Yesterday I got most of my patio garden planted in all the containers. I will plant the zinnia seeds today. And then I’ll buy Charlie’s pineapple sage when they get them in.

But are we gardeners ever really finished? That is debatable. Because we always tend to want to squeeze just one more plant into our landscape.

Someone yesterday asked if citronella plants are the same as scented geraniums. That was because I called them scented geraniums.

Citronella is a common ingredient in insect repellent. But the plant is actually a variety of scented geranium that simply produces a citronella-like scent when the leaves are crushed.

The mosquito plant geranium came about from taking specific genes of two other plants – Chinese citronella grass and African geranium.

In my experience pests do not care for herbs because of their strong scent, so I sprinkle them throughout my garden space.

As you see above I got my red Mandevilla planted in a pot against the fence.

I’ve planted seeds of several morning glories along that fence as well. Hopefully it will be my fence full of vines.

Opposite at the other end bordering the alley, I planted English Ivy a few years ago. I kept adding to it and filling it in until it’s become a pretty thick barrier at the bottom to the alley. This year I hope it starts growing upward and gives me a bit of shade.

It’s sunny there, but I think the ivy is thick enough now to resist the heat for the most part.

I decided to dig up the Johnny Jump Ups and pansies in the middle of the triangle of pots just outside the French door. Then I replanted what I removed in the blue raised garden.

Where I removed them, I planted the daisies in the middle instead. The daisies will of course be taller and maybe they will shield the remaining plants from the sun so they’ll hold on awhile longer.

Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups typically fade out as it gets hot. They are cool weather plants. They should be okay for awhile in the blue raised bed with the hostas shielding them.

What I’m Reading:

I’m reading the best book. It is called “Lady In The Lake.” I think it’s been in my bookshelf for awhile and I just didn’t choose it to read. It’s a Laura Lippman book.

I’m glad I finally chose it because the plot is very good and I’m whipping through it at a fast clip.

The plot is different in that each new person who appears in a chapter gets the next chapter written about them. Then they are out of the picture for the most part. As far as I have read anyway.

A very interesting dichotomy that I haven’t seen in other novels before.

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  1. Cant plant here until around 10th of May. I live in Amish Country Ohio.

    So very glad you are in your happy time of year for you .

  2. When you are working in your patio-garden, do you have a roll-around stool? I believe that would help your back, if you could manage. Any kind of weeding I do, is from a roll around stool. I hope this helps! We enjoy watching your beautiful plants! Thank you!

  3. I’m thrilled that your garden has been planted (for the most part) and now you can walk out and enjoy it. I feel certain that walking out will bring a huge smile to your face!
    Enjoy your book and your day!

    1. Every time I go out there I find a few weeds to pull or something. I like to busy myself and then after a few minutes I’m back in the wicker chair to rest.

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