1. Oh wow…. Your garden is looking wonderful !!! Thank you for sharing pics of the furbabies !!!! So glad to see they are doing well……

  2. Anyone ever have a problem with pickle worms on their cucumber plants? I have/had some beautiful cucumber plants (Japanese and Boston Pickling) and now they are getting eaten. I’ve tried been oil and organic Insecticide but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I have two long haired cats and hairballs are a common experience here. Why they are called that is beyond me because they are not round at all. They are long and look like poop but are definitely matted hair from their grooming. Both cats are brushed frequently but still get these. I also put a product on their paws that they lick off that is supposed to make the hair obstructions slide on through, but they still have them. As far as cucumbers in trees go, I have no experience to offer. But I have seen climbing roses cover a tree . Not sure if it harms the tree eventually, or the roses.

  4. Brenda,
    does Ivy spend much time outside? Two of my cats, Amy and Sweetie have been eating grass clippings after we mow. Then on my garage floor, I see some cat hair and grass in a clearish mucous substance. I’ve read this is what animals do when they are getting hairballs that are becoming too large to be digested. Some animal’s tummies are sensitive to new treats; you might need to space them out every few days.
    Your garden looks great; all your tender care shows. I’d let Ms. Cucumber do her thing. I hope you are staying cool!

    1. Ivy never goes outside. I promised the rescue where I got her that and even signed on the dotted line that I would keep that promise. She’s only thrown up 4-5 times and she’s two years old.

  5. If you cut the part that is climbing into the tree before it goes much higher won’t the plant send out more branches below so you can reach them?

  6. I have to admire Ivy for throwing up in the bathtub! So easy for Momma to clean up. My boy usually picks the light colored carpet instead of the tile or wood floors. Just part of having a sweet furry friend.

  7. You are right- kitties have delicate systems. One time we switched to a new brand of cat food and both cats got UTIs . Switched back and never had any more problems.
    At least we have had lots of rain this year…just enough.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. xo Diana

  8. Next year plant the bush varieties of cucumbers and they won’t be the climbing ones and take up less space. I have 18 hills of cucumbers 🥒 this year.

    1. Yes! We planted our cucumber seeds next to our pole beans, and the cucumbers started growing up the pole. We got 2 nice-sized cucumbers off the pole. While we’ve had 2 nice batches of green beans, the ground green beans produced much better than the pole beans.

  9. I have found that some animals who eat a piece of hot food will then throw it up. Keep Ivy’s crumbs cold and see what happens?? I don’t know how hot a crumb will be by the time it reaches her.

  10. Another reason that cats throw up is when they gobble up their food quickly.

  11. I would leave the cucumber plant growing on the tree. If will twist itself around the branch and grow back toward the sunlight if it is not getting enough sun. I checked online and it appears that some cats can be allergic to corn based products, but not all cats.

  12. Years ago when we lived in East Texas we sometimes spent Friday night Happy Hour on the patio of a local Beer Garden that was partially enclosed by a large wood trellis. Prolific cucumber and squash plants growing up onto the trellis provided some much needed shade and customers were encouraged to help themselves to the veggies. Also I have seen on Pinterest where people use discarded wooden pallets either propped up against a fence or forming a tent like structure for their plants to climb.

  13. You’re very welcome.for the zinnia seeds. I’m growing cucumbers and tomatoes for the first time in a raised bed. The tomatoes have been really good. Still waiting on the cucumbers, but I’m very hopeful. I’ve just added a tall trellis and now the plant has really taken off. Take care. Margie

  14. That is one determined cucumber plant. I would just let it grow wherever it desires since it is producing cucumbers! How late in the summer can you plant zinnia seeds?

  15. I think I would just leave the cucumber plant alone and let it grow up the tree! Poor Ivy, I guess the cornbread was too much for her. She probably isn’t use to eating people food even if it was just crumbs! I also eat at the kitchen counter when I don’t want my dogs to eat what I am eating. I usually give them a small bite but sometimes I’m eating something they shouldn’t!

  16. I just love Zinnia Flowers. They are so pretty and strong.

  17. I found a cucumber hiding itself this morning. It’s my only one so far, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to get any. I’m hoping that we’re getting more sun now instead of all the rain that maybe there will be some later in the summer. XO Laura

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