I can’t seem to get myself settled on one look. I stand in a room and look around, and suddenly I figure out something that would work better than what I have going on.  So today there are more apartment ch-ch-changes.

Thus began the moving of the coffee bar set-up…

This happened because the green dresser the coffee bar was on in the dining/office space was exactly the right height for my bedside table…

It is about the same height as the orange sideboard that was on this side, and now sits on the other side of my bed.

But the reason that I put the orange sideboard on the other side is because the side with the green dresser is where I sleep, read, watch TV, work on the computer, etc.
And the green dresser is wider, affording me more room.

Do you recall what was in the spot where the orange sideboard now is? (I know. This is getting rather confusing.)

The kitchen table, which was too short for its position next to my bed, in terms of lamp height. (I’m pretty compulsive about the height of things being the same.)

So now it’s across from my office space, and I have a place again to sit and eat.

So bringing this red cabinet into my apartment started a flurry of changes. As well as bringing in the Wayfair dresser. 

I guess January is just my “figuring things out” month. But then I have to admit that I’m always trying to figure out a way to make things easier and better for myself in my little apartment.

I like to problem-solve. So I can be walking around the apartment, all four rooms of it, and suddenly an idea springs into my head. And I’m off and running. 


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  1. Brenda thank you for sharing your lovely home with us! I noticed in one of your pictures that you charge your phone on your nightstand. For health reasons, you should keep your phone far away from your head as you sleep. All the best!

  2. I love the changes you've made. I'm not moving any furniture. I'm trying to get rid of the piles and baskets that I've let accumulate. When I donate something or throw away old magazines, I feel so free.
    I, too, love your quilts. They add so much color. I'm not much for "white space" either.

  3. I love to problem solve too! Most of the time my projects stem from a problem "I think" that I have, something that bothers me… I love the changes that you've made. Your bedroom is pretty. That's my next room to tackle. My bedroom decor has always lacked something…but I have some pallet wood and some ideas 🙂 You always inspire Brenda!

  4. Brenda I love all of the changes! You have incorporated some gorgeous colors and they all blend together! And don't feel bad. ..I'm doing the same thing. .. the house is topsy-turvy right now, lol

  5. I like the you are going back to your original colors. I like them better than the boho colors. I like the style but not always the colors. I am slowly adding things to the walls . With the living and dining rooms plus the kitchen all the same room, it is hard to decide. Be careful moving things.

  6. I always love to see how you change things around. I love to change things too. But, I am afraid I could not live with a plain white wall.. I always tell my friends, live is to short for just white. We have so many wonderful colors to live with. I love color!! Keep up the good work…

    1. The coffee cup hanger you're seeing is one that I found, of all places, at my grocery store, for $21! I have a shorter one I ordered from World Market for about $15. But the taller ones are usually pricey when you can find them. That's why I snapped it up.

  7. Your quilts are truly lovely. You are a very talented lady. Your home is a reflection of your creativity. I read once that for woman- rearranging furniture is the equivalent to taking a vacation. I just finished cleaning out and rearranging four closets and the pantry while my husband was away on a duck hunting trip. I had a ball and am very refreshed! Lani

  8. I just love how creative you are with your furnishings! My home hasn't changed lately because I somehow feel 'stuck'. Especially since Christmas. Thanks for inspiring me to try again! Oh, and I have to have symmetry, also. Or else I can't relax. Does that make sense?

  9. I do the same thing, and then all of a sudden a great solution comes to me and things fit perfectly. I have the same picture of two cows,and the same mug tree by my coffee maker. I love quilts and want to know how you attach them to the wall. Keep being creative and moving things around!

  10. It looks fantastic, Brenda – as does your new header!! Love both looks! Oh, and I'm obsessed with that super cute lamp next to your bed – the one with the embroidered shade. I admit, I have a thing for lamps…it might be a little addiction – 🙂

  11. It looks great! I love how all your pieces have such great storage also. In a small place we have to look for all those nooks and crannies to put our things. I have been moving furniture, adding a new to me chair and getting rid of clutter. It feels so good. So much more to go but I will dedicate the month of January to getting my front room just as I want it. Then on to the next room. I'm on a roll. How do you move furniture? by yourself or does someone help? It's a bit of a problem for me but sometimes I can move things myself.

    1. It does feel good. I have readers email and ask me: Doesn't it upset you to give your things away? No, it really doesn't. I'm not sure why. I just usually think someone else can use it.

    1. I haven't shown it yet, but I took the smaller quilts down from above the side tables next to the couch. I'm trying to learn to live with "white space" without automatically feeling I have to fill it.

  12. I know what you mean about always searching for better ways to design and use a space. I think you've done a great job. I like the 2 dressers beside your bed. I have the same thing next to mine. I like the extra surface space they provide.

  13. I do the same thing – one change always leads to another. I think it's fun to move things around and get a fresh perspective. And the bright and cheery colors lend themselves to a lot of mix and match in your apartment! Wish you could come see my space with new eyes and help me out…

    1. Yeah, kind of stupid of me not having a designated place to eat. But I was actually just pushing my desk chair down and eating at that long 8 foot craft table!

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