My youngest daughter has COVID.

The only reason she was able to find out was that her neighbor had a test she gave her. Apparently you have to hunt high and low to find a test now, as they’ve run out of them everywhere.

Both my daughters dined out together on Friday evening. But Kendra so far shows no symptoms.

I haven’t been around either of them in at least a week.

My ex-son-law, father to two of my grandchildren, also has it. His mother happened to have a test he could take.

My grandchildren stay with him half the week, so I hope they don’t get it as well.

Addressing A Hurtful Comment:

I don’t mean to sound depressing; this is directed to the person who complained in a mean fashion on my last post. I deleted the comment because it was also quite hurtful.

And I very rarely delete a comment.

Here is my message to that person: Please go find another blog to read if you feel that I’m too depressing. There is no need to leave a hurtful comment.

This person who commented wrote that she wanted “the old Brenda back.”

Well, I’ve got news for you; I do too. But I am not some TV show that is written, directed and produced. This is my life.

It is my blog about many other things, but it is also about my life.

I like to think we help one another here.

After I’ve moved next week, I’ll soon have more interesting things like decorating to write about. Until then, please be patient.

Kendra Sold Her Own Home:

Kendra sold her home before she even put it on the market. Someone she knows bought it to use as an Airbnb. It has three floors, so it will sleep a good amount of people.

She’s having a hard time getting her next home ready to live in because so many workers are out sick with COVID.

Her next house had to have the plumbing and wiring redone. So it is down to the studs and is still bare bones there.

She can’t move in without a bathroom and some semblance of a kitchen and a place to sleep. And of course a source of heat.

She’s scrambling to pack up things in her own house now, and hoping to be able to move to the new home soon.

She purchased this house and the duplex the same week. Thank goodness she has the duplex she bought fixed up and rented.

We’re all just taking it a day at a time, folks.


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  1. So sorry you received a comment like that. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is that you take your life as it comes and relay to us your true emotions. Life is not easy and too many blogs show only the “pretty” side of their lives so they do not come across as real people. Those of us reading know that life is not always bright and joyful … we have difficult times that get us down and it’s sometimes hard to prop ourselves back up for a while. Reading about some one else’s difficulties and how they are dealing with it is often helpful to us when we are going through difficult times because we know we are not the only ones.

    Prayers for healing for your family. And a smooth moving experience into your new home.

  2. I’m so sorry about the hurtful comment. During these difficult times we all need to be present for one another, no matter the challenges facing us. This pandemic isn’t affecting one of us, it’s affecting ALL of us. We all would be better off giving each other a bit of grace. Brenda, please continue sharing your feelings with us, up or dawn, you are a beautiful person to be showing us what a real life looks like. We appreciate you as YOU are and YOU are ENOUGH!!!!!

  3. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter,. Hopefully she will stay symptom free, and that the grand kids stay healthy, too. Thank goodness you haven’t been around them recently.
    As for the nasty comment, it’s sad that someone feels they can be hurtful to another person while hiding behind their computer screen. She’s just one person, but I’d guess that 99.9% of everyone here reading your blog regularly is reading it because you are real, and raw, and honest, and kind, and sensitive. You graciously share your ups, your downs, your joys, your pain, all with an open heart. You don’t hide behind a facade, and that’s what makes people love you. On any given day, any one of us can relate to something you’ve shared. Brenda fans unite!

  4. I know so many people who have Covid right now. Most of them are vaxxed and have it mildly. However, 3 people I know that aren’t vaxxed also have it and go figure – they all have mild symptoms too and are doing OK. They are damn lucky. Makes me so mad when I see people in a store not wearing a mask. There is a mask mandate here in IL and there’s signs on every store door saying masks must be worn, but I guess some people don’t give a crap about other people’s health and safety. I give them the evil eye as I pass…as if that will help! Makes me feel better, ha ha.

