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  1. This post was a hoot!
    My own pets were looking at me strangely while I laughed & laughed!
    I have a 16 yo soft tan Burmese kitty, & a 2 yo black Shih-poo, who is finally calming down into a more mature dog.
    He used to chew more consistently, disemboweling every stuffed toy all over the house. He delighted in getting ahold of a kleenex, paper towel or roll of TP, & shredding it apart over 1 or 2 rooms..
    He got the zoomies more often, and hassled his cat buddy relentlessly.
    Now he chews his toys, but doesn’t destroy them like he used to. He finds any loose tissue, etc, but doesn’t scatter them everywhere. I find them almost intact. He still hassles my kitty, but they will sit right next to each other on my lap, and I find them washing each others faces. So sweet, when I drink my morning coffee, and they share my lap, warming my legs.
    Eventually Ivy will calm down too.
    In the meantime, it sure is fun to hear about her antics, & her effect on you & Charlie!
    Thank you for your descriptive narrative!

  2. Monkey does the same thing – she ‘tells’ on my old girl Lily when she has an accident, or on Molly if she’s doing something she shouldn’t! The other day Lily was trying to get off the chair and couldn’t (she has a hard time jumping down these days, I don’t know why she doesn’t just stay in her little bed on the floor…) anyway Monkey came to get me! She’s as smart as a whip, that one!

  3. That’s funny! Charlie is a tattle tale! Great pics telling the story Brenda! Ivy is saying, “I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m an angel.”??
    This is Charlie when she gets away with it! ??
    I cleaned and baked today (yesterday). Woke up and cked ur blog, now I’m going back to sleep.?

  4. I chuckled all the way through reading your post today, Brenda. Those two “kids” of yours are certainly entertaining. I could just picture Ivy getting up by Charlie and reaching over and putting her paw on him. It’s like she’s asking, “Aren’t we friends anymore?” But poor Charlie just doesn’t feel well and wants to be left alone. If I remember he was feeling better when Ivy first came and was a bit more willing to interact with her, so maybe she is somewhat confused now that he’s more stand-offish. But, oh my, what a mischief she is! Nothing is sacred, is it? I remember having young kittens when I was first married. They were into everything on every level of the house! The male one, who was a beautiful grey tiger named Timothy, once somehow got up on top of the molding over the bedroom door. It was quite wide molding, but I still was amazed that he could sit on it and that he somehow managed to get up there. I never saw him do it. He would also jump up onto my husband’s shoulders while we were eating and when my husband would lift a glass of milk to his mouth Timothy would dip his paw in it and lick it. He also would sit on my husband’s shoulders while he was riding his bike and ride along. He was a smart and personable cat. He and his sister were part of a litter that a friend gave us way back then. She was a beautiful tortoise shell that we named Nutmeg–Meg for short.
    She was a bit more laid-back than Timothy. But they were a cute pair.

    Anyway, hope your weekend is off to a good start. Glad your handyman was able to come and work again. Maybe we’ll see those shelves pretty soon, yes? I know they’ll look great once you fill them with your things.

    Bye for now.

  5. If kitties can’t go outside, they do get pretty bored. They love chasing things and playing, crawling under bushes and hiding in tall grass. She’ll need to eat some grass too, for her digestive system. Both of our rescue cats give me “love pats” on the face.. and they try with our 13 yr old cat, but she doesn’t like it. I think it’s just their way of giving affection and acknowledging you.. so maybe at some point, Charlie will understand that.. and it’s not that she is trying to torment him! Ivy is so pretty and such a character! Marilyn

  6. My brother used to do to me what Ivy does to Charlie. He would barely touch me and I would scream like a banshee. It made him happy, it made me mad, and my poor mom got to be the referee. This was 65 or so years ago and I lost my dear brother about 25 years ago. I miss those “love taps” very much.

  7. I laughed at today’s post! I love the picture of Ivy and Charlie! He is trying to be big brother and keep little sister out of trouble! The bug episode was too funny. My little Lollipop (shih tzu) will kill and dissect bugs, too. We have lived here for 44 years, and we have not had trouble with those horrible water bugs until this summer. They move so quickly that I have a hard time getting them, but Lollipop chases them down with ease.

