More Affordable Tiny Homes

The other tiny homes I showed yesterday were beautiful, but out of a lot of people’s price range. Today I have affordable tiny homes.

Look at this one from Sears…

This is 14 x 24 square feet, and $7999.00. So this is a much cheaper version, which is in many ways a glorified garden shed. But hey, it definitely has possibilities!

What do you get for this? Well, it is a shell.

If you are a handyman or carpenter and know a plumber, this would be doable. I don’t think I’d want the garage door there, unless it opened up into an outdoor room.

With creativity one could make this a fine little home.

Sears Kit Homes:

Remember the old Sears Kit Homes?

Here is this home today. It is less than 600 square feet.

I love this simple home surrounded by a cottage garden. Imagine the bouquets you could cut from this garden and put on your kitchen table.

And the fragrance of the many flowers as you walk down the path to the street.


This house is definitely cute and a little bigger than most tiny homes. For two people, I’d think it would be just about right.

Park Model Homes:

Above is The Lowell from Park Models Direct. One bedroom, one bath for under $30,000.

This home is rather plain, but it comes with the appliances, which is a plus. You can paint the cabinets.

This Park Model Home is called The Crossett, at 256 square feet.


I particularly like this Park Model home because of the open feel of the design. I’d ditch those window valances in a heartbeat though!

This one goes for closer to $25,000. It has a lot of possibilities though.

See anything you like here? Is there a home here that you can imagine living in?


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  1. What about a mobile home or modular homes? You could probably buy a used one fairly reasonably and perhaps more square footage than those pictured above. I would also be cautious of homes without a basement or cellar access in the Tornado zones. Another idea would be full time RV living. The lot rent would have to be considered in any of these options-whether you are looking at a park model or any of these others. Even once a home is purchased, the lot rent would need to be considered, etc. ( so just as important as the building, is the land under it).

  2. I love the tiny houses but is it safe to live in one in Oaklahoma with all the tornadoes they get?

  3. I learned of Sears and Roebuck home kits about 20 or so years ago when going through divorce and needed to rent a place for me and my sons. I wanted so much to rent to own this one building and the owner refused me. He said the insulation, and building being dated in the 60's needed too much updating and couldn't see a struggling mother trying to make it work. So he tore it down. Since then, I've seen others still standing, even on the market. I adore them. Now these are bringing back memories. I think they are a fabulous option!!! They can be so down right space saving and functional!

    1. PS: My first home away from home was a 1948 Vagabond trailer camper. After getting a burned out trailer bed and adding on a living room and full bedroom with a metal roof to cover both trailers for $5k total combined costs, it was home. That was in 1981. It still stands and others occupy it.

  4. I lived in the Sears model shown and loved it. Though by the time we got it a basement had been added and had a one bedroom suite. It worked for us – two adults two kids. We rented the suite out. A cute tidbit is that I worked for Sears at the time.

  5. I grew up in small houses and seem to make a nest wherever I go. My present house is much bigger and I love it although the maintenance may become an issue. I have many treasures so downsizing could be an issue. I lived in a Sears house when I first married and it was darling. Something to be said for smaller spaces.

  6. We need to think smaller as a country, our debts are too much! I have seen tv shows where a couple is looking for a 3000 to 4000 sqft house because they are expecting their first child, when they already have a three bedroom house. When I was growing up, my parents fit themselves and 4 kids in a 1000 sqft or less!

  7. I have a bachelor cousin who lives in a small converted garage in a very small town. A garage kit was purchased and changes made to it. I've never been inside it but know the garage door is gone. My sister has mentioned a small home to me. My one bedroom apartment is 584 square feet and I live comfortably in it.

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