    I am so sorry you got a hateful comment on your blog post. I didn’t see it. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re depressing at all. I enjoy reading all your posts – about anything and everything. Real life happens and it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. We get sick, we have painful conditions, we might have a death in the family, our fur babies and children get sick, we have money problems, housing problems, appliances and cars break down, and the list goes on and on. This is YOUR blog. Writing about the reality of your life and sharing your feelings with us is what makes (most of) us connect with you and feel like you’re a friend. If that person wants to read blogs that only talk about decorating or food – there’s others out there. She doesn’t have to read yours if she doesn’t like it. Or she could’ve just not commented or even emailed you privately. Sheesh.

    I wish Kasi and her family good health and a successful move for Kendra.

  5. Brenda I did read that comment before you deleted it. I agree with Wendy, that person must really be miserable. I love how another reader said to pick the nasty comment out like a weed in your beautiful garden. It was especially mean to make a nasty post to someone who is not feeling well or in the middle of a stressful situation. If a blog is not your cup of tea, move on. Praying for you and your family.

  6. Real life is not depressing, it is what the heck it is! Sometimes we have high spots, and sometimes we have really rotten nasty low spots that we have to slog through if we are to survive. That’s life, folks. I don’t find your blog depressing, Brenda. Despite your many physical injuries and living with nearly constant pain these past several months and intermittently over the past years, on top of the COVID-19 threat that hangs over all of our heads like the Sword of Damocles that can strike any of us or our loved ones and friends at any time, you (and we, in general) keep moving forward, you (and wee, in general) keep persevering toward the future, and that is truly inspiring. Depressing is people who think that the suffering of others is depressing. Bah and humbug to that. Imagine what they would say if they knew that my Christmas tree is still standing, although to give myself a pat on the back, it has been stripped down to the point where only 2/3rds of the lights remain before I can take the three pieces of the artificial tree and huff and puff it down to the basement until November 2022. Here’s to November and Christmas time 2022, hooray, and here’s to the new adventures awaiting you (which will be duly reported to us) when you move into your new and more spacious and accommodating apartment at the end of the month! HOORAY!

  7. Brenda, I got to your blog late today and am glad I did. It gave me quite a lift reading about all of your loyal friends/readers and how much they love you and your family and fur family. I’m so glad I found your blog years ago and like so many others it is the one email I look for and forward to each day. Many prayers for you and your family members in this time of uncertainty and sickness. Thank you so much. Sandy

  8. Dear Brenda, I’m so sad for the heartless comment. Good for you deleting the comment. My daughter was an art therapist for years. Her favorite saying is “Life is hard wear a helmet.” I’m so looking forward to your post in your new apartment.

  9. Your daughter’s are in my prayers. Today website just released you can get 4 tests a month sent to household for free. You’ll get by end of month supposedly if supplies last. Might be wise for all of us to have on hand

    1. Have you successfully been able to order these? I just tried, and it says I’ve already ordered them at my address. I never even heard about it until I just now read your comment. So unless someone ordered them for me, I have no idea what’s up, lol! Just curious if you were able to order them. I appreciate the info though. I’m going to pass this on to all of my friends and family.

      1. Yes, it went through on my end. Email I got said by end of month should get. It could very well be that someone else ordered them for you as it just requires name and address to send

        1. Mystery solved! My son ordered them for me!! He meant to tell me, but forgot. Thanks so much for the info. I very much appreciate it. I texted everybody I know!!

  10. S o sorry you have Covid in your family and I hope you don’t get it. We have had 6 family members with it-one very sick (hospital for 6 weeks) 1 still sick after 4 weeks, and the other 4 had mild symptoms.
    Too bad people have to judge but that is what they do. If I don’t like a blog I move along and don’t go back.
    Hope your daughter’s progress goes smoothly on her house. Glad she sold her own place.
    Looking forward to your move.

  11. So sorry Brenda you had to read a nasty comment. I always think that people who do that are very unhappy in their own life. I am very happy with what you write especially when you talk about your life and life with Gracie and Ivy. I am really looking forward to you moving to see what you will do with your new place. I am so glad you are moving away from your present apartment where you can never get anything done.
    Sorry that your daughter has covid, hope she soon gets over it. I also love her duplex, it really is fabulous. Sorry I might have mixed your daughters up there!

