Today I’m thinking about music, books, and Ivy’s silly ways. I’m playing soft music, which is competing with the rain and thunder outside.

The power went out sometime in the night but was restored by the time I got up.

Thunder alternately roars and then whimpers in the distance. Occasionally the windows rattle in response.

It is a day to stay home and watch movies or read a good book. Because there’s no gardening to be done today with the rain coming down.

I fear for my sweet little petunia blooms flattening under the weight of the rain.

But in nature, this is temporary and usually restored by the next sunny day.

In Music, Books, And Ivy's Silly Ways, here is a pot of petunias out on my patio. They are shades of purple, which is a combination I love to have in my garden spaces.

Ivy’s Meowing Last Night:

In the middle of the night, Ivy began to meow and meow. It was one of those “urgent” meows you know because you know your cat.

I got up and thought: I bet she wants her toys.

She’s been separated from her two boxes of toys since this ant thing started because I put them up on a wooden box in the living room.

Thankfully the pest control guy came yesterday and hopefully it’s taken care of.

So I put the boxes of her toys back in their proper place on either side of the fireplace. And she was happy and stopped meowing.

I should have remembered to put her red and white curtain ties where she could get to them. Because she’s unhappy if she can’t drag her precious curtain ties around during the night.

In Music, Books and Ivy's Silly Ways, here she is on the couch leaning her head on the arm of the couch. She looks like she's thinking hard about something

Who knows what it is with those curtain ties.

As you probably recall, she dragged them out from somewhere in my closet the first night she came to live with me. And those curtain ties have been one of her favorite things ever since.

Cats are an enigma sometimes.

What CD I’m Listening To:

I am listening to Lighthouse by Jay Stocker.

The Lighthouse piano CD by Jay Stocker

The Crosley Fleetwood Bluetooth FM Clock Radio and CD Player I bought a year or so ago has given me such joy.

I had not played music for years before I ordered it. And I didn’t realize how much I missed the solo piano music I’ve always loved.

One of my favorite artists is Jim Brickman, and he is considered the best-selling solo pianist of our time. Most of what I’ve purchased are Jim Brickman CDs.

I don’t know exactly what it is about listening to Jim Brickman playing the piano. It touches my heart somehow, the way he seems to put his very soul into his music.

In Music, Books & Ivy's Silly Ways, this is the Crosley Fleetwood Bluetooth FM Clock Radio and CD player

But I do have a variety of CDs by other solo pianists. I add to my small collection from time to time.

I know this is an old-fashioned way to listen to music these days. But it makes me happy and that’s all that counts.

Making one’s self happy is something you hold within your own hands. You are the sole creator of how you choose to bring happiness into your life.

Never depend on someone else to provide you with joy and happiness. Because no one can make you happy. It just doesn’t work that way.

When I was younger I made the mistake of thinking the person that I was with was what brought me happiness. It took years for me to understand that that was not only foolish but dangerous to my own well-being.

If you feel happy while you’re with a certain person, that is wonderful. But if they leave, your happiness walks out the door with them.

Spare yourself that pain.

And don’t deprive yourself of things you love or that bring you comfort. You are at the helm. So give yourself the gifts that comfort you.

Go buy a bouquet of flowers for no reason at all.

The hardback book "The Maid" by novelist Nita Prose which I'm currently reading.

What I’m Reading:

I’m still reading “The Maid” by Nita Prose which came out in January. I’ll probably finish it tonight.

Then I’ll probably read another John Grisham book. Steve from next door was reading one of his books a while ago and was talking about it.

This reminded me that I had not read any of his books lately. And I do love a legal thriller.

Searching Book Vendors On Amazon:

Do you ever look for books on Amazon and can’t find them or they’re in a format you don’t care to order?

If they’re older books they’re often harder to find. And I just can’t read those mass-market paperbacks anymore because the print is so small.

Under the title of the book on Amazon is: “See all formats and editions.” I click on that and it shows other vendors selling these books.

Some of them are quite cheap. I’ve purchased hardback books for around $3 and $3.99 for shipping. And I always look for the vendor’s reviews so I feel more confident in ordering from them.

Every time I write about buying books, I have people asking why I don’t use the library. I practically lived in the library as a child and young mother.

When I was a child I never owned a book. I probably didn’t own a book of my own until I was in my twenties. So this is my treat to myself. Books which I read and then pass on to others.

Text Links In My Posts:

I do add text links in many of my posts now. I get many emails from readers wanting to know where I purchased something.

