Over the weekend I kept seeing the time flying by with so much still to do. I wondered if I could possibly get it all done before Wednesday morning.

Yesterday afternoon I got out on the patio and dumped dirt out of three large pots. They were on wheels, so it wasn’t too bad.

I took down one sun (the big one) but had problems taking down the ceramic one as the wire it is hung with was wrapped around a nail. But I’ll keep working on it.

I gathered the garden tools I use and some smaller pots. Everything is just sitting in an area of the patio close to the French door.

Indoors I packed more stuff. Boxes are everywhere. In the living room there is about a one foot wide swath for me to walk through.

The Kitties:

The kitties are pretty nervous now. I wish I could explain all this to them. Be able to reassure them somehow.

I sit for awhile with an ice pack and then get back to work. Then I’ll sit with the heating pad and do the same. Actually I didn’t feel that much worse than I normally do, so I kept going as long as I could.

I washed large quilts and mattress covers, then hung them here and there around the apartment to dry.

This morning I woke up around 3 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ll be dragging today.

But it seems never ending, all the stuff there is to do. I bought all manner of packing materials: paper and bubble wrap and numerous boxes, and will be lucky if I don’t have to dig up more.

How could so much stuff be in a one-bedroom apartment?

Accidentally Packing Things You Need:

Sorry, but I can’t take a photo of the mess today because I’m not sure where my camera charger is. You know how that goes. Pack and pack and pack and then realize you packed up things you might be needing.

And I have no earthly idea which box to look in. Lordy Pete, moving is hard. It’s hard physically. And hard emotionally. It’s hard on the kitties too. This is not something I want to repeat any time soon and hopefully never.

As Kendra suggested, I copied “the list” left by the manager and addressed each concern, then sent it in an email to Teri to print.

Kendra gave me three names of plumbers to call about installing a tall toilet. And I think I may have accidentally packed the notebook I wrote them down in.

I’ve already discussed switching out to a tall toilet with the assistant manager. I discussed it with her the day I told her I wanted the apartment. She just said they’d like a licensed plumber to do the work. Fine by me.

Supply Chain Problems:

That’s if I can find a tall toilet.

Kendra went to Lowes and couldn’t find any that were tall. I searched online, and many toilets, like everything now, are out of stock.

She had already ordered one for herself and said she’d let me have that one, but when she looked, she realized that it wasn’t tall enough.

Kendra won’t be needing a toilet for a few more weeks. Have to get plumbing and water first.

We both feel like time is passing like wildfire and we can’t keep up dousing it with buckets of water. She needs to get out of her house, yet the house she’s renovating is not anywhere near livable.

I’d sure hate to be a builder right now. Things are just hard to get and it takes months. Kendra ordered new windows for her house last October and they said the earliest they could get them would be April.

Well, this is life now. Strange, but hopefully getting better.

I will be scarce the next few days. Might possibly get in a post tomorrow sometime. But I have to meet the assistant manager and write checks and get the keys at 9 a.m. I’ll pop in here and there when I have time.

I’m off to the chiropractor in a bit. I’ve got to keep these old bones going till it’s done.


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  1. Would be nice if Kendra could rent back her current home after closing to buy more time. See you on the other side of your move. Hang in there!

  2. Moving is so stressful, playing beat the clock to get everything done on time. But, when you’re in the new place, you can take your time to get settled, once you get the necessities unpacked and organized. I’m so looking forward to the post that says “I’ve Moved!” Wishing you the best of luck , and hoping things go smoothly for you, Brenda!

  3. Wishing you the very best with your move ! Sorry there are so many problems leaving your old apartment and problems in your new apartment.

  4. Definitely put the kitties in the bathroom with food water and litter box. Then put a huge sign on the door that says do not open cats inside. Movers will open the door and then ask if there’s anything instead of the other way around. Make sure there’s no oops. I had a kitty get out one move like that, and we had to delay the move by a day while I found her.

  5. Brenda, There are so many people on here that would love to help you if they could. Can you picture it? All of us women in your apartment bumping into each other; all of us coaxing you to sit down and get the weight off your ankle. I’m a visual person and I laugh just thinking about it. My husband and I moved 15 times in the first 13 years we were married. We were married for 34 years and had 11 kids combined. After he died in 2007 I had to short sale our home and move again. It was a big house and I had 5 garage sales and took weekly trips to the donation centers. In the end I called Teen Challenge who sent out the biggest truck they had and filled it up with the “treasures” I could not take with me. I and my son and his wife and two kids moved from my 3000 sq ft home to a 1000 sq ft rental. Three years later my landlady sold the rental and we moved again into a 700 sq ft apartment. Four and a half years later my son and I bought this manufactured home in a 55+ community. Six months later he died. I had to emtpy four huge storage units of belongings into this MFH in order to not have to pay for the storage any longer. Here I am in a 1700 sq ft MFH alone looking like I am a hoarder. LOL This too shall pass. God’s mercies are new every morning. If I can continue to afford this home without his income I will never move again. In the meantime I am trying my dardest to downsize. I work on it a little each day. His tools is the hardest to figure out what to do with. He was a diesel mechanic. I’m rambling. I run to my computer each day and look for Cozy Little House just to see how you and the kits are doing and wish you all the very best. It’s going to be so good. You have the best, optimistic outlook on things and that pays off. Keep on keeping on. Blessings. Sandy

  6. Brenda, I will be thinking of you the next few days as you get through this most stressful moving time. Just remember “this too will end.” And then you can rest and have fun making the new place your home. And share the process with us, of course! Will be checking back to see how it goes.

