can find a lot that you can afford, the mobile homes usually do not meet building codes.

  7. I am 76. Two years ago my son and I bought a double wide manufactured home. He was disabled and I was his caregiver. Six months after we moved in he passed away. Two weeks after we moved in things started to go wrong. It has been a money pit ever since. I love my MFH and I would love to have the money to gut it and start from fresh; especially now that I am raising two great grandsons (ages 10 and 13-autistic). This was a beautiful home you shared and I loved seeing all the new ideas of how to use the space. They did a fantastic job.

  8. What a great design both inside and outside. I am glad they were able to remodel one the way they wanted it. The new models are getting much more expensive, like everything. When my folks retired they finally sold their home and moved to a trailer. It was a single wide, but it was comfortable for them. My problem is there just isn’t much storage in them. Really would have to get rid of stuff, but maybe that’s not a bad idea either.

  9. It’s amazing how big those double wides are. Some of them are bigger than actual houses. I do understand your worry about living in one where you are prone to tornados. Although, a tornado can wipe out a house too, so really nothing is tornado proof, except maybe an underground house. Oh, that would make an interesting series for you to post about… unusual houses! Anyway, they did a nice job decorating this home. I love that outside area too.

  10. Om my goodness this space is just wonderful! I would love to live there.
    Many moons ago we looked at some mobile homes with a view to purchase in Florida.
    We loved the area we always went to for vacations, but in the end it would have cost too much just for a couple of weeks twice a year.

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