This is the time of year when the weather fluctuates. Back and forth. Back and forth. I turn the heat on only to have to switch it back over to the air conditioning.

It’s like a nervous bride in the dressing room, trying to figure out if she wants to call off the wedding or go through with it.

Morning Light:

Ivy likes to warm herself in the morning sunlight. Charlie mostly stays on the couch or is with me in the chair.

A minute ago Ivy raced to the French doors. This time of year is confusing for her. Because every time a leaf is blowing around outside, she thinks it’s a creature I suppose. One that she is instinctively supposed to prey upon.

She gets excited as it blows around and up and down at the whimsy of the Oklahoma wind.

Last night when Charlie came in a leaf blew in the door and she didn’t know what to think. She pounced on it, only to find that it was a thin papery leaf. Ivy looked down at it curiously, I suppose trying to figure out what to do next.

What I’m Currently Reading:

I’m reading “The Last Flight” by Julie Clark. The book is a fast paced thriller that is hard to put down.

Two women, Claire and Eva, meet seemingly by chance at an airport. Both are running from something.

They strike a deal, agreeing to switch flights with one another. The two women want one thing: to vanish. They exchange a few items of clothing, their hand bags and their ID’s.

One airplane crashes. Claire feels terrible that she traded flights with Eva, a woman she’d never met.

Except at the last minute Eva did not board that flight.

So Claire is now forced to take on Eva’s identity. The woman she knows nothing about. With a life and circumstances she has no knowledge of.

If only Claire knew what Eva was running from. Whatever it is, she learns that the woman in the “chance meeting” lied about her circumstances.

Which means Claire has no idea what she’s now running from. She doesn’t know which is worse. Running from her husband or whatever Eva lied to her about.

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  1. Pictures today are wonderful. Love the lighting Charlie is basking in.

    The weather here in So Cal is the same—down one day and heat the next. One morning I’m looking for a long sleeved top only to peal that off by afternoon.

    Our sweet little Norah, the five pound wonder, apparently tried knitting again last night. Woke up to find a skein wrapped around many things! Gotta love our little ones! My daughter laughs how everybody in the house fears her! Enjoy your day💕

  2. Brenda, I wish that I had time to read. The books you talk about make me want to go out and get them right then. Reading is not in my schedule. I’m 74 and the care giver for my adult son with multiple serious health issues. The only time I have a chance to read is when he is in the hospital. I also have my two little grandsons (8 and almost 11). They and their mother are homeless and they stay in a tent or a deserted camper. They come to me about once a week and stay one or two nights. They get good hot meals, showers, warm places to sleep and clean clothes. I always send them out with goody boxes of food and anything else I think they might need. Most of the week, if I’m not at doctors appointments with my son, I’m doing laundry (medical problems cause a LOT of it) or dishes or changing bedding (again, medical problems cause a LOT of changes). I also have three little dogs. That is my one indulgence, but they need to be walked three times a day. If I try to read, it’s only what I can get in while I’m sitting on the …………..well, we won’t go there. Everyone has a story, don’t they Brenda. I love waiting for your daily blog post each day and your pictures are amazing. Thank you. Sandra

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