    1. I couldn’t kill the darned thing. It kept going under stuff where I couldn’t reach it. I guess Ivy got it in the night.

  8. Brenda: As a long time reader of your blog, and enjoy the adventures of your fur babies, I’d like to pass along some “cat mom” experience. I found with my own indoor cat, when I stopped feeding her food with any chicken by-products, the litter box odor vanished completely. It was bad enough before I switched that I would have to light a candle before acooping the litter box. There are several brands of food that you could check into. Good luck.

  9. Cats are something and I do love them! They always have a mind of their own. We have found a safe way to discipline our cats but you can’t do it too much or they will learn to ignore it. We use canned air (like you clean electronics with) and if they get into something dangerous that could hurt them or cause a serious problem we get the can and spray it one time into the air over or near them. Never spray it at or on them as it could be dangerous. I guess the sound is like another cat hissing maybe because it works every time. Now if they are about to cause a problem we just pick up the can and they stop. We rarely have to even spray it. I do try to not use it much at all though. We don’t want to make them nervous or not trust us.

    Charlie is so cute with Ivy – he does look like he wants to tell on her.
    Have a good weekend Brenda!

  10. My cat will often put her paw on my face, when it’s time to wake up in the morning. If I ignore her, she will keep it up, but try to put her paw on my mouth. Why?? Who knows. Maybe sign language that means “Feed Me”. And, of course I do get up, so she can eat her breakfast, before my husband or I even sit down to eat.
    Charlie is really turning into a great little watch dog. So cute, that he knows she is being naughty. Oh, about that Bug…that just made me laugh out loud. If you tell a cat to do something, you might just as well talk to a rock…Funnier yet, tho, she did do the deed, later, on her own. Hugs and Love and Have a great weekend,Bonnie in WI

  11. I am about to get a black and white kitten and my house is totally not prepared to handle her. Help! My little Priss (Chihuahua) loves animals so hopefully things will work out. I so enjoy your posts, I hope I will be as understanding as you are.

    1. You will. Let us know how it goes. Little Priss will probably enjoy her antics. How old is the kitten?

  12. I had a good laugh today at Charlie trying to get your attention so you would reprimand Ivy. He knows she should not be doing what she does, and wants to to make her obey the rules.
    I agree, a good squirt bottle works wonders and you do not have to get up. Make the squirt a steady stream instead of a spray, and it will reach farther and you won’t have to get up so often. But be aware, she will eventually decide it is a game and she will get down fast and run but be right back the moment she thinks you aren’t watching haha.

  13. LOL- Cats do NOT act on command!!! It is like wind in the air to them. Love that Charlie keeps an eye on her.
    Hope you have a great weekend and that the maintenance guy gets a lot done. xo Diana

    1. He at least got the shelves up. But tomorrow he will have to paint them and the wall behind them. He painted the wall first last weekend, but then when putting up the shelves they knocked into the walls and messed up his paint, he realized he should have just put the shelves up first and then painted.

  14. I think it is very sweet that Ivy wants to befriend Charlie.
    She is wanting him to acknowledge him more I think .But poor Charlie does not feel well and he is old .That is the way our lil Mallory is by our cat she is old and just getting over surgery and Kramer cat wants her to notice him and follows her everywhere .He is a Maine Coon and they are a strange breed they act much like a dog and he is very big .They each want to sit on the loveseat with me and that sometimes becomes a problem and Mallory will growl and make Kramer move.
    When you are home with your pets a lot like we both are it becomes very comical !
    They make our day and give us laughter and joy that otherwise might not be in our lives.We both have health problems and they help to fill our days with joy !I am very thankful for them .
    Have a great Saturday !
    Suppose to be 60 here today in Tennessee!Yipee!

    1. It’s pretty nice here too. I know she wants Charlie to be her friend. But he’s just not feeling up to it now.

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