Moving The Red Cupboard


This red cupboard was in my kitchen. I was using it as a second pantry. But lately it had been kind of empty, so I looked around my apartment to see where it could better be used.

I decided to put it in my bedroom. I don’t have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom. There just isn’t room. So I moved the cupboard to my bedroom to use as a medicine cabinet.

That’s the great thing about stand alone storage cabinets. You can move them wherever you need them at any given time.


The cupboard was on this kitchen cart. But now the cart holds both the Breville Pro Smart oven and the red microwave, which was on the kitchen counter. Of course there is a domino effect of what happens when you start switching things around.

Below is the counter where the microwave was, where the cutting boards are on the right.


Moving the microwave did free up more counter space. I decided I like the counter top being less cluttered.

I have learned that there is a sense of serenity when your spaces are less cluttered.


My kitchen hasn’t changed all that much since I added the place mats, wooden spoons and black and white contact paper strips a few years ago.

Usually I like to switch things up fairly often, but I just like this look and so will keep it for now.

my kitchen

I make great use of vertical space in my kitchen because it is small and there aren’t many surfaces to utilize.

I like using the red rack and the galvanized holder for my vintage rolling pins.

my kitchen

I like to add just a bit of greenery (faux in this case) here and there for texture and color. It is a bit of whimsy in your space.



  1. Brenda, you kitchen is so fun! Love the red cupboard and it will make a great medicine cabinet. I love moving things around now and then.

  2. I love your move around .. The red cabinet looks pretty in the bedroom [and what a good use of it].. I love the microwave and oven on the cart, and your counters look really nice.. Great job.. I just did a switch a roo…too. Makes me get that spring cleaning going..ha

  3. My mom has red in her kitchen…it is so cheerful. You always find interesting ways to change up your decor!

    1. I just look at every piece and then think of every room. Which isn’t many since I live in a one bedroom apartment!

  4. Once again you have inspired me.
    I have a very old farmhouse kitchen that is in pretty rough shape,I’m accessorizing with red and pink and it makes me happy.
    THANKYOU Brenda for your excellent decor ideas,for bringing your home to us via photos and for encouraging me to think outside the box.

  5. I like fiddling with pieces, moving then from room to room. Love the little cabinet. Perfect for so many needs.


  6. Hi Brenda,
    I’m a longtime reader but not commenter. I love the change, it does make your kitchen look more airy. I wanted to tell you what an inspiration your decorating style has been for me. In November of 16, the day before thanksgiving we lost our home to a fire. We lost our cat, nobody else was hurt thank God. But we had to rebuild from scratch. I have always loved your use of red so I started there. The first thing I ordered was a cherry red kitchen sink! I have continued the red all the the living area and we love it. Thanks for all your great ideas over the years. Dale in Vermont.

    1. Oh my, I’m so sorry about the fire and losing your precious kitty. I’ve never seen a red sink I don’t think.

    2. Dale, I am so sorry you loss your house to fire. So sorry you loss your cat too.. So sad.
      Your use of red… is going to be great in your new house.. I just love red.. Mixes with so many other colors too.. Best wishes on decorating..

  7. Oh, I love rearrangements! I go nuts because I can’t where I’m at. Everything is too big and hubby complains. Rearranging is good for the mind, the floors and the furniture. I’ll just live through you!

  8. Moving things around does indeed have a domino effect – happens to me all the time! We don’t have a medicine cabinet in either one of our bathrooms either, but there’s cabinets below the sinks, so we use that space. I also have one of those clear plastic over-the-door shoe bags hanging on my bathroom door and I use that for storage space. On an unrelated note, I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but when I was first reading this post, I kept getting pop-up videos on all your photos, so I couldn’t see them. They were for Reese’s peanut butter cups!

  9. So much fun to move things around and try to figure out more functional uses of the items you have. That kitchen cart is really nice and looks like it is quite sturdy and a good size.

    1. I adore that kitchen cart! I ordered it before we had a World Market here in Tulsa. Haven’t bought a thing in their store.

  10. It is a domino effect when I move things also. I keep wishing I could free up more counter space but haven’t figured it out yet. I always enjoy photos of your kitchen, well really your whole home is an inspiration.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    Isn’t if fun to move things around and take things you have and give them new purpose. I always love seeing your cute kitchen and those cabinet doors. That was so clever how you decorated them. I get you on how one move of something starts a whole thing with changing other things!
    Have a great new week.

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