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  1. So sweet to get a handmade card from your grandson! Those are priceless. Gifts from grand littles are the best there is. We just returned from vacation and had eaten at Raising Cane’s for the first time and we really liked their chicken tenders.

    Lemon verbena is my favorite scent … Especially in Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. I’ve never thought to grow it. Will see if our plant nursery has it.

  2. I enjoyed all your photos today, Brenda. I made a list of all the plants you mentioned so I can plant some of them as I start my “plants in pots” garden this year. If it EVER warms up. I did plant some alyssum yesterday but still have to do my usual pots with petunias and pansies. And then whatever other things I decide to put in pots. I think for sure the lemon-scented ones you mentioned. And I want to look for some of the pineapple mint, too.

    Love the pictures of Ivy and Charlie. He has such a bright and knowing look. They are both sweeties. Give them pats from me and hugs to you.

  3. Oh, how I wish I had your green thumb and your knowledge of plants! Thank you for sharing pictures and telling us about what is going on in your garden. You have a gift!

  4. Glad to hear you had a great Mother’s day. I bet Andrew was excited to give you the card he made. How sweet. I just started my flowers. Finally Illinois is ready for planting. It has been a long winter. Glad you are enjoying your patio.

  5. Hi. The photos are lovely. I agree with the person who said that your tree with flowers is a type of ligustrum. They also are known as privet. Some are not so pretty and are considered invasive, but yours is a lovely plant.

    We like Raising Cane’s. They focus on doing just a few food items really well, rather than having lots of items and some not being as good as others.

    My husband has twice offered to dig up a veggie plot for me. I have a flower bed, but haven’t had a veggie garden at this house, and this is our third summer. His enthusiasm is starting to rub off on me. He wants to make a spot for sunflowers, and I think I would like to have just a few herbs, some cherry tomatoes, and a few annuals such as marigolds and zinnias. So maybe we will start on a little garden this week.

  6. Hi. Thanks for all of the lovely photos of your plants. As for the identity of the flowering tree, in the past you have shown a photo of a tree-like plant with white flowers that is a type of privet. I’m assuming you are talking about that same plant, but I’d have to see another photo of it to be sure. Privet technically is a shrub, but some varieties definitely can get to be the size of small to medium trees. Some are prettier than others. Yours is very attractive.

    We have Raising Cane’s here in Kentucky. I think it started in Louisiana. What we like about Cane’s, as we call it, is that they focus on just serving up a few really good items — pretty much just chicken breasts, fries, slaw, and Texas toast — rather than offering a lot of items with some being not as good as others. We’ve only eaten inside the restaurant once — it was so crowded we didn’t really enjoy it — so we just go through the drive-through, which always is fast, and then we go have a picnic. They have great ice in their drinks, the little round ice balls rather than big squares of ice. Sonic drive-ins have great ice too. The right ice is a treat!

    I have a flower bed, but I haven’t had a veggie garden in several years. But my husband has twice offered to dig up a spot for veggies, and he also wants to make a spot for sunflowers. That’s sweet! So maybe we will start a small plot this week. I’d like some herbs, some cherry tomatoes, and some flowers such as marigolds and zinnias. We are just now out of the danger time for frost, so we aren’t too late to get something going.

  7. Everything is growing so beautifully on your patio! I’m so glad you were able to have a nice Mother’s Day lunch and then were able to work outside! It will definitely be getting hot quickly after this cool spell we’ve had! Love and hugs!

  8. The tree on your patio is a Japanese Maple. Also do you plant your Shasta Daisys in a container & do they come up every year? Love your blog!

  9. Wow, your patio looks like it’s mid summer already, Brenda – meanwhile we got SNOW for Mother’s Day!! Uggghhh you know the gardener in me was freaking out about that….I now have a bunch of plants on my kitchen counter waiting for the cold spell to pass, and plastic bags covering a bunch more. Hope the ones outside survive!! This weather should break Wednesday, it seems….fingers crossed!

  10. Sounds like you had a perfect Mother’s Day – family, flowers, fur babies. Your plants look so healthy and beautiful. You definitely have a green thumb. And we can never get enough pics of those cute fur babies. I’ve tried to grow a Shasta Daisy several times with no luck. Have some things planted already and now ready to finish planting the rest. You have a great day.

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