  7. We bought a new toilet at our Lowes recently, and when I asked about the taller one, he said that was all they sell. He was right, it was taller. You would think all Lowes would carry the same essentials. As stressful as moving is, it is very exciting to see your things in your new home! You will enjoy and it will keep you occupied on all the things you would like in the future! Best wishes for great weather on moving day!

  8. I suggest you order a taller toilet seat extension. Make sure it has good sized indented areas for hygeine purposes. Make sure it is suitable for a round or longer shaped toilet. I’ve been using them since before my first knee surgery a few years back. The style name of the one I use is the Savannah (sp?) and I can’t remember who manufactures it,but they have them on amazon prime. That way,you could relax and go new toilet shopping once you are settled in to your new place.
    It would cost a fortune to switch your current apartment toilet over to your new place and then replace the toilet you removed from your old place. Remember you must use a licensed plumber,and probably permits are required. Plus not all toilets are interchangeable with the locations of other toilets.
    Good luck with your move and take care. I wish you well.

  9. I’ve had a few friends move the past few years and I saw how exhausted and overwhelmed they are. God forbid if me and Brian move from this home that we’ve been in 32 years! The basement and garage alone are both he** holes! We have accumulated way too much stuff and both places have been our storage dumping ground all these years.

    Will be thinking of you…

  10. Good luck Brenda. I know all about moving and you know what ,somehow everything gets done in time….you will be tired but it will all fall into place. Take care

  11. You might try checking with a durable medical supply business in tulsa. They should have handicap toilets.
    Positive thoughts for a smooth move.

  12. Everyone has said such wise and loving thoughts and suggestions. I will just add all my very best wishes for you and the kitty girls. I moved from a house to this condo five years ago and it was hard! I know. So, as the others have said, we’re keeping you and the fur babies in our hearts and wishing you the very best. XO.

  13. Moving is not easy, Brenda and I’ve been thinking about you trying to manage it all when you don’t feel well. Hopefully it will be over soon and then you can take your time getting unpacked in the new place. At least the pressure to get settled won’t be as bad as the pressure you have now to get out. Sending sunny vibes your way!

  14. Very soon this will all be over and you can slow down! No deadlines to meet with unpacking. While you have Teri on moving day, have her help you unpack essential kitchen, bath and bedroom stuff, and kitty cat things. From there you can unpack at your own pace. Take time to relax and breath a little bit and rest. Take care of your back and ankle. The stress will decrease and you and Ivy and Gracie can get acclimated to your new home. Wishing you all the best and enjoy your new home! Yes, your followers are anxious to see what you do as far as decor and gardening this summer, but all in good time dear friend. We want you to be healthy and happy, so slow down for now! We aren’t going anywhere.

  15. I’m sure you have already planned for this, but make sure your kitties are in individual pet carriers and then are in a quiet corner until all is moved out and in and the doors are closed.

    Also, I ordered and used a toilet seat, one that raises up,Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat & Commode Booster Seat Riser with Removable Padded Grab bar Handles & Locking Mechanism, $39.99, amazon. I used it during my hip replacement surgery and it worked so well.

  16. Check with the plumbers you may hire. Sometimes they have a stock and may even have what you need. If not, they may be able to get one quicker than you. Many businesses keep their own supplies on hand for easier access and to keep prices down for customers. It may cost you more overall, but sometimes availability is worth the cost. Good luck

  17. Brenda, I second Lynda’s suggestion about the toilet riser…that’s what I bought because I have a bad hip. I got it at Amazon and it arrived in two days…this was in November. This would tide you over until you have more time and could find a tall toilet. Good luck. I moved 12 twelve years ago at the age of 59 and I remember how beat up I felt even at that age and how endless the packing was!

  18. Moving is a nightmare, Brenda, I sure don’t envy you. I swore when I moved to this house that I’d never leave….or at least not as long as I can still afford it and still take care of it. I never had a landlord as awful as yours, so despite the dreaded move, I’m sure you are delighted to get out of that place. Rats and snakes? Shoot me! We have garden snakes I see occasionally outside here and field mice but no rats, and I’ve never had a snake in my house – I’d lose my mind! Good luck with the move, I look forward to seeing you settle in to the new place!

