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  1. Brenda,
    I’ve got a cat, “Sweetie” who needs thyroid medicine twice a day. She gets 2 pills in the a.m. and 1 before dinner. I wrap her up in a small fleece blanket and hold her like a baby. I praise and talk to her. Then I work her mouth open and pop in the two pills. I reward her with a treat. It’s challenging, but necessary.
    I had such a good laugh reading your account of your morning workout with Ivy Lou! So vivid…


  2. Elizabeth says:

    With the long time Charlie has been ill I wonder WHY this medicine was not offered before now??? Of course, I often have the same questions of human doctors too…

  3. Those drops sound like the would treat what I have. Your pictures of flowers are beautiful.

  4. You made me laugh with that exercise routine.
    Hope those drops help Charlie.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Brenda, Chinese herbs are excellent and work in ways that western herbs do not. That one can help thin the mucous so that it doesn’t cause him to choke so much. He won’t eat it because it tastes bitter and smells of strange things, like the alcohol used to make it into a tincture. I hope it helps him, poor baby.

  6. Melanie Riley says:

    I wonder if it’s a female cat thing because even at Clementine’s age (around 12), she is so much more active than Monkey (her son, age 10)! She is always wanting me to play “fetch” with her with her ball, or wanting me to play chase the feather toy with her. Monkey – he couldn’t care less. He just likes to eat and sleep most of the time. 😉

    I hope the drops will help Charlie. Clementine has some holistic drops for her skin condition and unfortunately, they haven’t helped her. But it’s worth trying anything for our fur babies.

  7. What a gorgeous morning glory color – like a deep violet with a LOT of blue in it. Beautiful! At this point, anything recommended by the vet or Charlie’s acupuncturist is worth trying. I wonder why Charlie won’t eat the food when you add the drops to it. Does it have a distinctive scent? Of course, even if it doesn’t appear to have a scent to us, dogs have such keen noses. Maybe you can think of some treat that would be safe for him to eat that he would take even with the drops on it. But at this point in Charlie’s life, even if maybe the treat isn’t the “healthiest” thing for him to have but he would take it even with the drops on it and they do improve his symptoms so he is more comfortable, especially at night (what is it about the night do you suppose? You don’t comment that Charlie is bothered by these same symptoms during the day) well, if the drops help give Charlie a better qualify of life, at this point why not give him the drops with the treat that maybe isn’t the healthiest? You need to take care of yourself too. You do neither Charlie nor Ivy any favors if you come down sick or you injure yourself (or aggravate an older injury) because you are exhausted and lose your balance and fall, or Heaven forbid, fall asleep behind the wheel, or just collapse from sheer exhaustion. Don’t mean to nag, but mommies have to take care of themselves too, in order to keep taking care of their babies.

  8. LeAnn Isaacson says:

    Ivy is your personal trainer, she’s earning her room & board!

  9. Suggestion. There are long door draft protection, cannot remember exact name. It’s a long fat cylinder or tube of fabric, stuffed with material that helps stop drafts at the bottom of the door. If you put one in front of the refrigerator, it will prevent Ivy’s toys from going under it. Also easy enough to make with fabric, glue and polyester fill. You can get all at Joannes Fabric. It might save your back……unless that might spoil Ivy’s fun!!!!!!

  10. Oh I do hope those drops help. I feel so bad for Charlie when we talk and I can hear him cough. I love that you were finding new flowers in your garden. XO Laura

  11. Isn’t it magical when flowers suddenly appear in our gardens!

  12. Ha Ha I had to laugh at Ivy and needing fresh water out of the tap. We had a basset hound and the only way she would drink water was in our powder room. She would get up on the toilet seat and paws on the counter of the sink and we would run the water out of the tap and she would lap it up. She would not drink from a dog bowl. Wanted it fresh and out of the tap only. We did this for 15 years of her life. My Molly and your Ivy found the right fur mom’s for sure with how we indulge our sweet pets. Have a good weekend.

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