My Christmas tree is up and decorated. It took me a day and a half to put it together and fluff it out. On Sunday and Monday I decorated it.

I had purchased 100 shatterproof ornaments and I used every single one. Plus some smaller gold and red ornaments I already had.

I put it in the corner there by the French doors so it could also be enjoyed outdoors. And there would be less chance of it falling or being knocked over.

Although so far Ivy has left it alone except for sleeping on the soft red throw I have gathered around the bottom.

My Charlie boy has no interest in the tree whatsoever. I don’t even know if he’s noticed it yet.

I used a color theme of red, white, gold and silver on the Christmas tree. I added some other little trees in a vintage box on the red table.

I found the little galvanized house with the candle inside at Homegoods one day. It has a battery operated candle inside.

I like to use vintage boxes to gather various small trees in. To me this looks better than scattering them individually about the apartment.

My vintage box of trees has a whimsical snowman added in just for fun.

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  1. I love your slim tree and your decorating is beautiful.
    Charlie looks so sweet. Ms Ivy looks so cute.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I absolutely love your tree! I love these narrow trees as they fit just about anywhere and don’t consume the room! I also saw the trees-in-the-box craft and I think I’ll do that this year. It’s so cute. Great pics of the fur babies!

  3. Beautiful Christmas decor as usual, Brenda! I look forward to what you come up with and the Christmas trees are always fab and your vintages always unique…each year I take a photo of your Christmas vintages because they are so inspiring.My favorites were the two years you made a vintage with small trees in an old suitcase! Thank you for your inspiration!

  4. I love it..Its beautiful. Especially like the boxed trees scene.. enjoy the Season. Looks cozy and perfect. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Holiday week, also.

  5. That tree is beautiful. The ornaments are gorgeous. I like the styles and colors of the ornament. Enjoy your lovely tree. Thank You for sharing.

  6. That tree is beautiful. The ornaments are gorgeous. I like the styles and colors of the ornament. Enjoy your lovely tree.

  7. Hi Brenda
    I’m so glad you put up your Christmas decorations. I love your tree! That’s the size tree we need. Where did you find it?
    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I love your skinny tree … I always have one of each … plump and skinny. The skinny is for my grandkids gifts … the plump is for the adults. Your tree is wonderful!! … doesn’t it brighten your day every day that it is up? Christmas trees always make me feel so warm, cozy and peaceful. ? I read your blog everyday and enjoy hearing about your life and your pets … love your Charlie and your Ivy.

  9. As usual,it looks great! You have great style!
    Mine got decorated today,I also have a pencil-style but it’s silver,I decorate with buffalo plaid,so it’s pretty country and a few others that have caught my eye.
    So far the furkids have left it alone,keeping digits crossed.

  10. Your new tree is beautiful. I didn’t realize when you said you’d bought a new slender tree that it was “that” slender, LOL. But it’s gorgeous. I especially like the red and white striped ornaments, so festive.

    1. I wanted it to be slender enough that when, in the middle of the night, when Charlie wants out many times, I didn’t trip over a tree getting to the French doors.

  11. Like everything you do – beautiful! This is the first time I’ve seen a slim tree and smiled in approval at it. Usually they don’t appeal to me – but you have done magic with it – made your smaller space a well balanced one of serenity and beauty.
    I think you might be good with Ivy leaving your tree alone. Usually they pounce when it first goes up if that’s going to be their “thing.” Ivy may feel she’s got enough to stash in the tub and doesn’t need of those shiny, hard objects!

  12. I really like the new tree. The ornaments seem just the right size and the color scheme is so cheerful. The little table with the house underneath and the box of trees on top adds a nice touch of charm and whimsy. I hope that in the coming weeks you have a lot of happy moments sitting in your chair with the pets, gazing at your Christmas decor and the patio beyond, while keeping warm with your new stove.

    I won’t put up any Christmas decor until it is officially December. I like to keep Thanksgiving free of Christmas stuff. Last year I just used one small tree in the German feather tree style, with only vintage red and silver balls. I like Eileen’s idea of having several little trees with different themes. I do have collections of wooden ornaments, pottery ornaments and Snoopy ornaments. Oh, and country goose ornaments, which were a thing in the 1980s. Yesterday I went to a Super Cuts to get my hair trimmed and there was a small tree covered in hair curlers for ornaments! So funny.

  13. I love your Christmas tree and decos Brenda! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your kitchen now!
    I wish they had a Tues Morning and Home Goods around here bc I would be there, but probably too much! Lol.

    Keep warm and cuddle with your fur babies!

    1. I doubt I’m decorating the kitchen this year. Last year the shelves had just been put up. This year they are already filled to the brim with food.

  14. I have never seen a tall skinny tree like yours before. I am in love with it, and the colors you picked for the ornaments. It is LOVELY..and you picked the perfect spot to place it. The decor on the little red table goes well with it..Charlie looks so good and healthy on the photo, “cute as a bugs ear” my Mother would say. Ivy looking beautiful as always. Have a nice day, Hugs from WI

    1. I Googled slim Christmas trees and found many. Usually in every store there is at least a few from what I found online. And usually various sizes. I actually wanted one two feet smaller, which would have been 5 feet tall, but they didn’t have it in the tree I wanted.

  15. I love your decorated tree. It looks slim which is clever in a smaller space. I stopped with large trees a few years ago, but have a new obsession which is a collection of the small tabletop trees, each one decorated all red, all gold, all white, all angels, etc. Great, a new addiction!! haha

  16. I’ve been following you for years Brenda, and I have to say your decorating abilities and camera skills are second to none! It’s always a joy to see what you’ve been up to. On this Thanksgiving week, I’m thankfully for the soft place to land that is your blog. Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

    1. “I’m thankfully for the soft place to land that is your blog.” This is very good – I am thankful for the same! 🙂 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL HERE!!!!! 🙂 barb

  17. It is beautiful! I did not put up a tree last year as I managed to take a swan dive into a brick wall last year and broke my arm in four places. I plan to stay upright this year and pull out all my decorations on Friday. My cat has not seen a Christmas tree before so hoping all goes well….

  18. Back when Christmas lights were only incandescents, I took a photo of my girl Maci hanging out under the tree. When she was young, I learned the hard way that she enjoyed removing ornaments from the low branches. As she got older, she gave that up and started lying underneath the tree when the lights were on. I think it was because of the heat.

  19. I love it Brenda!! I’m sure you are loving the soft glow of the lights, and glad you went to the trouble of putting it up! I have my tree on all the time when I’m at home….I turn it on first thing in the morning, turn it off to go to work, and back on the second I get home! I pray Ivy keeps leaving it alone….fingers crossed!

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