  12. Dear Brenda, Try to stay positive. Don’t let one weed spoil an entire garden of flowers. Just pull it, toss it and forget about it. Find beauty in what is blooming and disregard what is simply a nuisance. There are so many small things we can spend time worrying about but it just isn’t worth it. My heart goes out to all covid patients. I hope that your family recuperates quickly. Many that I know personally have not been so lucky. We have so much covid here in Michigan. There does’t seem to be an end to it. I have lupus and kidney disease. So I am very vigilant on doctor’s orders. All five of my long time doctors retired this past two years. Two got covid and the other three had severe covid run rampant through their office staff. It took almost six months for me to get two new young doctors even willing to take on new patients. I try to stay positive and often enjoy your beautiful photos and decorating tips. You touch so many people that you have never met. So keep posting and I hope that your move goes smoothly.

  13. Brenda, do you remember the old adage, sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt me? Well, obviously that wrong. Words can and do hurt people. When you said the reader responded back to you saying they just wanted the old Brenda back, that sounds like back peddling to me. I think they might have realized they stepped over the line with their comment. What we all want, Brenda, is you, exactly as you are. We are your friends, and friends are always there to support you, however you are feeling. If you’ve had a good day, we are happy for you. If you’ve had a bad day, and need to vent or just talk about it, we are here for you then too. That’s what friends are for, and we’re cheaper than therapy! As for your daughters, of course they love you. Just because they can’t help you, doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Your reader should have known that. You bring joy to so many people, Brenda, with your daily posts. How many people can say that? Everyone is looking forward to you moving into a new home, and all the fun you’ll have decorating it and writing about it, but I hope you know that you don’t always have to write about the happy things. We’re here for you, Brenda, to hear about ALL of your life, good and bad. We all love you! I hope you can feel the love in all of these beautiful, supportive comments. I hope your daughter recovers quickly and that your grandkids don’t get it. Stay warm and safe my friend. ((Hugs))

  14. All of my kids have had Covid the week between Christmas and the new year. My dd and her hubby were pretty sick. My son and his wife just had cold like symptoms. I was around them all at Christmas and my son and dil live here while their house is being built. My dh and I did not get it that we know of. I have been vaxed but refuse to get the booster. (no negative comments needed. It is my choice) I hope your family makes it through with little discomfort. It also amazed me that people think they can come into someone’s home (your blog) and begin to tell them what to do and not do. I see this all the time on some of the pages I follow on FB. pam

  15. Hi Brenda,
    I learned a long time ago that there are just some really sad and angry people out there and sometimes they come on our blog. I have not really had too many negative comments except from one a few years back and she was telling me she did not like my decor or how I decorated with chippy old pieces and neutrals. Well then move on my blog is not what you should be reading! Don’t be rude just move on there are plenty of blogs out there that will suit their taste. I think some people just want to be miserable and angry at the world. I wish you good luck with your move and I look forward to seeing your new place and what you do with it. Good Luck. xoxo

  16. I wish people did not feel the need to be bullies. I pray that your youngest daughter recovers soon, and well. Also, I hope the ex husband of your eldest recovers well, and that your grandchildren do not come down with covid. May your eldest daughter get some relief with her moving plans. I love the way you said you are not on some tv show! May health and peace of mind come to your whole family.

  17. Brenda, just be you. Frankly, I really enjoy your personal posts about life even more than the decorating ones. Those are nice but it is your personal pictures and thoughts that I gravitate to.
    Carry on, most of us are along for the ride with you.
    Pat the kitties for me.😋

  18. Sure, of course, just delete rude comments Brenda.
    After all, it’s your personal blog to write and say whatever you choose.
    Duplex is cute! Nice size for 1 or 2 people & a few pets!!! 🐶 🐈
    Only thing I’d change are floors. Carpet is my worst enemy. Even though cozy, after awhile becomes way yo soiled. So,, hardwoods are much better with area rugs.
    Also the kitchen & bathroom floors must be changed.
    Too difficult to clean. For me anyway. Colors are not modern for today’s decor.
    Just love ❤ the yard! Perfect for planting & letting your pups run around!!!
    Would never be a problem selling any duplex like these. 👍
    I think for sure always in demand.
    Especially now when everything is so difficult to find and buy.
    Sorry 😞 to learn your daughter has Covid. She must take good care of herself now.
    Hope no one else in the family get it.

