More Simple & Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

I have some examples of simple and cheap fall decor ideas for you to try. The colors of the fall season are so beautiful.

Let’s look at some of these ideas others have come up with for BH&G.

Wicker chair with fall leaf pillow for the fall season

Embellishing Pillows With Leaf Cut-Outs:

Here’s a plain pillow with an orange leaf cut out of wool or felt and blanket-stitched to the pillow cover.

This is an easy way to perk up your living space for the season.

Draw a simple pattern for a leaf. Trace it onto felt or wool felt (I prefer wool felt), and applique it to the pillow.

Or you could attach it with glue or adhesive paper and skip the sewing altogether.

Ornamental corn affixed to a rope to create a fall banner to hang

Using Ornamental Corn:

What a great idea for a seasonal display. Using the elements of nature.

Attach ornamental corn to a length of rope and use it for a banner outdoors or indoors.

I think it would look great draped across a mantel.

A turquoise plate with a fabric napkin in a fall orange napkin holder

Take plain napkin rings, preferably in a fall color, and tuck leaves inside for your fall table.

Doesn’t it look fantastic against the turquoise plate?

A built-in shelf backed with fabric and styled with fall decor

Bookshelves Styled With Fall Decor:

I love styled shelves. Attach fabric to the back of the bookshelf. Then add simple fall touches inside.

Nature has a bounty of things outdoors for you to take advantage of.

Mini pumpkins and other fall decor on a raised white cake stand

Above is a raised cake plate with an arrangement of small pumpkins, walnuts, and various nuts on top.

Elegant candle holders with spray-painted mini pumpkins on top.

Spray-painting Mini Pumpkins:

Paint your little pumpkins as well as the candlesticks with metallic paint, then add the mini pumpkins with votives inside.

The tray that is used to hold them is either the same or a similar color. Which just adds to the dramatic glam look.

Different colored bottles lined up on a windowsill with fall florals in them

What a lovely splash of color on a windowsill. Someone simply lined up various bottles in different colors with fall florals inside.

Ornamental corn glued to a candle for fall decorating

Get Out Your Glue Gun:

Above is another use for that pretty ornamental corn.

Hot glue them to a fall-colored candle. I think a piece of raffia tied around this would look pretty as well.

Beige mini pumpkins in a cylinder vase

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just put those little white pumpkins in a glass cylinder and you’ve got an elegant display.

Place it where you can enjoy it in your home.

{Photos courtesy of BH&G website}



  1. Pumpkin love!! Thanks for the fun and creative ideas! I love your blog because I can shop my house and maybe go to the $ Store and pretty up my house. Everyone is waaay ahead of me. I did put a scarecrow on my desk at work 🙂
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  2. I love your posts. I never used to decorate for fall but now that I retired, I'm giving it a go. The ideas you present are usually something that I think that I can actually do. In fact, I've already tried a couple. I also like your red check, it just makes me feel good.

  3. I love the bittersweet in the little old bottles. I've tried growing it with no luck. I guess I'll have to go faux.

    * I thought I was the only one who hasn't tried transferring graphics to fabric!

  4. SO simple and sweet and FUN! The turquoise plate ensemble reminds me of the blue autumn sky and of course, the leaves are the ''couleur du jour''!! Bright, but cozy! Amazing finds, Brenda, thanks for the inspiration!

    Good luck tomorrow!


  5. All these leaves…it reminds me of when I was a child, and when my boys were young: for school projects we had to gather leaves and press them into books or iron them between waxed paper and then make projects or labeled pages with the various leaves…I wonder if that was just in our area of the country or common to most places

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