  19. I agree with the others about just doing a switcheroo with the toilets…
    Be gentle with yourself, and remember ~ this too shall pass.
    Hugs ~

  20. Me again, like others have mentioned, I was wondering if too late to have a licensed plumber at your old place on moving day to both uninstall and move your own tall toilet, but to then swap it out with the one at the new place and reinstall that one at the old place. As long as it’s in good shape no reason not too. No purchasing toilets, just cost of plumber. Just a thought.

  21. Every time you can’t locate something you need, stop and inhale/exhale three deep breaths. Remind yourself the chaos is only temporary.

    Try putting Ivy in the bedroom with her comfort toys & necessities so she can just look out a window and chill, maybe? Once you have your keys, setting up the cats in your second bedroom temporarily might help the transition.

    A calm oasis of support with your plants, music & fur babies is just a short time away now. When the stress of living with the old problems is off your shoulders, you will find much transformation.

    My best wishes that your hopes are fulfilled and peace rules your days as you make this transition.

  22. Yes, like Bonnie said, in a week you will be settled and the kitties will be exploring their new digs. I am concerned about you getting them in their carriers Ok. We all
    know how they conveniently disappear when we want them. . We will Anxiously be waiting for a post! And you will be in my thoughts on Wednesday.

  23. Thinking of you. Moving is draining. I honestly don’t know how we did it 6 years ago. We moved from 3,000 square ft to 1500. It is exhausting.
    But what a blessing for you when you are moved. Boxes can wait. That list is ridiculous. All the times we moved our son, we never even got a list. But we also didn’t get our deposit back when we should. How dare them ask for any money when there are so many issues.
    Good luck.

  24. Brenda you are doing as much as you can and it will all work out. We downsized 4 years ago for all the right reasons. One block from our daughter, grandsons in walking or biking distance, ranch vs two story, convenient location, great church and yet it was very emotional. It is surprising the feelings that come to the surface with change. I will be praying and thinking about you.

  25. Hang in there, Brenda! No question moving is a giant hassle, but you will be leaving that awful complex behind. Patience, you don’t have to solve all the problems at once. Best wishes to you and the kitties as you settle into your new home.

  26. Hi Brenda,

    I feel your pain!! I move a three bedroom house to OKC from Las Vegas four years ago with three dogs and I only had five weeks to sell my house, pack it and be ready to start my new job!! Moving is like living in a nightmare! Good luck with your move!! Don’t worry about us!! We will just look forward to a long message next week!! Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day an you can unpack at your leisure!! Wish I could come and help you!!

  27. Hi Brenda,
    I wish I had thought to mention it sooner, when I moved (hopefully for the last time) I went to Costco and bought their big package of paper towels. I used the paper towels for wrapping and packing and then used the same ones for cleaning after unpacking. Praying for a smooth and uneventful moving day.

  28. This is a hard and stressful time that probably adds to your pain issues too. Stress can really do havoc on the body. I am keeping good thoughts as you begin to move and get settled you will enjoy your new place so much. I have a feeling that the place you are living in now is soon not going to be there anymore so this move is probably in the long run going to be good. Take it easy. Been where you are and it is not easy.

  29. Sounds like you’ve got it well in hand and have support at least. The cats will be your main concern anyway, getting them settled. Moves is one of life’s major stresses…..I know once you’re in the new place it’ll be lovely.
    Can you for now get one of those elevated seats that go on the toilet seat to raise it? My husband had to use one when he had his hip replacement….it would at least be a temporary solution for that….

  30. What an exciting time for you! It will be a relief About the time you have most of the move finished it will be time to plant flowers. Will there be a place to plant a few vegetables? Is your apartment facing a good direction for your gardens?

  31. What an exciting time for you! It will be a relief when you are settled. And about the time you have most of the move finished it will be time to plant flowers. Will there be a place to plant a few vegetables? Is your apartment facing a good direction for your gardens?

  32. We are all wishing you the best…as my mother in law used to say…it will all come out in the wash…bless you..💞

  33. Good luck with the move! Is there anyway you can switch the toilet you installed in current apartment with the one in the new apartment ( I think you said you installed a tall toilet at the current apartment…)

  34. I am so excited for you Brenda, but I know the toll this has to be taking on you. When we moved from a house to a mobile home, I realized that I had stuff and more stuff, that had to go to St. Vinnies and Good Will. After we moved in, I realized I still had more than I needed, but also that I got rid of things I wish I hadn’t. I know what a pain it is to pack it all up. I never did put names on the boxes of “stuff” so like you, I had no idea what was where or if I still owned it…But it got done, and like you also…NEVER again, hopefully. Anyway, hope you are able to take everything you want to save, but try to take it easy..(HA, easy to say, when the clock is ticking). Think this way…next week at this time you will be relaxed and the cats will be exploring and enjoying snooping around. And….then you can take your time, it will be an wonderful adventure…decorating. You have such a knack for putting things in the right places and making your apartment a beautiful home. I can’t wait to see it all. Hugs and good traveling wishes sent your way for Wednesday…

  35. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but on the day of the move, you may want to keep the kitties in the bathroom with all their essentials and the door closed. Kitties are excellent escape artists, particularly when they’re nervous.

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