  19. Dear Brenda, your honesty is refreshing. Thank you for being honest with real life issues! Hoping your move goes smoothly and your daughter recovers! Looking forward to reading each of your posts-you’re a blessing!

  20. You have such wonderful supportive friends. I loved reading their comments today. I feel the same, but they say it all so well!
    Sending 🙏for your family, and any who are affected by illness. It’s really stressful.
    I have been wondering about your elderly neighbor, and hoping she is well.
    Take good care Brenda, you are certainly in our thoughts.

    1. I’m worried about her too. Someone saw a group of really dressed up people around the complex and figured it was possible buyers come to look. If they do sell it and plan to tear everything down for what the land is worth, my neighbor is going to be in a bad spot. I told her she really ought to at least tell her son some of this, since he lives far away. But she says she doesn’t want to think about it. I’ll keep trying.

      1. I don’t mean this as a joke or anything of the sort or a religious slight. The dressed up people may have been Jehovah’s Witnesses coming through the complex going door to door to see if they could find anybody at home willing to talk to them.

  21. You go right ahead and delete any comment you don’t want others festering over cause it’s your blog! Never fear about what you talk about here cause real friends accept those as they are and you are the real deal.
    Life is not all good news and happy days. Yesterday we had a big snowfall amount here and didn’t the news last night show the reporter interviewing a girl complaining about how slow she felt the road crews were cleaning up her area. At first, I was applauded thinking to myself how fast does she think a plow truck can go when everyone else is filling up the roads going to wherever they go but maybe this is how she copes with her ungrateful life or what else could be going on. It must be hard to work next to or even live with a person who is so negative. I feel unless we have walked in someone else’s shoes we don’t know what it’s like so we must be kind. I hope your daughter gets better soon. I feel bad for the little ones catching it that have not been vaccinated.

    1. The worst part was that the comment mentioned my daughters. I only get the occasional bad apple; most of you are so very kind and helpful. The comment said that my daughters should be helping me move. And since they apparently are not, then they don’t care about me. Well, the plan was for them to help, but one daughter has COVID; one is isolating and packing her own house.

      1. Don’t mess with Mama Bear protecting her Cubs!!! As you should cause you love them. Your youngest daughter has covid, she has a son to worry about as well as herself and your other daughter is now having to isolate which is the correct thing to do so a good time to pack up her own house for her move. And her own children to think of as well. Your girls will be there later when other things will need to be done so it all evens out.

      2. There are so many miserable people hiding behind their keyboards, SMH!
        I look forward to your posts,our lives are quite similar, I’m also an empty nester,with 2 furries that let me live here as long as I keep a good supply of Temptations.
        Looking forward to seeing you make the new place yours and sending a prayer for your girls to get better quickly…
        My son and grandson tested positive on Christmas Eve and bounced back fairly quick from mild cases.
        Not sure if you’re aware or not but opened up today,each household will receive 4 at home tests,can’t hurt to put them aside just in case.
        Stay warm,NYS is frigid this week,and take one day at a time.
        I moved to senior apartments on 12/19/20 a week before Christmas,frazzled was my word of the week.

        1. Pat, I ordered my free test kits tonight and it was so easy to do.
          Thanks for the reminder as I did see it on the news that the web site was all set up.

  22. I’ve never been able to understand why if someone doesn’t like a blog or whatever they are reading they feel
    the need to be rude and hurtful. So good riddance to her.

    I’ve been with you a long time and now you are basically the only blog I read on a daily basis. I signed up for a few new ones but mostly skim thru them or start and just leave. A problem I’m having now a days is reading due to cataracts and the lighter type just doesn’t cut it for me.

    Sorry to hear of the girls problems. I’m just glad you haven’t seen them lately as you have exciting times ahead!