So I’m making it more convenient for you to find these things.

I do get paid by Amazon when you order the items I link to. Not much, but a little.

When I’m reading a blog and find something I like and want to get more details, I prefer it when the blogger adds the link. Then I don’t have to go searching for it myself.

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  1. Every now and then, I love a good rainy day. It’s just what I need, to just slow down and relax at home. The forecast says we may get that day today, but I was hoping to get to the nursery to start my planting today. I smile every time you mention Ivy and those curtain toys!

  2. I am fond of some kinds of rainy days too…the other day a HUGE lightening struck somewhere near…and shook the bldg. That I am not fond of!! Even my son heard it at his house which is about 5 minutes from here. I really loved it when we had a wood burner or fireplace to sit near on those chilly rainy days!!

  3. I have a couple of suggestions for you. Have you listened to Kevin Kern? He is a wonderful pianist. Very soothing.

    I often buy from Better World Books. It’s not the best place for browsing, but if you know the title or author you’re looking for, they often have it at a much discounted rate. Their confirmation emails are hilarious. It’s worth buying from them just for the email.

  4. I love the sound of the rain. In our new house we have 3 skylights, one in the master bedroom( former artist studio) and the sound of the rain going pitter patter makes me smile
    I am happy to know that you are finding joy in your music, your new friends and books. Take care, Elizabeth

  5. I too lived at the library as a child and was thrilled when my parents surprised me with a BOM type club as a teen. I still have those books and treasure them as it was my introduction to having a book sent to me in the mail that was just mine and for me! My mom also did Doubleday book club for years and read so it’s a good childhood memory of bringing home stacks of books I would read as a child and become a book collector as I could afford ones I wanted to buy and pass on some too. I am old fashioned too and love my CD player. It’s another thing I can control that gives me happiness.

  6. I like to listen to the rain in bed at night. For some reason, I find that very soothing. Just a nice steady rain. Yesterday, I tried to reply to your post, but it wouldn’t upload. I don’t know why. You’d asked what we liked to watch on tv. I watched a movie on Netflix called Rescued by Ruby. It was based on a true story about a K-9 dog. I really enjoyed it! I think you will too, if you look it up. I love your stories about Ivy. I can just imagine her running around carrying that curtain in her mouth, lol. She’s too cute!

    1. Hm. I wonder why your comment load? I’m sorry about that. I too love to hear rain at night. Since now I have someone living above me, hard to hear the rain.

    2. I also watched Rescued by Ruby! I was very interested in watching it because it was based on a true story in RI and that is where I am from!

  7. I’m jealous of your rain. We desperately need it. Already have fires going in California. And it’s going to be a hot few days

    Have my eye appt Monday to see about my cataracts. Will be nice to enjoy reading again.

    1. I’ve already had cataract surgery. When I was 61. I haven’t had my eyes checked since and I think I need to do that. I’m straining to read some things.

  8. Favorite piano music – two songs: “Marriage d’Amour” by pianist George Davidson and “Moonlight Sonata” by any competent pianist. They both get me every time, straight to the heart. That photo of Ivy on the sofa – she looks like she is deep in thought, perhaps a little bit melancholy, pondering the weighty issues of the world.

  9. I love this radio when I saw you had it and searched for it! It’s in my Amazon cart, lol, until I can afford it. I too, prefer to listen to music this way.

    1. I think you’ll enjoy it. This is one of the very few products I have purchased that had 4 stars. I always go for four and a half or five. But I took a chance on this and I’ve been very pleased.

      1. Do you happen to have an Amazon credit card? I use that and just pay it off at the end of the month. There are also payment plans on certain items and amounts.

        1. I do! But I’ve had other expenses lately. They all come in waves! Right now, I’m waiting for a substantial amount of points earned first!!! 🙂

  10. Ahhh a rainy day – bliss! I find myself craving rain instead I deal with lots and lots of sunshine. Not complaining just wishing for some rain.
    I’m expecting a new chair for my bedroom today. I am lamenting about whether or not it’s the right chair. I hope I don’t experience buyer’s remorse. It’s a chair and a half because Cooper likes to have space, too. LOL
    We’ll see!
    I have finally learned that happiness is a choice and I am the only one who can make me happy. I live a very quiet and simple life while enjoying things that bring a smile to my face and a song in my heart. Took me a very long time to learn it’s all about me!
    Enjoy your day, Brenda. Do whatever it takes to put a song in your heart. 🙂

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