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  1. You will love those hooks. They are the only type I use. They will hold your ornaments securely on your tree even if Ivy tries to bat at them. Love your decorations!

  2. I also wanted to thank you for the music recommendation – love quiet, meditative music in the background. I believe I first heard of Peder B.Hellend from you – I enjoy his music so much.

    1. I love how you plan ahead, Brenda, and remind me I need to be thinking about Christmas. I know your tree will be beautiful because you have an artist’s eye and make so much in your home look so beautiful. I love your style. I’m interested in how you’re liking going vegan. The recipes you’ve been posting interest me. Just watched a movie on Netflix adapted from a Stephen King short story called “ Mr. Harrigan’sPhone”. It is a suspenseful movie but even more it is thought provoking.

  3. I love the s hooks too Brenda! I start to decorate my Christmas trees Nov 1. I will be hauling out everything then. I can’t wait! I want to get a few slim trees instead of the big ones I have though bc mine are old. They are starting to shed like a real tree does! Last yr I was still finding branch needles well after the new yr! Annoying! Lol
    Have a fantastic weekend Brenda and everyone else!

  4. Lovely 😊 ornaments Brenda.
    I’d like to have a few new ones. Will not order anything though.
    We have no room.
    Trying to downsize.
    There’s already so many 🎄 tree ornaments from years past.
    All are in great condition and still very beautiful.
    Working corporate America for countless years, many of us exchanged holiday gifts that were Christmas 🎄 ornaments!!!
    I have them all. ❤️
    Love each treasure!!!
    They come with special memories of days gone by.
    My favorite very nice boss ,,,,,, gave me a “soft” puffy Christmas tree ornament.
    He signed his name on the mini attached card.
    For sure, it’s one of my favorites!
    There are like 10 other ornaments 🌟 I just adore!!!
    Let’s all make our trees gorgeous this 🎄 Christmas!!!

      1. Aren’t you happy you
        did that. It is fun to have something fresh in your new home.

  5. I bought KI Store ornaments for my 2021 Christmas tree in pink colors; the ornaments come in four (I think) different designs *swirled pattern; glitter pattern; pearl like finish; shiny finish. They were very pretty on the tree. At the end of last Christmas season I went on a buying spree of various types of ornaments for the “nature/natural” tree I intend to decorate for Christmas 2022 and was able to buy a lot for relatively little due to clearance sales. We’ll see how the 2022 tree turns out. I love looking at people’s Christmas trees at Pinterest and online. I do various searches like “gold decorated Christmas tree”, “nature decorated Christmas tree,” etc. and a whole new world is made available for viewing! It’s been cold here in SE WI, and more frost warnings for tonight and tomorrow, at least. I’m sure not ready for this, my computer weather band is telling me its 46F outside right now, brrrrrr.

  6. I really like the mini pine cones and was super surprised to see they are from Lilian Vernon. I used to order things from her paper catalog years ago.
    Thanks for the pretties!
    And love the idea of how nice it would be to share pics! Probably much too difficult to format our photos to be on the blog. Can’t wait to see how pretty your tree will look.

  7. I love the combination of ornaments and your tree will be beautiful. Your are right time will fly by. Smart to order early to receive the items you want. We haven’t had a big tree for about 10 years and when our daughter got married around that time, I gave her all her special ornaments for her home. One of my preschool families gifted me with a table top tree in a snowman bucket that I keep out all winter long. It has white lights and stars no ornaments. I would love to have a slim snow flocked tree. I have picked up a few ornaments from the dollar tree and will redo a wreath for the front door. Some things at that store are really nice. Like everyone else I am cutting back on everything. Last year I added a few comfy French tunics for winter to my stash of 3/4 sleeve tunics that I can wear most of the year. To me jeans aren’t very comfortable and I only wear them out so I added a few cotton yoga pants to my stash and I am ready for the cooler weather. I sometimes treat myself to Ben and Jerry’s New York super fudge chunk. It was $7.35 at the grocery store last week. Yesterday it was 1/2 price at the commissary but that flavor was sold out. We just have to keep looking for good deals. Have a good day everyone!

    1. I have a tabletop tree. I sometimes buy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and would you believe the one in the freezer right now has been in there for over 3 months and I just opened it last night?

  8. I can’t wait to see your tree when it’s all decorated. I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful! It’s too bad we can’t post pictures. I’d love to see everyone’s decorations. Maybe we could email them to you, and you can post them for us all to enjoy. One of your readers mentioned a snowman theme in January. I’d love to see that! I’ll bet Ivy is going to have a blast batting at the ornaments, lol. Luckily, what you ordered is plastic, and you have carpet, so she should be totally fine. If she does batt them around, it will be quite entertaining for both of you, lol!

    1. That would be nice, but it probably would be hard to format the photos. But if you want to send me photos via email, I’ll see what I can do.

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