    1. Me too – read this blog daily, even if I don’t always comment. What’s so wonderful about Brenda’s blog is that it is day to day real life, and doesn’t always show us the newest, bestest and most expensive ever thingy that we need to add to our households in order to make our lives complete! I read so many of those types of blogs for a while, and just dropped off them sooner rather than later, because they are SO unrealistic. Brenda, on the other hand, writes about her real life and the day to day struggles of an older woman who isn’t always at the peak of health. She isn’t always constantly attempting to make fame and fortune for herself by pushing this product and that product, etc. under our noses, including “miracle” cures for whatever ails us. She tells us what she does, what she buys and uses, both in her home and for her person, and what works for her, but she doesn’t try to push and imply YOU MUST DO THIS OR YOU ARE SO OUT OF STYLE, blah blah blah.

  23. Thank you for being honest and being genuine on your blog!
    Don’t let mean comments get you down. We love who you are!

  24. I have been following your blog since you lived in Texas and were married to your late ex. I always look forward to seeing it in my email.

    Regarding people who cannot find Covid test kits, I have a suggestion: donate blood. They have to test all blood donations and they will let you know if you have contracted anything like HIV, Covid, hepatitis, etc. This way you get your blood tested for free and you’re doing something good for your fellow man. Just don’t show up if you obviously feel ill.

  25. Oh dear Brenda, when I read the title to this post, my first thought was…OH NO, and my heart just dropped. I will keep your daughter in my prayers, as well as her ex-husband. I know you must be so worried about her and her children. You have so much on your plate right now, it can’t be easy to concentrate. I don’t know why anyone would say something,that might hurt another. Maybe they don’t think first, maybe they have no idea how those words can have a bad hurtful effect on another. Either way, please don’t let that get you down. There will always be somebody, out there, that puts their foot in their own mouth, and might regret their own words. I wouldn’t be reading your blog if it was “fake”. Life isn’t fake!. I enjoy each and every blog you post, and yes, yours is on my “favorite list” hang in there, Brenda, and hugs to you and the fluffy kids, and hugs and best wishes, to your daughter for a FAST recovery!!!!!

  26. I appreciate your honesty when you write a post. Some people write that life is always perfect. Well life isn’t like that. I wish it were. I suffer from depression and your honesty makes me cope better because you understand. If you can’t make a nice comment don’t make any. Be kind. It is such an easy thing to do. Have a great day Brenda. ❤️❤️

  27. Hi Brenda,
    I’m sorry your family remembers have Covid. It’s really bad here in San Diego county right now. Most people I know either have had it or currently have it and it’s lasted about 2-1/2 weeks. Fortunately they were all fully vaccinated and boostered, so as sick and miserable as they were/are, none were deathly ill or had to be hospitalized. I rarely leave the house and I mask when I do. I live alone like you, and can’t afford to get sick.

    I only read a handful of blogs these days, yours is always the first I read every day. Yours is also the only one that has a new post every single day which is amazing and something I look forward to. The content is so much more than just the “pretties”, which I do enjoy too. It’s authentic about your life, your feelings, what’s happening in your life, with the fur babies, your likes. Your interests, your family, what’s happening around you. It’s informative about books, products, gardening, decorating. It’s perfect. It’s always been a mini documentary about YOUR life. We are all just fortunate you use this platform to share with us. You just keep being you.

  28. I’m so sorry that you had to deal with a “meanie”! Keep on keeping on ~ and don’t change a thing about your blog. It is perfect as it is ~
    I’ll be keeping you and your family in the thoughts ~

  29. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to be hurtful and cruel. My parents taught me and my siblings, and I taught my children, the old adage, if you don’t have anything nice to say,don’t say anything at all.

    Covid seems to be everywhere! I guess the Omicron variant is less symptomatic, but is very contageous. Both of my daughters tested positive (with symptoms) a couple of weeks ago. My youngest was visiting her sister who lives in Madrid. She couldn’t fly home since they both had to isolate and she had to test negative to fly. Sometimes it pays to be a homebody!

  30. I don’t understand why some think it’s ok to leave hurtful comments. This is your blog, Brenda and I love that you’re open about everything in your corner of the world. Just be you and delete, delete, delete.
    At the beginning of the year I started adding “Always be Humble and Kind” to all my IG feed posts. It’s just a simple reminder to me and others!!!
    Healing thoughts for your daughter!

  31. We all have a tough row to hoe for the foreseeable future, which is made less difficult with the kindness of others who hold us up when times are tough. I see far more kindness here in the comments than mean judgement, thankfully. I understand your need to chat about what life brings you each day and I also see you being as proactive as you possibly can be to deal with your health and home. I’m wishing your family members all the best as they recover from Covid illness.

  32. Sorry to hear your daughter has Covid. I hope she will do ok. Its so strange..I know a couple both tested positive…she became very ill and had to be hospitalized(did not get help soon enough), but he tested 82 and has Parkinsons and other issues…and was A symptomatic. Either way..everyone should be careful and stay clear of others so not to pass it on. I bet your daughter was tired since she is a busy and successful lady. Friends accept other friends during good times and bad times, and as we all is not always good times. I hope you do well to get through your move to your next Chapter. I enjoy your Blog and thank you for sharing it all.. as I think it shows if you are having a bad day..stay tuned as the next will probably be better. :0) ..

  33. Your blog … you delete what you wish as well as write what you wish! Sorry someone’s hurtful comment upset you, but can you imagine how 1. Horrible that person is to write such a hurtful comment, and 2. How deeply unhappy that person must be? Wow, I wouldn’t want to be in his/her shoes! (Most of) your readers love you just the way you are. You’re a gem!
    Wishing you good luck with the move and with your next chapter!

  34. Brenda! What makes you appealing is your honest approach to life – all the ups and all the downs. No different than the rest of us! Sometimes I leave here nearly in tears over a heartache you’re experiencing, sometimes I leave here smiling away over cat antics, sometimes I leave here thinking, “wow…just when I thought she couldn’t make her living space any cozier!” So, yeah, goodbye “Negative Nancy”…the rest of us love this little slice of Brenda’s life – unpolished, un-phony, and 100% true! GO AWAY!

  35. Brenda, I feel the same as Marcia! I didn’t see the person’s comment yesterday, if I had I certainly would have sent her a reply as to her nasty comments! Your loyal readers are very protective of you and love you dearly! Please don’t change!

  36. Brenda, I am sorry that someone left you a nasty comment. I have been told never to post personal things on my blog, because of unkind comments and because people come to blogs to ready “happy things.” I am much like you, my blog is my life, the good, the bad and the sad, it is life. The irony is that when I share me, my real life and things going on they are my most popular posts.

    So sorry about your daughter and son in law, they are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care of yourself friend.

  37. Brenda I love you. From afar, not having met, I don’t care. I love you for what you bring to my life selfishly.
    Please don’t change. Don’t fake it, be real, the good, the bad, the ugly. That’s what 99.9% of us want. To know how YOU are.
    Someone has a billion places to visit on the internet. If you’re not their flavor of tea for a period, they can go taste testing.
    Goodness I feel protective of you.
    Lemme at ’em!!!!!!!!
    So much love,

    1. So sorry your daughter has covid and I hope she doesn’t get too sick from it. I think with so many unvaccinated people, we are all bound to get it at some point regardless of how careful we are. Until everyone gets on board with vaccines, the virus will keep mutating and spreading. At least those who are responsible and get vaccinated hopefully will have a less serious case.
      Brenda, your blog is not depressing! It is about your life, REAL LIFE! The kind I live. Being of the same age and having similar interests I enjoy reading your blog daily. If I wanted to read a scripted, made up blog about a fake perfect life, I would be looking elsewhere. Life has ups and downs. True friends celebrate the good times and are there with support and kindness during the bad. I like to think of you and your followers as my friends I have coffee with every morning. Don’t change a thing and don’t take it personally when someone abrasive speaks garbage and criticizes.

      1. Brenda, I do not find your blog depressing at all. Your stories about the kitties, your home decor, what you are reading and watching, your family and your memories all make interesting posts. Some folks don’t know when to keep their opinions to themselves. That comment was not positively affirming or uplifting.

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